Edward Moses Obeid

Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia on 11 June 1984. Citation:

For service to ethnic welfare

From Mr Obeid’s maiden speech to Parliament 13 November 1991

I willingly pay tribute to my colleagues in the Australian Labor Party for their unwavering support,
including Senator Graham Richardson, John Johnson, Bob Carr, Neville Wran, John Della Bosca, Michael Easson, Deirdre
Grusovin, Terry Sheahan, Stephen Loosley and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Leo McLeay. …

The Premier and his Government should play an active part and insist that our superannuation funds are reinvested in this country
and not in international stock and real estate, which has already begun to occur. It is the last great chance we will have to
provide the basis of controlled investment in this country.

The Australian Labor Party believes that at the micro level, the State influence is greater in ensuring that key infrastructure services such as road, rail, ports, electricity and water are available for the future projects which this country must erect if we are to survive as a prosperous nation. And the State Government is also crucial in the controls it maintains through the regulation of  business and the cost effectiveness of those regulations. A Labor Government in this State will ensure sustained economic
development based on private sector investment while at the same time enhancing and improving living standards, and ensuring that the criteria of social justice is met. In conclusion, I hope as elected representatives of the people of New South Wales in this mother of all Australian Parliaments we should never lose sight of the fact that we are here, competing against one another, to advance constructive and progressive ideas and policies for the betterment of all Australians, so that in deed and
in fact, we can truly be recognised as the clever country as we enter the twenty-first century.

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  1. Up The Workers!

    I wonder whether I.C.A.C. should investigate the possibility that Obeid might have been corrupted by rubbing shoulders (and pockets) with members of Juliar’s Federal Cabinet?

    Up until now, all the talk has been of the A.L.P.’s endemic corruption emanating outwards from the NSW Right, but with all the recent revelations about Federal A.L.P. embezzlement, lies, fraudulent P.O.A.’s, the H.S.U., the A.W.U., brothel-hoppers, Kalbarri holiday units, dodgy mortgages, arrests on corruption charges of former party National President, Mike Williamson and Craig Thomson etc, maybe the endemic flow of corruption within the A.L.P. has reversed direction?

    Alternatively, maybe that level of endemic corruption is just a National standard of governance; a corporate ethos adopted nation-wide in the A.L.P.?

  2. johninoxley

    Didnt recognise conroy without the red underpants on his head.

  3. Leigh Lowe

    Has Eddie got a photo of Conroy and Burke in flagrante delicto with a snowy mountain goat?

  4. H B Bear

    Socialists like skiing too you know.

  5. Econocrat


    He could have also invited:
    * Gillard
    * Swan
    * Roxon
    * Carr
    * Wong
    * Combet

  6. Splatacrobat

    The creatures voters outside (the ski lodge) looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

    Labor Farm 2013

  7. Matt

    There is a good case for using the anti-bikie legislation to proscribe the ALP as a criminal organisation.

    It should be an offence to associate with known ALP members and to wear ALP insignia etc.

  8. Rabz

    See youse at the Chalet, comrades!

  9. Pickles

    “I am just going outside and I may be some time..”

  10. Steve of Glasshouse


  11. Ubique

    For such types, running a State (or the Commonwealth) is no different from running a trade union – it’s a personal fiefdom.

  12. .

    [Let’s not expose ourselves to legal action. Sinc]

  13. Pickles

    Titus Oates. Went for a frolic in the snow. 17 March 1912.

  14. Up The Workers!

    Good point, Matt.

    I am concerned that in enclosed spaces or outside in public places, there is a distinct danger that I could come into contact with A.L.P. members or union bosses and suffer from passive corruption; passive incompetence; passive stupidity; passive innumeracy; passive intolerance; passive catastrophism or active brothel-hopping; etc.

    The A.L.P.!

    There should either be a tax on it, or a law against it.

  15. Leigh Lowe

    Form a queue and let’s have one scandal at a time with a decent break between each one to enjoy and digest each one.
    They’re simply coming too thick and fast.

  16. MT Isa Miner

    Matt and Up The Workers, I know we don’t have the RICO laws like th yanks do but I am concerned that my children, the impressionable dopy adolescent yoof could come into contact with these ALP that you speak of.

    How can I identify them. Do they have any distinguishing clothing or characteristics. I need to warn my children to steer clear, like I do about punks and emo’s.

  17. boy on a bike

    It’s a mistake to make a distinction between a state political party and the federal equivalent. There is no sharp dividing line that separates the two groups.

  18. stackja

    Dreyfus says this is different end of story.

  19. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    ALP tip on how to become rich as well as clever. Know and support your mates.

  20. C.L.

    In defence of Burke and Conroy, it would be nearly impossible for a Labor MP – ipso facto – not to associate with a criminal. We’re talking about a party whose federal leader was sacked from her only job for setting up an illegal slush fund.

  21. Peter Gardner

    Titus Oates. Went for a frolic in the snow. 17 March 1912.

    Not Titus. Another Oates who got rolled.

  22. Pickles

    That’s exactly what it was and exactly what it is. The lower pay Tribute to the higher and so it goes. In exchange for the Tribute, you get a rung on the ladder, then those below pay Tribute to you.

    As in the classical definiton, Tribute keeps you safe from pillage and part of the Tribute may be used for mutually benefical financial arrangements.

    In the Olden Days his might mean raising an army to pillage some other bastard who refused to pay Tribute.

