Classical Liberalism and the troubles of our times

Ron Kitching book review now on line at On Line Opinion.

This is a really excellent book and it will probably be the most important volume on the market in Australia this year, even if it is not the most read. First published in 2005 it has fresh significance as we contemplate the state of the nation after two terms of the worst federal administration in our history. The late Ron Kitching has explained in clear and simple language, informed by wide and deep scholarship and practical experience, how the principles of Classical Liberalism can deliver peace, freedom and prosperity worldwide. It is some consolation, but not very much, to note that other nations in Europe and the US have even more need for Classical Liberalism than we do. Somebody should provide every aspiring politician in the country with a copy, certainly every LNP candidate for the next Federal election.

Buy a copy for your local member! And your public library.

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