Gillard’s Downfall

(HT: Roger)

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  1. Blogstrop

    The bit about Plibeserk was a nice touch.

  2. DriftForge

    cc Mark Dreyfus; Christopher Pyne ?

  3. Tintarella di Luna

    Simon Benson’s article is amazing. I love the bit about the MP who says he’s the man who’s afraid to wake up. That fear is called Gillardiarrhea.

    if they weren’t such a bunch of arrogant squandercrats I’d be moved to pity. But I say serves you right, I hope you find sleep elusive for at least 221 days, you all deserve it.

  4. Leigh Lowe

    Galaxy Poll ….. 54:46 2PP.
    Essential Poll ……. 2PP stuck on 54:46 for weeks
    Latest Newspoll ….. 2PP at ….. wait for it ….. 54:46, with Abbott catching up to the Altona Droner in the preferred PM poll.

    Now, when the last Essential Poll came out, someone here dismissed it declaring that Newspoll was the only reliable poll ( it had moved back to 51:49 at the time).

    Who was that?
    It wasn’t you was it mUnty?

  5. GeorgeL

    Adolf’s new glasses didn’t help.

  6. John Comnenus

    The humorless left. How many did they portray Howard as Hitler – and not even in a satirical way, but in a nasty way. Dreyfus is a dangerous idiot.

  7. Alfonso

    If Labor is informed of any police charges hanging over Julia to be actioned after the election when she isn’t PM they’ll roll her anyway before Sept. What has Labor got to lose.

  8. Rabz

    Dreyfus is a dangerous idiot.

    Careful, John C – he takes great offence when people state the bleeding obvious…

  9. Leigh Lowe

    My apologies for error above.
    The Newspoll, which mUnty declares as being the most reliable, reads 56:44 2PP, not 54:46.

    The most popular question in caucus this morning?

    “How can I make my homepage on my laptop?”

  10. Rabz

    56:44 2PP

    That is a beautiful set of numbers.

  11. Brett

    But Crean says Labor can win; apparently there is a long term trend of improvement observable in the polls.

  12. Popular Front

    Indeed there is Brett. Every since Turnbull got the flick things have been on the up & up for the Coalition and on the down & out for the ALP rabble.

  13. .

    On those numbers (56:44), on the old ABC election calculator, taking out the 2/3 indeps at the time – the Liberal/National/CLP/LNP Coalition wins 107 seats to Labor’s 43.

    I’m still absolutely appalled that 32% of Australians would give the ALP their first preference.

  14. Token

    But Crean says Labor can win; apparently there is a long term trend of improvement observable in the polls.

    I notice the Stenographers are ignoring the poll today.

    When there is a slight improvement they’ll notice then again and go crazy on the positive trend.

  15. .

    On a linear trend for 5-10% swing, if Abbot gets back up to 62:38 2PP – the election result will be 130 Coalition seats to 20 ALP seats.

  16. Honesty

    Does anyone know the sports bet odds for Newman that produced the wipeout? Could those be applied to the current sports bet fir the federal election odds adjusted for the Federal seat pendulum to produce a comparison?

  17. Rudiau

    if Abbot gets back up to 62:38 2PP

    If McTurd and TLS are still in charge democracy will suspended by some confected National emergency backed by the three monkey media.

  18. Andrew

    A result around the 54 to 56 2pp surely could give the Coalition a majority in the Senate? Obviously the senate is slightly different to the HoR but there would be some correlation.

  19. Andrew

    Great video but I wish McTernan featured in it as well.

  20. Septimus

    Caucus meeting should be a bundle of laughs this morning with Newspoll finally correcting its bias. What chance a serious challenge to The Lying Slapper? Maybe the ship will desert the sinking rat?

    h/t Blair

  21. grumpy

    Crean is probably so used to the AGW crowd claiming down is up that he sees the same thing in the poll trends as in the temp graphs.

  22. candy

    Probably a reaction to Jenny Macklin’s cold heartedness and the PM’s treachery to Ms Crossin.

    Not much ‘Labor values’ evident there.

