Rafe’s Roundup July 26

Posts of the week. An email to Alan Jones linked in a comment from Gab, on the fate of asylum seekers cast adrift in the suburbs. And Tim Blair on the Labor switch on the morality of stopping the boats. Howard does it: EVIL We do it: OK! Peter Smith on a similar theme.

International comparison on how the middle class is travelling: Australia on top, US ranking 27. Based on median income.

Around the town: Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Quadrant on line, at the IPA, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies and the Sydney Institute. Portuguese Institute for Economic Freedom.

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Warning, until the new one goes up this afternoon, you will see last weeks edition.

Energy-saving tip of the week.

Pictorial. Niagra Falls sans water. Not photoshopped, pan down the history until you come to the dry falls story.

For nerds. Suppression of classical liberalism in the universities. The Ronald Coase Institute.

Commentary on Hayek (Five Star green rating, 100% recycled electrons).

Chefs rule in the kitchen. No industrial democracy there!
Leftoid of the week. Julian Burnside.

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10 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup July 26

  1. Uh oh

    My bullshitometer is is going crazy over the Alan Jones e-mail.

  2. DMS

    My crazy-o-meter is pinging on that energy saving tip link.
    Have we realy reached the point that people need to be informed that a freakin’ clothesline is a good energy-saving alternative to a dryer, and instructed to hang the clothes standing upwind so teh towels don’t hit and sting your face?

    Is it a parody?

  3. Anne

    Agree Uh oh, that email is highly suspicious. Sounds like a writing exercise – propaganda 101.

  4. Steve D

    While we’re in the roundup mood, Antony Green has posted an updated consideration of likely election dates. Worth a read.

  5. Anne

    Steve, I think the election will be November 30.

    Rudd knows he won’t win…yeah..yeah…narcissism…self belief…hubris… but he’s there now and he wont give up the feather bed until he is pulled screaming from it in his nightie and stocking feet!

  6. Anne

    …feather bed??? I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones!

  7. Rafe

    Hi DMS, yes, posted as parody. Should have put it in the comedy section.

  8. Sirocco

    DMS. It wasn’t that long ago we had a prime minister who made a solemn request on national TV for people to wash their hands after using the toilet. So the clothesline as alternative to the dryer fits in well with the bleeding obvious nanny state approach.

  9. The ‘Land of the Free and the home of the Brave’ where the authorities ban clothes lines in case it lowers home values. Maybe Detroit should ban clotheslines…

  10. Andrew of Randwick

    According to Craig Thomson’s solicitor, Mr McArdle:
    If he does contest his seat and is defeated, he will receive $95,275 before tax according to law after the election is declared.
    Seems like the entrepreneurial spirit is alive amongst some of our politicians.
    Given the payback, NPV, ROI, would you swallow your pride and campaign for 6-8 weeks even if you knew you had no chance?

    Notice the get-up-and-go that was required to to skip clause c (i)
    The resettlement allowance is determined by the Remuneration Tribunal in Determination 2006/18 Clauses 8.6 – 8.10. Eligible Senators and Members are those:
    ( c ) who have retired involuntarily through:
    ……..(i) electing not to stand for re-election following loss of party endorsement, for reasons other than misconduct
    ……..(ii) defeat at an election (including defeat at an election where he or she has campaigned to be elected to represent a different electoral division or to the other House of Parliament).
    The Resettlement Allowance payable to eligible former parliamentarians is equal to three months of the annual allowance on the date Parliament is prorogued before the election.

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