Covering up history

The official Prime Minister’s website does not list former prime ministers. Kevin Rudd does not like to acknowledge the existence of Julia Gillard and John Howard.

This is in contrast to:

Need I go on? Kevin Rudd wants to airbrush history.

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  1. From Richard Cohen’s book Chasing the Sun, which I have been reading all day, thanks to overwhelming fatigue and a marked desire not to get out of bed:

    During times of civil war in medieval Japan, the court astrologers tended to over-predict [eclipses] – if nothing happened, they were rewarded for having prevented an occlusion. Chinese astronomers, on the other hand, would use predictions in highly political ways. If they disapproved of their ruler, they would meticulously record an eclipse that had occurred, which could be taken as a divine rebuke to the government, because eclipses were considered warnings from heaven. They might even announce a totally fictitious one, as happened in 186 BC during the reign of the deeply unpopular Empress Kao Tsu. However, if they approved of their rulers, astronomers might just as readily omit all record of an eclipse that had actually taken place. The belief that eclipses presaged misfortune kept Chinese astrologers close to the seats of power. One might imagine that a shortage of ensuing disasters would have devalued their status , but the fates threw up just enough occasions to support their authority.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. Rabz

    Kevin Rudd wants to airbrush history.

    As Juliar airbrushed him – at a Labor conference, if I’m not incorrect.

    Check if you like peoples – you’ll find he indeed was.

    Juliar has now been airbrushed as well.

    This is all getting very soviet – very stalinist.

  3. Rabz

    Ah, good ol’ socialists.

    Where would we be without them?

    To paraphrase one B Fawlty Esq – “the land of the living”.

  4. Gab

    Not only does he want to air brush history, he’s well and truly airbrushed the Labor logo from his website. He prefers the blue + Southern Cross Liberal banner.

  5. Dan

    the generic government website,, has become a partisan tool. How quaint.

    I suspect that If the polls slide, all reference to Rudd will be removed.

    I see also the fuckhead is tweeting at a rate that would make Emmo proud. The silly fucker has learnt nothing.

  6. Gab

    The official Prime Minister’s website does not list former prime ministers. Kevin Rudd does not like to acknowledge the existence of Julia Gillard and John Howard.

    Perhaps it’s just a Labor thing as the PM website under gillard did not list any former prime ministers either.

  7. Dan

    History begins with the victorious

  8. Leigh Lowe

    Ah, yes, as I commented on another thread before I saw this post, perhaps the correct nick-name for The Second Coming might be Kev Pol Pot.
    They both seem to have a desire to set the calendar to Year Zero and expunge history.

  9. Louis Hissink

    Aahh, but we forget, Kevni EOP is our Tuxedo Marxist and airbrushing the past is a skill his teachers excelled at. Samuel J, you could post up Stalin’s well documented airbrushing pictures as a reminder.

    *EOP – Equal Opportunity Patroniser.

  10. stackja

    Will Australia apply the airbrush to the ALP?

  11. dd

    It’s strange but lately it’s as if Gillard never happened. Rudd, the ALP, the media, the Liberals… everyone is acting, pretending as if Rudd has been in power all along. This is a bit confusing and disorienting.

    What exactly did we experience, with Gillard? What happened, why did it happen, and why did Rudd remove her? Who takes responsibility for her policies, her actions, and her legacy?

    There are no answers and nobody is even asking the questions.

  12. Steve from SM

    The sugar hit in the polls is because EVERYONE is just so happy that the LS has gone for good. TFC!

  13. Jim Rose

    good precedent for after the election

  14. Eddystone

    lately it’s as if Gillard never happened.

    It’s as though we’re living 1984

    TLS has gone down the Memory Hole.


  15. JB5

    dd – That was the “Prime” universe. Don’t ya know Spock went thru a black hole and the result is, well, where we are now.

  16. Kevin Rudd.

    Poll Pot.


  17. lem

    Gillard who? This sounds like an unperson. To speak this name is a THOUGHT CRIME.

