Rafe’s Roundup 7 June

Inside the ALP bunker h/t Andrew. Have they done one of those Hitler’s bunker voiceovers on this government yet? Of course they have, in spades!

Getup Watch.

Assorted Good Things at the IPA, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies and the Sydney Institute. And The Open Forum at Humanist House in Sydney, click Open Forum to get the June program, Quadrant on Line.

Get Active for 12 minutes a week!

If you are sedentary, new research from Norway suggests that if you do just four minutes of high-intensity training three times a week, within 10 weeks your peak ability to take up oxygen will have improved by 10%.

Do you care about VO2max? It’s a measure of aerobic fitness and it’s linked to that factor that trumps all others: “all cause mortality” (ACM). To put this study into perspective, a 10% improvement is only 10%. The fittest people have 100% higher VO2 max that the least fit (eg from about 20mL/kg/min to 40mL/kg/min). But even a 10% improvement in VO2 max can make a difference to your mortality.

Pictures from Penguin (Tasmania). Nicer pictures from Tasmania, enjoy the Stanley Nut with cows.

CO2 Greening the Planet. How surprising is that? Jo Nova on climate issues. Garth Paltridge, The Climate Caper, available as an ebook.

Why Fairfax has lost the plot. A perfect picure of New Class buffoonery.

The Adam Smith Institute. Unemployment in the Eurozone.

Andrew Norton on campaign funding. Stephen Hicks, Entrepreneurship Series.

In Our Time, Melvyn Bragg’s BBC program of interviews with scholars on topics of interest across the range of history, literature, science and philosophy. How King Alfred defeated the Vikings at Edgington. The original Battle of Britain? King Alfred the Great was a warrior, a king and an educator. Never mind that he burned the scones. England will rise when every schoolchild knows about King Alfred and the cakes (or scones).

A comment on our strategic partnership with China.

Peter G Klein, my host at the Uni of Missouri, has been named as the first Carl Menger Research Fellow at the von Mises Institute.

Libertarian Think Tanks of the World. The Minaret of Freedom. Avenir Suisse.

A blast from the past, The Real Game, AFL in 2006. The idea was to have a rep from each club put in a pre-match and after-match report but when the season kicked off, most of the people who expressed interest suddenly found it was too hard, apart from an Essendon mate from Tasmania and some reports for the Blues and North Melbourne.

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5 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup 7 June

  1. Ellen of Tasmania

    Are We Rome? FreedomFest 2013

    Re: Alfred. The cakes don’t matter. We forgive you. We need you. Please come back.

  2. Ant

    I work with this New Class buffoonery every day. Whenever an issue at one of our jobs comes up and it happens to lie in the outer northern or western suburbs of Melbourne, the snickering and buffoonish snobbery has me slowly shaking my head.

    They’re all Labor/Greens types in here, BTW. That would be ‘New’ Labor. And it’s quite suffocating, while being curiously informative at the same time.

  3. Rob

    Repeat travellers through Central Australia over the past 50 years can attest to the increasing “greening”. The gibber plains are disappearing under vegetation.

  4. Oh cheers Rafe – loved the Elizabeth Farrelly zone. She must be related to Alecia Simmonds and her intellectual-hating barbeque friends who snub her because she has been to university and wants to talk about Serious Things, while around her she is outshone by hair-tossing bimbos in short skirts.

    O tempora o mores.

  5. m0nty

    Re The Real Game, I think you’ll find the Footy Almanac fills that role now.

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