John Bonython Lecture 2012 – Capitalism and Virtue: Reaffirming Old Truths

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7 Responses to John Bonython Lecture 2012 – Capitalism and Virtue: Reaffirming Old Truths

  1. RodClarke

    Great stuff – loved the Historical analysis

  2. This generally corresponds with the analysis by Bernard Salt, who defines the new upper class in Australia as those within the “goat cheese curtain”.

    By that he means there are postcodes within which goat cheese is commonly found in the fridge and those where it will never be found, making it a useful proxy indicator of class.

    I find Dr Murray’s arguments both interesting and persuasive, notwithstanding obvious cultural differences between the US and here. For example, being more upfront about community engagement, which he would like the new upper class to do, probably runs contrary to the Australian preference for catatonic modesty.

    We also have a political class totally dominated by people who have only worked in the public sector, mainly in political roles. I understand it’s not quite that bad in the US.

  3. MattR

    Great lecture, entertaining and informative.

  4. Louis Hissink

    Notice that he made no distinction between democrats and republicans.

  5. blind freddy

    Found the lecture interesting but somewhat didactic.
    Here in debate
    Class Conflict, Inequality, the 1% – Ralph Nader, Niall Ferguson, Charles Murray, Lewis Lapham
    much more energetic and pointed

  6. H B Bear

    Impressive. Dr Murray is one of the people like Theodore Dalrymple, Nigel Farage and others, telling people what they don’t want to hear. They are variously unpopular, controversial, howled down and correct.

    If you give bureaucrats the power to run our lives nothing will restrain them except taking that power away from them. (at 34.27)

  7. Ellen of Tasmania

    It would be interesting to look at it in an historical context. There have been upper classes in the past that were ignorant of the life of the working classes – of the let-them-eat-cake sort. How has it worked out in other places and times?

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