  23. Popular Front

    @Rudiau-09:23(and anybody else worried about this point), as a former long serving soldier I can tell you that the ADF swears allegiance to the Commonwealth of Australia, HM QE11 & her heirs and successors, NOT some rabble of leftists in Can’tberra. If the ALP carbon blobs try any funny stuff vis-a-vis the upcoming elections, the troop carriers will be racing across the lawns of Capital Hill faster than you can say “up against the wall leftist scum!” and the ALP rabble knows this.

  24. Leigh Lowe

    Adolf’s new glasses didn’t help.

    Riddle me this.
    The glasses?

    Makeover or disguise?

  25. Lew

    Len Taylor managed to pen an entire column in this mornings SMH without slagging off Abbott,in fact she didn’t even mention his name and that has to be a first.MSM rats jumping ship?

  26. Splatacrobat

    Even if Rudd tried to make a comeback current polling would have him losing his seat.
    I can’t imagine Griffith voters proping him up only for him to be opposition leader.

  27. Gab

    Well done that video man!
    Just a pity Hitler didn’t wear glasses in the vid.

  28. Even if Rudd tried to make a comeback current polling would have him losing his seat.
    I can’t imagine Griffith voters proping him up only for him to be opposition leader

    On the contrary, this would be the perfect punishment for him. To be the senior surviving Labor MP, the only possible choice for leader… and to have to sit there, with his brain detonating, day after day, as Prime Minister Abbott undid all the harm he had done and rammed the fact of his failure down his throat over and over and over again.

  29. Popular Front

    Lovely scenario perturbed isn’t it? First rule of politics: in defeat, malice – in victory, revenge!

  30. Steve D

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone put something like this up.

    Very well done!

  31. tbh

    Gold, absolute gold. Even after all this time, Downfall parodies are still funny. If we as the electorate don’t give it good and hard to the ALP in this election then I am truly concerned for the future of this country.

  32. Borisgodunov

    The krudster as oppo leader being humiliated,giLIARdin a cell with a 6foot BullDyke being prepared for a gay marriage,a huge new prisonfor all the ex pollies and union leadersand freinds of the alp ,Joy ! great Scenario!

  33. Simon


    People trust other people more, and take them more seriously, if they are wearing glasses. Particularly so for women.

    makeover AND disguise.

  34. derFRED

    The ABC 7pm News played a section of the clip last night, but of course sans humourous subtitles. They will be spinning in the centrelink queue when PM ABBOTT sells the ABC, hopefully.

  35. James of the Glens

    I thought I’d seen enough Downfall parodies, but I was wrong.

    Certainly the unpolishable McT. might have been mentioned, but what the heck.

    And clearly the Roxon woman had been giving some final tips for Mein Fuehrer’s hair.

  36. Steve

    Sweet! That’s my video. It was great fun putting it together. My favourite line was “And don’t play any Springsteen. Annabel hates Springsteen.”

  37. At…

    Julia Gillard accuses own MPs of trying to destroy her, leaking to media.

    In an evaluation of Ms Gillard’s remarks today, one unimpressed Labor MP who did want to be named said: “It’s everyone else’s fault.

    Beware the ides of March…

    I suspect there will be more than 23…

  38. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Beautifully done, Steve.

    Not sure which Steve you are though. Been here before?

    Had me totally hooting.

  39. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “Sweet! That’s my video.”

    Editing videos is no small or swift task (mine is exclusively of rugby matches, for the coaches to analyse – isolating all scrum engagements, all line out jumps, all set piece ball clearances, tackles well made and those that should have been and the like). Inserting captions too takes time to ensure perfect placement.

    Well done Steve, no mean feat.

  40. I was wondering how long it would take before someone put something like this up.

    Oddly enough, the Mrs and I were talking about all the resignations yesterday afternoon (our time) and the topic of the Downfall parodies came up. She asked where the one was which related to this. I quite bluntly said, “If it existed at all, Tim Blair or the Cat would have it up already.”

    Lo and behold, that evening…

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