ABC Breakfast News: Reviewing the Headlines

My iPad was acting up ornery this morning and because I couldn’t holler for a Marshall (only older Cats will know what I am talking about), I switched on the TV.  And there on ABC Breakfast News, with one of the comperes known only to me as a sports presenter, was the VC of La Trobe University chatting on.

The ostensible point of the segment was to review the newspaper headlines, but what was clear that it was just an opportunity for the VC (and the presenters for that matter) to spout on about their favourite hobbyhorses,  as well as to give La Trobe University a free plug or two.  What a complete disgrace!

And the topic du jour – the supposed link between the bushfires and climate change!  (What else.)  For an academic, the VC was very sloppy in his expression.  I guess only true believing warmenists are invited onto this segment, but the unproven hyperbole was almost too much for me.

But for some strange reason I persisted – the iPad had not recovered – and I had to listen to an extended interview with the Mayor of Coonabarabran going on and on about the bushfires there and the fact that the telescopes had NEARLY been destroyed but had escaped.

Does this Reviewing the Healines segment normally contain such opinionated tosh almost completely unrelated to the headlines of the day?

And then the iPad kicked into action and I stumbled across the latest piece by The Age’s Carbon Economy Editor who really seems to be on a mission these days.  It has been 50 degrees in Moomba.  Gosh and more gosh.  Actually, Moomba is always incredibly hot at this time and it seems that the delayed northern monsoon has pushed up the daily maxima a little bit.  So what?

I have also noticed that the Carbon Economy Editor has not been writing about the UK Met Office’s ackowledgment that there has been no global warming for the past 15 years and there will be no noticeable increase in temperatures in the next five years.  Now, there’s an interesting story.  So much for Christine Milne’s ‘climate emergency’ – looks like  a false alarm, you can all return to what you have been doing.

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