Latest Policy is out

The latest issue of Policy: Ideas, Debate and Opinion just dropped into my mail box. It looks like a cracker with articles on bank bashing by Tom Valentine (Cat lurker and occasional threadster), Hayek and Keynes by Robert Carling and why WA should secede by Sukrit Sabhlok and plenty of other stuff.

If you don’t already subscribe you should, or better yet become a member.

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19 Responses to Latest Policy is out

  1. Driftforge

    Tasmania should secede as well. Just for a chance to get our shit in order without interference.

  2. hammygar

    Can’t help yourself, can you Sinc? Promoting a right-wing fascist rag like Policy put out by a so-called “think” tank like CIS. This is one rubbishy publication (almost as bad as Quad-“rant”. One day the law will be able to catch up with the likes of it.

  3. Winston

    Indeed excellent points from hammygar and ones that are worthy of further investigation.

    As a result, I have invested in a membership of CIS (a subscription to ‘Policy’ is included) in order to establish exactly how rubbishy, right-wing and fascist the publication is.

  4. johno


    I have been a subscriber for decades. Well worth the money.

  5. Infidel Tiger

    Secession appeals to me, but before we go down that path we certainly need to reduce the power of Canberra.

  6. Louis Hissink

    Thanks Hammy, CIS just got my membership decision.

  7. Jannie

    Thanks for the Recommendation Hammy. You really are a useful idiot.

  8. H B Bear

    Any government looking for a reform narrative could start with the Australian federation. Health, education and taxation are all stuffed.

    KRudd (or rather the Goose) didn’t have the intellect or ability to deal with the next round of tax/welfare reform which has now been stalled for a decade. With $1.58 of GST going to a Labor-Green mendicant basket case like Tasmania while WA gets $0.75 to provide for population growth and wealth creation, something is very wrong.

  9. sdfc

    It’s worst than that HB Bear. WA’s share is estimated at 0.55 for 2012-13 and is expected to fall to 0.27 in 2015-16.

    The Federation is broken.

  10. Skuter

    Hey clammy, I’m wondering why you said right-wing fascist rag? To moronic leftists like you, aren’t all right-wingers fascists?
    Unfortunately for your demented world view and everyone else’s wellbeing we are currently living through possibly the most fascist regime in the history of our federation. The most recent incarnation of this is Gillard’s nationalist jobs plan.

  11. Driftforge

    Health, education and taxation are all stuffed

    Unfortunately we ended up with a federation that long since started centralising power.

    If you do a line by line on the Federal budget, only about $100B could be justified under the original terms of the constitution.

    The big issue with the GST distribution formula is that it penalises additional revenue being raised (or even being ‘able to be raised’) within the state.

  12. face ache

    I have cancelled my subscriptions Hammy. From now on you are my guru and my guiding light in all things intellectual, spiritual and emotional. Freedom at last.

  13. Carpe Jugulum

    Thanks hammy, you convinced me to turn to the dark side.

    Please call me Darth Carpe.

  14. 2dogs

    Sabhlok skims over the legal hurdles in WA secession. To do this without Canberra’s blessing, they would need to become a republic first, being careful how they change clause 61 of their constitution in the process.

    Even if they did give the new clause the necessary wording, it may still be possible for the Australian PM to advise the Queen of Australia to stop or set aside the WA referendum required.

  15. James

    Sabhlok is a great guy. I assume we’ve all heard of Liberty Australia?

  16. twostix

    Even if they did give the new clause the necessary wording, it may still be possible for the Australian PM to advise the Queen of Australia to stop or set aside the WA referendum required.

    With Commonwealth defence spending at its lowest since the last time WA voted to secede and the parts of eastern Australia that would actually care all but disarmed and busy becoming mendicant house husbands WA should secede, implement a Swiss style militia and dare the Commonwealth to send its tank to Perth in order to stop them.

  17. Louis Hissink


    The tanks would run out of juice at Ceduna, and Hammy, just paid for my membership at CIS :-). Thought you needed to know.

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