What an astonishing sentence

From The Drum:

From the moment I decided to carry my girls I have mitigated against every threat to their future.

The rest of the paragraph is about the things loving parents do.

I steered clear of alcohol during the pregnancies, and drugs during their births. I slathered them in sun block and plonked hats on their curly-haired heads. I buckled their squirming bodies into every seat they were transported in, took their little hands across every street, rinsed the pesticides off their fruit, rubbed salt off their chips, and more recently chased off a risk-taking boyfriend and blockaded their screen time.

That opening sentence, however, sets an ideological agenda. It is a signal to someone – perhaps that she isn’t a mushy sentimental “breeder”? I don’t know but it does leave me cold – I just can’t buy into the argument that here is a concerned mum worried about climate change because she loves her kids.

Update: Thanks to nilk we have a website for our loving mum. She also has other interesting views.

To be fair – she does say the picture is intended to be ‘ironic’.

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