    In Modern Days, this might mean pre selection, a chalet, a fence, a farm, a farm with coal under it (optional extra) or a free credit card to pay for rooting, beers or Chinese feeds.

  23. Rococo Liberal

    What gets me about Obeid is this coal deal he put through with MacDonald. The thing was obviously dodgy and sent off to ICAC in a very shoirt time. Did he somehow think that he could get away with such an obvious fraud? Didn’t he know that all his past nastiness would come out as soon as ICAC had him its sights?

    The man is not only a crook but a buffoon.

  24. Unfortunately RL, most of your epithets can be replaced by one word – arrogance.

  25. Nuke Gray

    With a middle name of ‘Moses’, we can expect the Labour party to be in the political wilderness for something like 40 years!

  26. Pickles

    Getting Gobby with Ippy is not a smart move either. Ipp is not Murray Farquar.

  27. Harold

    It’s like being a famous celebrity; they get free shit even though they’re even more equipped than most to pay for it.

  28. Myrddin Seren

    Would the Premier of the day have been informed when ICAC commenced its investigations of the Terrigals ?

    Because for sure this investigation predates the state election, and it would mean one of the supposedly tame puppet premiers that Obeid and Tripodi installed loosed the hounds upon them.

    Hell hath no fury like a Maaaaate scorned.

  29. thefrollickingmole

    My father had dealings with the Burke family during the WA inc days… He had a choice of becoming a Burke lackey, and having a lot of contracts forwarded to his company in return for unspecified future donations/assistance, or going broke. He went broke, the “sealing the deal” involved a brothel visit for a closed session…

    Dont change ALP, just dont change.

  30. Lew

    Eddie’s brief,Stu Littlemore,gets physical.Check the clip on 2gb.com which shows Stu laying hands on SBS reporter,Lisa Upton,who then stumbles and nearly falls over.

  31. thefrollickingmole

    Now far from me to speculate…

    The following is a flight of fantasy…

    Now if I wanted to get some revealing footage of “comrades” engaging unsavory behavior how would I do it?

    A relaxing “getaway” place where they could let their hair down?
    Provide some “entertaining” lasses, maybe some could bring their school uniforms?
    Supply “party fuel”, mix and tape.

    Id be betting theres a vid somewhere of a certain senator running around with red undies on his head…

    All above is pure fiction of course, no-one should read anything into it unless they are bad people.

  32. Pickles

    Completely unreliable info about

  33. Clancy of The Underpass

    Just imagine the après ski.

  34. brc

    @thefrollickingmole : the exact same plotline is in the novel ‘Trust Your Enemies’ – leader of the senate has a hotel where he gives out freebies, all duly recorded and used for blackmail.

    After reading that book I sometimes wonder how much of it was actually fiction.

  35. Brc, a common trap in certain high class Russian and Chinese Motels.
    I wonder if they’ve caught any V,VIPs from Australia?

    (Oh don’t be like that Winston. It would take an enormous amount of hubris to ignore the security lectures that would be given to all from PM down.)

  36. Up The Workers!

    Does anybody remember the late Victor Kiam?

    He was the American multi-millionaire whose wife bought him a Remington shaver. His subsequently famous quote was: “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company.”

    It seems that Eddie Obeid is Australia’s Victor Kiam.

    He liked the A.L.P. so much, that he bought the Party and got half of their Parliamentarians thrown in as a job lot.

    There’s no doubt about it: The A.L.P. is THE BEST party that money could buy!

    Just ask Eddie.

    I.C.A.C. did!

  37. Pickles

    The Offset ALPine tragedy seems to have put a lot of people on their feet.

  38. Borisgodunov

    O ‘ Farrell ,Stop ALL Coal developmentsin that area ,pending a Green impact report ,the people who bought the disputed land can then sue the vendor for returnof money ,did he tell them the coal was there ? They must have known or they would not have paid so much,.
    this Corruption is probably Rife throughout All governments in Australia,federal,state and local ,even in all government funded bodies nbn etc, Anti Corruption Trbunals Needed Everywhere!

  39. brc

    Ha, I just noticed they have ‘digitally altered image’ on the pic above.

    As if anyone would mistake it for the real thing.

    Everyone knows Conroy wears red underpants on his head when hitting the slopes.

  40. Talleyrand

    Oh Comrades come rally….

    Arise, ye skiers from your slumber,
    Arise, ye telemarkers of want.
    For reason in powder snow thunders,
    and at last ends the age of Bandt!
    Away with all your reputations,
    Servile masses, despise, despise!
    We’ll change henceforth the old tradition,
    And spurn the moghul to win the prize!
    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last Après-ski let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the Labor race.
    So comrades, come rally,
    And the black runs let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the porcine race

  41. H B Bear

    Nice to see Eddie acknowledge Leaping Leo McLeay, parliament’s worst cyclist and a reminder that the Office of Speaker is usually a reward for a life of service – to the Party of course.

  42. In today’s Australian

    Beginning next month, ICAC will investigate the circumstances in which Doyles Creek, which was owned by former union boss John Maitland, a close friend of Mr Macdonald, acquired the licence in the first place.

    The Trade Union Party Party Party…

    And the Minister for Industrial Sabotage…

    Environment Minister Tony Burke and Senate leader Stephen Conroy, had accepted free accommodation in the Obeid family lodge at Perisher Valley.

    Won’t do his green street cred any good, think of the pigmy possums

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