    (unperson – Person that has been erased from existence by the government for breaking the law in some way. A unperson is completely erased from history. All records of their existence is removed from record, and all party members are expected to removed them from memory. To mention their name is considered thoughtcrime. This eliminates any possibility of martyrdom.)

  18. H B Bear

    Gillard has disappeared faster than a WA Corporate Affairs file or a Kalgoorlie widows and orphans benevolent fund.

    Given it took roughly 30 years to allow the incompetence and malevolence of Whitlam to fade, expect Gillard to float up sometime around 2060. Fortunately I will either be dead or senile so it shouldn’t cause me any great distress.

  19. Gillard has gone but the Fabian agenda remains under the watch of a conniving egotistical megalomaniac named Kevvy. Gonski is the latest of their special socialist policies on education.

    I’m surprised by the lack of public knowledge of the Australian Fabian Society, the ALP Left’s think tank. In a speech by Bob Hawke at a Fabian dinner he remarked that it doesn’t matter how long it will take or by whom it is introduced, the Fabian agenda will succeed. How about the Referendum on including Local Government into the Commonwealth Constitution 1901, it has been tried twice already 1974, 1988 and failed both times. The Fabians are at it once again, Gough Whitlam is the patron.

  20. lem

    This is a dangerous site. It will have to be renamed the Chestnut Tree Cafe.

    You must try harder to eliminate crimethink on this site, or the ThoughtPol will be here to practice CrimeStop.

    There has only ever been one leader. You know his face, it is everywhere. And he has told you: 2+2=5

  21. J.H.

    Kevin Rudd……. Poll Potty mouth. 😉

  22. 2dogs

    The pope’s official website does not list the holders of the office of Pontifex Maximus of Rome prior to 381 A.D.

    Apparently, some religious bias against pagans involved.

  23. Popular Front

    Whenever I hear of that posturing pansy Rudd flouncing around (I don’t watch tv), I always think of that line in ‘Mad Max’, spoken by Bubba Zanetti:
    “You just don’t have the style, do you chickenshit”

    So indicative of Rudd.

  24. Popular Front

    expect Gillard to float up sometime around 2060

    Hopefully the ALP rabble will still be in Opposition by then.

  25. Papachango

    I notice the French Presidential website makes no mention of Phillipe Pétain and the Vichy government in 1942. Instead it says the Presidential post was ‘vacant’ between 1940 and 1947.
    They all do it; the Ruddster is just a bit more blatant.

  26. lem

    Papachango, that’s not all. Go to the Invalides museum in Paris and the defeat of the Nazis is attributed to the glorious French Resistance, with the Allies poked away in some room off a distant corridor. Breath taking, even for the French.

  27. Robbo

    And though a lot of us know that he is a self absorbed incompetent little tosser it appears from the latest polls that this disturbed weird individual could well win the coming election. What does that say about Australian voters?

  28. Louis Hissink

    The same charisma that John Maynard Keynes had last century – though when it comes to ego, Rudd is the flea while Keynes the elephant. Mind you in Rudd’s case, there is a real possibility a flea could turn into an elephant if given the chance.

  29. Up The Workers!

    Does anybody remember the late Victor Kiam?

    He was the American owner of the Remington shaver company whose T.V. advertisement used to proclaim: “I liked the shave so much, I bought the company!”

    Kev Kardashian. He liked stupidity so much, he bought the A.L.P.!

  30. Brett

    Like Clevinger and Orr in Catch 22, Gillard has been ‘disappeared’.

    You would all do well to remember; “Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can’t stop them from doing.”

  31. Pizzaskase

    Kevin is an airbrush and an airhead who thinks he is the heir apparent.

  32. Peter Meadows

    Samuel J, there is no such thing as the QUEEN OF ENGLAND. She is the British Queen, or more correctly, the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Island. England is a sovereign country, as is Scotland, where I come from. She does not rule over just the southern half of the island of Great Britain, though that may change of Scotland becomes independent!

  33. Captain Col

    I concur with Peter Meadows. There has been no such office as “Queen of England” for several hundred years. Perhaps economists just don’t keep up with the news. I do, however, agree with the sentiment of the post. Rudd wants no shadow cast on him by his predecessors.

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