Under pressure – vocals only

For Freddie fans.

(HT: Elizabeth)

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17 Responses to Under pressure – vocals only

  1. Nanuestalker

    (HT: Elizabeth HM The Queen)


  2. Leigh Lowe

    Is Freddy touring again soon?

  3. tbh

    Love that song and love Queen. Thanks Sinc.

  4. Brian of Moorabbin

    Greatest singer I’ve ever heard… and will never hear his like again.

    Vale Freddie.

  5. derFRED

    As a musician, it was the THRILL of a lifetime to see Queen from the 3rd row at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1984.

    That could only be topped by winning Powerball and seeing RUSH who are touring somewhere in Europe right now.

  6. tbh

    FRED, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rush twice and they were every bit as good as you would expect. Never got to see Queen though, which is a regret I have in life.

  7. Certainly not my pick for greatest singer. I prefer something with more testosterone when it comes to male vox. Robert Cray, Muddy Waters. Like that.

  8. Nanuestalker

    I prefer something with more testosterone when it comes to male vox.

    Tough audience! Is a four octave range not enough?

  9. Abu Chowdah

    It’s impressive. But if you want technical range that’s more hetero, I prefer Otis Rush.

  10. derFRED

    Tbh – where/when did you see RUSH?

  11. tbh

    Tbh – where/when did you see RUSH?

    In San Antonio and Houston when I lived over in the States. It’s about 8 years ago now. You know how some bands just fade away and play old hits when they go out live? Rush is not one of those bands. They sound as good now as they have at any point in the last 20+ years.

  12. Nic

    I saw Queen on three occasions. I got given ‘News of the world’ as a Christmas present by an Aunt, as a kid and kept listening.

    The story behind the song is interesting. Some bits; its base was a song that Queen were working on called ‘feel/feels like’ (that you can also get via youtube) that was amended to become Under Pressure. John Deacon went out to dinner and forgot the memorable bassline intro, only the drummer remembered. The song is essentially a jam and was recorded quite quickly. Egos clashed, which resulted in a song that still has that demo feel. Bowie did a rap as well on ‘Cool Cat’ on the much maligned Hot Space album but was removed within 24 hours of release as Bowie had changed his mind.

  13. Helen Armstrong

    Thank you, Sinclair.

  14. derFRED

    Lucky you, Tbh. They have had an incredible career. I trust you have seen the documentary made about them:

  15. Jim Rose

    Joe Jackson Is she really going out with him (ac capela) is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5cmuq0cnx0 live in concert and done well

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