Catallaxy survey 5 – closed



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  1. What an inane survey.
    Why not do a survey on which rugby side will win the premiership?
    Or how about whether Abbott will do a lap of victory clockwise or anti-clockwise around Parliament House in his budgie smugglers when he wins the elections?

    Thought this was more of an intellectual blog than this.

  2. Do not underestimate the frenzy that the Fourth Estate will go into if Rudd makes a comeback. In my judgement, he will make all sorts of claims about cleaning out the Augean Stables, a new beginning, in fact announcing a Royal Commission into Union malfeasance.
    He’s a sociopath – like TLS – and will do anything to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

  3. If you’d been keeping up instead of just shooting your stupid mouth off, Peter, you’d remember just why we are doing these surveys.

  4. candy

    Must admit I’m grappling with the relevance of this one.

  5. Poida

    One of the problems with the survey questions is that they deal with dictated hypothetical situations and not the likelihood of those situations arising.

    I’d rather:
    “Do you think Rudd will resume the ALP leadership?”
    “If Rudd were to resume the leadership would it be before or after the next election?”
    “Were Rudd to resume the leadership of the ALP before the next election do you think the ALP would retain government?”

    One of the problems with my questions is that it the widely held beliefs of this blogs readership is well known. Add to that selection bias, and the results are as good as those from the above survey.

    Forgetting what we (the readership) would like to see, the Australian people have sent very strong signals that it doesn’t really matter who leads the ALP. A discussion surrounding the fourth estate’s reaction to a potential Rudd return (or other leadership change) may pose a good source of future questions. (Could be only two weeks away).

  6. Samuel J

    Dear Peter – like any survey, sometimes you’ll like them and sometimes you’ll hate them. But suggestions are always welcome.

  7. Samuel J

    btw, the point of this survey is just to make a point. If Labor MPs hate Rudd, have been willing to remove him previously, how do we know they wouldn’t do so again if a restored Rudd somehow wins the election? Can you imagine how insufferable Rudd would be if he wins the next election?

  8. Token

    Can you imagine how insufferable Rudd would be if he wins the next election?

    That is the reason why I believe Shorten will be installed if it looks like Rudd will win the ballot as the people who hate him would not want to possibility that he would lead the party in government for another 3 years.

  9. Andrew

    Gillard’s largest policy failure could be the next poll?

  10. .

    I have a suggestion:

    Should most of the crown land in Northern Australia be given away in a homesteading bonanza?

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