Warming hysteria is cooling

Apart of some Australian politicians not realising that the summer tends to be hot, and is supposed to be hot, the whole global warming kerfuffle seems to be winding down.

Not that anyone has noticed, but the Kyoto Protocol expired on 31 December, with carbon emissions up by 58pc over 1990 levels – instead the 5pc cut the signatories envisaged. All that fuss for worse-than-nothing. Kyoto has not been replaced, because a new era of climate change rationalism is slowly taking root. As Nigel Lawson predicted, the hysteria of the last few years is cooling. There’s no point legislating for change that’s not going to happen. No point taxing the poor out of the sky (or off the roads) if it won’t make the blindest bit of difference to the trajectory of global warming. To be sure, countries responsible for 15pc of emissions have signed an extension of Kyoto. But the main players have drawn a veil over this rather hysterical chapter in the great energy debate.

There are good reasons to avoid waste and pollution – yet our warming friends were happy to throw all that away for their crusade.

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  1. Jarrah

    “A little warmth, for much of the world, would be a good thing”

    I agree. However, too much warming would be a bad thing. Furthermore, the pace of change is highly relevant.

  2. blogstrop

    Steve, you have to realise that by your ardent embrace of two things – climate alarmism, and the present government – you mark yourself as being of diminished responsibility, and not to be taken seriously, let alone argued with. You are just sprinkling litter across every bit of intellectual backdrop you appear on, including this one.

  3. However, too much warming would be a bad thing.

    I concur.

    Furthermore, the pace of change is highly relevant.

    Yes; thankfully, the current rate of warming—none—is not particularly dangerous.

  4. viva

    Great quote from Gandalph in the Hobbit movie – as the group slogs complaining through pouring rain he remarks.

    “If you want to change the weather find another wizard.”

    A nice swipe from Peter Jackson I think.

  5. Jarrah

    “The pace of change.”

    How sceptics see global warming.

    “A nice swipe from Peter Jackson I think.”

    You’ve obviously never read the book.

  6. jumpnmcar

    Jacksons Radagast could also be a swipe.

  7. cohenite

    How sceptics see global warming.

    That’s not true jarrah; this is how I see AGW; and I’m a sceptic.

    What is your point jarrah, I don’t get it; are you trying to be sarcastic?

  8. Jarrah

    “What is your point jarrah, I don’t get it”


  9. See James Delingpole, “The crazy climate change obsession that’s made the Met Office a menace”:

    This week it has admitted there is no evidence that ‘global warming’ is happening
    The Met Office quietly readjusted its temperature projections on its website on Christmas Eve

  10. cohenite


    You forgot 2010 onwards.

    So, I showed a decadal graph. I seem to remember one of the alarmist organisations sometime saying every decade will be getting hotter so I threw that one in to show it is not the case.

    Again, what is YOUR point?

  11. Evcricket

    Sinclair’s post boldly claims that Global Warming support is on the wane.

    Actual facts disagree with Sinclair:

    The Right continue on blindly.

    Also looks like the LNP trail Labor in the latest Morgan? Interesting isn’t it.

  12. Sinclair Davidson

    I think even The Met Office are giving it away.

  13. kae


    Yes, Julia threw everything away including a perfectly good economy just to get her bust in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

    Oh really? I suspect her arse would have been too big…

    Anyway, with this bust, is her face planted in the ground?

  14. Keith

    How sceptics see global warming.

    Which sceptic published that chart Jarrah?

  15. Jarrah

    It’s a joke, Keith, highlighting how silly short-term views on climate can be.

  16. Keith

    oh I see, it’s a joke when you lie.

  17. Poor Old Rafe

    Evcricket, if you take the leftie line that scientists and public opinion are driven by money then the billions invested in alarmism would certainly trump the millions raised by skeptics.

    Do you want to run with the money or the truth?

  18. Evcricket

    Rafe, I have absolutely no idea what that sentence means.

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