The angel of music sings

Things have gotten far too serious around here. So I thought some wine, woman, and song would lighten the mood. BYO wine.

This is from the 25 anniversary production of the Phantom of the Opera.

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12 Responses to The angel of music sings

  1. Merilyn

    Magnificent, thank you.

  2. sfw

    One of the worst musicals ever. Right up there with Lil’ Abner

  3. lem

    Nope. The chap in the blue shirt had revolting self levitating lips and I couldn’t look further, had to hit the stop button. Sorry.

  4. lem

    and ps, I had been drinking wine, as you suggested, but it didn’t make him look any less revolting. Mind you the night’s young.

  5. candy

    Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler – the best
    Christine and Phantom ever for me!

  6. Happymonkey

    In other music news, Jeff Hanneman of Slayer has died.

    Speaking of angels.

  7. Tom

    Thank you, Doomlord. The slow-motion election year is indeed getting to everyone. But you and the Cat should be proud of your role in exploding so many lefty heads in 2013.

  8. John Mc

    Yes, bravo on the lefty head destruction.

  9. Dan

    that clip looks like the epitome of musical torture

    but keep it to hand in case we need to flush Noriega out

  10. Aliice

    Well actually almost missed this as was out seeing Richard Clapton at the Newport Arms. Clapton played indulgent unrecognised mellow old muso bluesy crap for most of it, drank too much between the songs, and only rolled out his loved hits in the last three songs…

    I wont be going again. I think he is past it. Sinc’s you tube will be better.

  11. blind freddy

    A “bread and circuses” moment!!!

  12. Helen Armstrong

    Thank you Sinclair. My cousin bought us tickets for Melbourne light years ago. They were pretty flash tickets, champagne and cheese afterward and I bought a slinky black frock and elbow length black gloves especially for the event. I have never worn them since (frock or gloves) but it was worth every penny as I felt a million dollars and with out that I would never have had that experience, (of being looked at appreciatively and knowing I looked good) living and working as I did and still do in the bush. After our champagne, we drove home to Western Victoria still dressed in our finery and reliving the experience from the tapes we had bought through the miles of darkness in our little cocoon of light. And thanks to you, I relive it again today. Good memories, indeed.

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