The great pretender

(HT: Quadrant Online)

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  1. Rabz

    Wonderful profile view of that enormous beak of lardarse’s in the video still.

    She gives honest frauds a bad name.

  2. candy

    For a PM who’s most deceptive and made many stuff-ups, she has amazing support from the Party, a lot of the media and unions. She can do no wrong, apparently.

  3. Alfonso

    “she has amazing support….. (from the AWU)”.

    The AWU are nervous that “quiet Bill” Shorten isn’t ready for question time.
    Well may they be…. correct instinct.

  4. H B Bear

    When you know are on the Titanic you may as well enjoy the buffet.

  5. Steve of Glasshouse

    HB..The Titanic doesn’t cut it. These dolts have hit every ice berg in the pack multiple times..Maybe they think the damage will buff out..

  6. Splatacrobat

    The Queen is known as HRH; Her Royal Highness
    Next week Gillard will be known as RHR; the Rooty Hill Ranga

  7. Poor Old Rafe

    “she has amazing support from the Party, a lot of the media and unions”

    It is a tribal thing, and it is killing the country.

    Loyalty and teamwork are all very well, but what about the objectives, apart from holding onto power?

    No adult person should be rusted onto any particular party, or football team, apart from Parramatta and the Mighty Demons.

  8. thefrollickingmole

    Steve of Glasshouse

    Better than that, theyve backed up and tried going through the ‘berg even faster…

  9. eb

    Wow, Rafe. The Eels and the Demons; you have been suffering.

  10. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    I must be getting soft. That was very harsh.

    But fair.

    She has made a mess of it.

  11. Rousie

    The break out in contempt is something to behold. It has definitely ratcheted since the announcement of an election date.

    It would seem more and more people feel they can now pile on and they’re telling anyone who will listen. And with each new gimmick they fuel what is becoming one hell of a grassroots movement.

    Well played McSporran. You may just have killed the ALP.

  12. Marky

    Lizzie – I thought it was honestly one of the more forgiving appraisals I’ve heard of her performance, not counting those like “Mad Margo” Kingston…

  13. Poor Old Rafe

    Thanks eb, fortunately I have managed to avoid following the Waratahs.

  14. Up The Workers!

    Juliar Gillard is as good as her word – and HER word is NO BLOODY GOOD!

  15. Mark M

    Pretty second rate. These things need something witty about them to go viral, something the swing voter would laugh at. This won’t because it preaches to the converted.

  16. tbh

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere at the Cat, but I thought it was funny:

    Apparently the reaction on social media hasn’t been positive to the PM’s impending visit to Sydney’s West.

  17. Gab

    Hadn’t seen that before, tbh so thanks for posting it.

    PM JG is trapped in a paradox of her own making now with the election announcement. Everything now looks like a stunt. Rooty Hill trip

    If it looks like a stunt, smells like a stunt, then it is a stunt.

  18. Gab

    giilard goes to Rooty Hill. Hilarity ensues.

    Jim Ball [email protected]

    #pmlive Gillard is the Wily Coyote of Australian politics and like all her other traps and plans, Rooty Hill will blow up in her face..

  19. Jc

    Rooty Hill will blow up in her face..

    Can you imagine her first thoughts on waking up in the morning. “what could go wrong today?”


    What am I going to fuck up today?

  20. tbh

    Has there every been a more disaster prone PM in Australia’s history or frankly even in the civilised world? She makes Berlusconi look competent.

  21. James In Footscray

    Isn’t that video a bit lame? Bad jokes, bad singing, bad production?

  22. Tintarella di Luna

    Isn’t that video a bit lame? Bad jokes, bad singing, bad production?

    Yes James isn’t it though? A perfect match for the current Occupant of the Office of Prime Minister, don’tcha think?

  23. Grey

    Maybe if Quadrant hadn’t had its Government funding cut they could have afforded a decent covers singer?

  24. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Novotel at Rooty:

    Whether you want to relax and take in the local attractions or are looking for a high octane adventure to get your heart pumping, Novotel Sydney Rooty Hill is the place to stay

    Some high octane adventure coming up, Jules.

  25. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    oops, wrong fred.

  26. Borisgodunov

    Wonder if the lyingbbitch will do a shopping centre photo op there .the old lady pensioners struggling with power bills might rip her arms and legs off!

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