Simon Breheny slams Roxon’s anti-discrimination laws

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15 Responses to Simon Breheny slams Roxon’s anti-discrimination laws

  1. Amfortas

    Should Roxon’s ridiculous laws come to pass, this sort of broadcast would not go to air. The ‘House’ lawyers would see a huge number of complaints heading their way and advise the programme makers to button their lips.

    One has to wonder whether Roxon’s grasp of basic concepts of freedom are those of an adult or a mentally deficient child in the playground. Is it her Feminist agitprop that is driving her, or simple incompetence and inability to think? Should she be breathalised each morning before being allowed to sit at her desk? Should someone be checking under her dress before she sets off to work each morning to see if her knickers are twisted?

    I ask these now, knowing that they are quite insulting, because if she brings her stupid laws into being I won’t be allowed to ask and you will risk jail for allowing this comment.

  2. Rabz

    It is just absolutely staggering that this bunch of evil, unrepresentative, unelected arse clowns are even trying this on.


  3. Alfonso

    Now, to get you some real depression ask our Tone face to face to guarantee he’ll repeal them in entirety.
    You’ll get lots of shuffling and averted eyes.
    Send a big govt welfare Statist to do a conservative’s job and that’s what you get.

  4. Gillard government is still gloating about the victory over the people of Australia with their success at introucucing a carbon dioxide tax.

    Gillard has had us living on promises since 2010, she has introduced Green policy and has strangled industry and crippled householders budgets.

    Roxon will seize this moment to silence the Media and citizens as there is nothing to nice to say about the ALP Government.

  5. George Brandis was on the ALPBC talking about it.

    After a minute and a half of fellow Lawyer boosting, Nanny Roxen gets a light brushing with the standard Liberal (sic) wet lettuce leaf about some vague ‘guilty until proven innocent’ provision.

    No shoes or lecterns were harmed during the interview, perhaps it was tailored to not frighten an ALPBC 24 hour news audience.

    The good senator does have a remarkable resemblance to John Clarke, so I could have been mistaken.

  6. 1735103

    Brandis does have the remarkable ability to convince people to believe the opposite of what he is arguing.

  7. Borisgodunov

    What is wrong withthese so called”liberal opposition”wankers ? Every reasonable Australian KNOWS every “Law “these international soshalist termites “have “passed ” with the help of the commo groins and the totally dependentsbis Rubbish and should be repealed along with the other untidy nayshuns crap “laws” thathave been shoved onto us by guvmints of both showers ,.The People Have to Take the
    Ower off these Lightweights,Power To The People!

  8. jumpnmcar

    Sreuth ! another numbers!!

  9. 1735103

    Jumpnmcar – yes but also a prime number.

  10. Gab

    another numbers!! a bit different though as it’s not on the Nominal Roll. So maybe just a series of numbers.

  11. WhaleHunt Fun

    Maybe changed to Optus and got a new SIM?

  12. Mater

    Hmmm, another numbers? Is this one using his/her Service Number?

  13. cohenite

    First fucking finkelstein, now roxon; who was it that said when you create too many rights it’s all wrong.

  14. .

    Roxon is discriminating against smokers.

    Clothes for fat people ought to come with warning labels, being fat gives you diabetes, heart disease, cancer (all kinds) etc.

    Plain packaging for women’s clothes for women who can’t wear bikinis!

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