Australian Libertarian Conference this weekend

Come and join us in Sydney for the 1st ALS Friedman Conference — listen to some of the best and brightest national and international speakers, meet other libertarians, and enjoy a fun-filled weekend of learning, friendship and the inevitable arguing that comes from putting more than one libertarian in a room at the same time. 🙂

Special guest speaker is Dr Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network and Cato Institute in the USA.

Other guest speakers include Cassandra Wilkinson, Prof Sinclair Davidson, Dr Eric Crampton, Adam Creighton, Prof Jason Potts, the Hon Dr Gary Johns, Dr Ben O’Neil, the Hon Dr Peter Phelps MLC, Dr Michael Keane, Chris Berg, Dr Jeremy Shearmur, Tim Wilson, Dr Charles Richardson, Cr Clinton Mead, David Russell AM QC, Jennifer Buckingham, and many more.

I am reliably informed that there are still tickets available for the conference days but that the dinner is sold out.

Day session tickets are still available and a package deal for both days is only $80 for Adults and $50 for students.

Details here.

The Conference Schedule is here.

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14 Responses to Australian Libertarian Conference this weekend

  1. Poor Old Rafe

    Nothing like a weekend with a great crowd of libertines!

  2. C.L.

    Aren’t the misters and mesdames entitled to honorifics as well?

  3. Sinclair Davidson

    Aren’t the misters and mesdames entitled to honorifics as well?

    Apparently not. Mind you that gives some of them the incentive to get their theses done. 🙂

  4. Poor Old Rafe

    Do get the honorific “Master” if you have and MA or an M Sci?

  5. Fred Furkenburger

    I would love to go but, sadly being in small business, the boss won’t let me take the time off. I really don’t think that bloke in the mirror is a nice person at all!!!!! Makes me work long hours, little or no time off, doesn’t pay me enough! Couldn’t think of a worse boss but he won’t let me go!

  6. Andrew

    Surely there will be complete anarchy and no control/governing over the schedule of the conference considering that it is for Libertarians?

  7. James B

    Fred: Call Fair Work Australia, I’m pretty sure what he’s doing is illegal. I mean I hate the regulatory environment and think business owners should be allowed to do what they like, but as it stands you should take advantage of it.

  8. hzhousewife

    James B, it has occurred to you of course that Fred employs himself, has it not? Fair Work don’t give a stuff about small business owners who do it all themselves, they can pay themselves minimum wage for 150 hrs a week and get NO payout when the business fails, and have NO superannuation at all when they retire – all perfectly legal !

  9. Fred Furkenburger

    Good pick up hzhousewife but you forgot to mention that everybody treats you as a cash cow. From utility companies to Local, State and Federal government. And they always say that the rules they introduce to control what you do are there to improve your business (at least that’s what one dipstick Local Government representative said to me the other day).

  10. Gab

    cash cow

    Oh Lord, that is so true. Never looked at it like that before. This government really does view the taxpayer as a cash cow.

  11. Fred Furkenburger

    And don’t you love the way the removal of a “tax break” or some such is a “saving” for the government and anything which allows the poor tax payer to keep some of his/her hard earned is a “cost” to the government! Who earnt the bloody money in the first place!

  12. Scott

    Mostly academics and lawyers sadly. I wonder what percentage of the total wage of all the speakers is sourced from the government purse?

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