Gillard’s role model?

Shame she only adopted the glasses and not the economic theory.

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12 Responses to Gillard’s role model?

  1. Token

    Good work, though it would benefit from a bit of polish from the ECON TALK guys.

  2. Jazza

    Good grief! You think Gillard actually might have had a role model?
    I was somewhat consoled by the belief she was so calamitous,so untrustworthy ,that she would be a one-off, now you really have upset me!

  3. Token

    Good grief! You think Gillard actually might have had a role model?

    Gillard is following the example of Emily’s List founder – Joan Kirner in so many ways…

  4. Eyrie

    The Lying Slapper has just announced she will never tax super payouts on over 60s. Hope that works out better than the carbon tax we don’t have.

  5. Clancy of The Underpass

    “Gillards Role Model?”

    Ronald McDonald without the profit.

  6. JamesK

    Dominique does it for me with or without the speccies.

  7. boy on a bike

    Which version of Gillard is supposed to be modelled here?

  8. Fred Furkenburger

    Token, I don’t think that Julia will look any better in a polka dotted dress than our Joan! Actually the thought makes me turn a bit green around the gills!!!!

  9. blogstrop

    I’m a fiscal conservative
    Hangin’ out for some lurvative.
    Just hit me for a grocerywatch
    While I’m dancin’ docey do, say what?
    The coolness of the leftist
    Is what makes us the best-est,
    An’ promises on taxes
    Will be subject to some axes.

  10. Papachango

    Jeez. Econ-geek humor is pretty oridinary at the best of times, but that’s actually not so terrible…

  11. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    I have no idea what that was about, pretty much unintelligible especially when they do that talking-singing yo bro rap in the hood gangsta bru stuff.

    The black girl is very cute and has a fine big smile.

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