2000AD is 36 years old today

Okay this one is for the comic nerds tragics.

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  1. I read Dan Dare in the late 50s and early 60s in the Eagle boy’s newspaper and their annuals.

  2. Tator

    I started reading this once it merged with Starlord in 79, was a big Ro-Busters fan but Dredd in now one of my favourites, still have a few copies sitting in my comic collection.

  3. WhaleHunt Fun

    The monsters are light weight compared to the horror of the TLS infestation in Canberra.

  4. Sinclair Davidson

    My favourite stories were The VCs, Halo Jones, and DR and Quinch. Least favourite was Bad Company. Best Judge Dredd story was “America”. Loved the Dredd movie, been watching the ‘kills’ clips on YouTube over and over.

  5. Poor Old Rafe

    I liked Donald Duck and the nephews.
    And the Beagle Boys.

    And Scrooge.

  6. .

    I’m going back and rewatching some old classics that have been trashed through my lifetime.

    The entire Rambo series is good.

    If you take the cheese out of Rocky III and IV (admittedly they’re triple cheeseburgers), and ignore V, the entire franchise is good.

    Conan is actually a hell of a movie, if you can put up with “sluts” and camel beat downs. The music actually seems to be what dates this film.

    The thing is, I don’t reckon I could sit through Judge Dredd. I reckon it was made for the fanboys.

  7. thrfrollickingmole

    One for the tragics indeed.

    Ive been reading the things on and off since the days of “Flesh” (man eating dinosaurs, yes please).. Halo Jones, America, Time Flies, Zenith (someone make it into a movie), the comic has had an abundnce of gems.

    They had Dredd called the “greatest muderer in the world” in a recent edition, which, given he nuked the Sovs, is correct..

  8. Steve D

    The rule of Mad magazine: it’s best era was when you discovered it, and it’s been on a downhill slide since then.

  9. thrfrollickingmole

    Steve D

    200AD seems to miss that, there will be average stories, sometimes a month or 2 of them, but they always seem to pop up with something new.

    They just finished a story arc where a fanatic Sov unleashed hell on the city as revenge for Dredds nuking them 20 years ago.

  10. DMS

    I still have a copy of number 2! (Crappy condition tho’)

  11. Dan Dare and Eagle.
    No one else comes close.

  12. DMS

    Tator – that’s when I started reading it! Then scrambled for back issues – never got a number 1. I think I was about 10-11.

    Sinc – you just went up in my estimations (and probably down in that of some).

  13. …except Biggles, and I never saw them in the same room at the same time. Reckon they were the same bloke.

  14. Token

    The rule of Mad magazine: it’s best era was when you discovered it, and it’s been on a downhill slide since then.

    As a pre-teen discovered many forms of humour in Mad that I didn’t know existed.

    Of course in those days it was seen as scandulous and was banned from many of my friend’s households. Today it would be boring as it is too mild.

  15. boy on a bike

    Bad Company – one of my favourites. Had to search through a lot of comic shops to put the entire series together.

  16. boy on a bike

    Doom Lord – how about putting together a graph of 2000AD cover prices over the 36 years. I notice it started at 9p and had reached 60p by 1993.

  17. Sinclair Davidson

    Good idea – just under the whip at the minute.

    Bad company is out as a graphic novel – saw it yesterday at Minotour. Don’t know where you get it in Sydney – Galaxy isn’t as good as Minotour here. Not sure if it is both series or just the first (or second). i had forgotten about Zenith – that was the worst series. Also loved Skizz.

  18. thrfrollickingmole


    That was brilliant, you might be thinking of one of the other forgettable series..

    Link here for Zenith artwork

  19. boy on a bike

    Crikey, I had forgotten all about Zenith. That was magnificent.

  20. Adrien

    They need to bring back The Muzak Killer.

    In real life.

  21. cohenite

    Sláine rivals Conan the Barbarian, particularly the Barry Smith editions.

    2000AD is almost the counterpart for the bright and bushy tailed Marvel comics, with The Punisher excepted and arguably far more inventive especially in its liberal use of pantropy, although the X-Men does have its moments.

    Great stuff.

  22. boy on a bike

    “pantropy” – word of the day.

  23. cohenite

    “pantropy” – word of the day.

    I would like wings but the hollow bones necessary to fly would be a drag; perhaps gills.

  24. Tator

    I sort of went off it once I discovered sport as a teenager, plus the local newsagent stopped stocking it as I was the only one who bought it in a very small country town. Restarted buying comics seriously once I started at the Police Academy, got around 2000 comics (mainly DC with a good smattering of Marvel and 2000AD’s thrown in) in very good nick, especially after how some of them have been stored by the ex wife for a year or so whilst going through the divorce, have got them better protected now. Now I am corrupting my 10 year old boy with my fathers day pressie which is a subscription to a series of hard cover Marvel graphic novels.

  25. PoliticoNT

    Was a huge Colin Wilson (Rogue Trooper artist) fan in the early 80s. Snuck out and bought an old xBox recently after discovering a copy of the Rogue Trooper game in the Darwin Cash Convertors. (Then had to play it secretly at night while wifey was asleep.) Not a great game, but brought back lots of good memories.

    Just checked out Colin’s website – amazing artist – influences of Moebius and Juan Gimenez – and apparently living in Oz.

  26. DMS

    You’re a perfect father Tator.

    Yeah I had problems getting good comics in rural SA, but worked for the local newsagent as a newsboy (mostly to fund my habit) and badgered him to order them for me.

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