Liberty on the rocks – Brisbane

Any Cats interested in meeting for a Brisbane Cat Meet Up with Fellow Pro-Liberty Travellers (TM) should get along to Liberty on the Rocks at The International Hotel (525 Boundary Street Spring Hill QLD) this Friday 27 September for a 6 pm start.

The Liberty on the Rocks crowd have a large overlap with the pro-liberty elements of the LNP, the Young Libs, the LDP (where I’m sure Senator elect David Leyonhjelm will be a point of discussion) and the Australian Taxpayers Association.

I have it on good authority that Kae will be in attendance with Melbournite Nilk and John Mc.

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36 Responses to Liberty on the rocks – Brisbane

  1. Bit of a distance.

    Now if you had one in Hobart, you might even see me there.

    But, enjoy, everyone.

  2. Amortiser

    I will be there. Looking forward to it. Any particular bar?

  3. John Mc

    I don’t know, is there more than one bar?!

    (Thanks Sinc).

  4. Snoopy

    How does one recognise other Cats? Che T-shirts?

  5. Splatacrobat

    How does one recognise other Cats?

    They are the ones with their hands in their own pockets not someone elses.

  6. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Snoopy at 8:49 pm

    “How does one recognise other Cats? Che T-shirts?”

    Listen very carefully, I shall say ‘zis only once!

    You will be approached by a certain woman dressed in the manner of an Yvette Carte-Blanche. You will know when you see her – do NOT make eye contact.

    She will announce, in a sultry low growl, a hushed but purposeful growl “Broadsword Calling Danny Boy, Broadsword Calling Danny Boy.”

    Your response is to be: “Well bugger me, is that you kae? Ow-are-ya-goin’ luv?”

  7. kae

    I went to a “thank you” lunch provided by the local federal member. Over 600 volunteers worked at the polls in Wright on Sept 7.

    It was great to see people there who I never realised had the same political leaning as me.

    We all tend to keep quiet. Why is that? Fear of abuse? Fear of worse? It’s the mindset of people who “don’t know anyone who voted for Tony Abbott/John Howard” that keeps us quiet. I think they’d be surprised if they knew. (And I think a few people on the OT spoke about this, too.)

  8. kae

    The LNP is bracing itself for the revelation of an inherited debt of somewhere between $340-400B when they’ve audited the books.

    I think we’re in for some serious belt-tightening.

  9. kae

    La de da de da.

    Oh, now I remember.

    Everyone’s over at the Q&A thread playing, well, no interruptions tonight, ay?

  10. Splatacrobat

    I am hoping to John. I have to get a leave pass organised. The vagaries of being married to a shift worker.

  11. Mrs Beardsley

    Mr B & I will be there!

  12. Jazza

    I’m an hour away but these days I don’y drive at night, otherwise…..
    Ave a goodun guys!

  13. Jazza

    Oh shucks–truly, I CAN spell don’t,not that old and demented

  14. Brisbane, who would want to go there even if you could afford the airfare?

  15. Petros

    Will people be there until late? I can’t make it there early.

  16. stackja

    Where’s Andrea, TimBlair and Paco?

  17. John Mc

    I can’t guarantee it but I would imagine people will be there until quite late. I wouldn’t worry if you got there before 9pm. Speaking from a personal perspective, if you were to base it on past experience, there’ll probably be a group who’ll go quite late and end up finishing in some dive you wouldn’t normally think of entering. The centre-right are stayers if they’re anything!

  18. John Mc

    I believe Tim Blair is in France.

  19. Pickles

    I cannot make it, but suggest that you all steer clear of MarkL, Tiny Brain Dancer and JABL as they will surely lead you into sin. Not real bad sin, but sin nonetheless.

  20. Gab

    Hmmm…sounds tempting now, Pickles…

  21. Merilyn

    Hope everyone has a ball, enjoy yourselves.

    Good one Mick, lol. Now you had better start running……

  22. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    I’ll wander along. Do they have rum?

  23. Antipodean

    Not fair. I hope you have a ball guys. Keep away from that rum pig Mk 50.

    A Perth event would be good though…

  24. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    Rum pig?


    I resemble that remark!

    You are only jealous because the last time we had a beer in Perth it was bloody twenty bucks a hit.

  25. JABL

    I may be there early and then late. Easy to spot I will be in my monkey suit.

  26. Motelier

    Mrs Motelier and I would love to be there. However a quiet weekend together beckons. We wish everyone a great night.

    And we look forward to the morning after posts.

  27. boy on a bike

    If you fail to show up, Aunty Kae will rip yer bloody arms off.

  28. Do these shindigs always have to be held in the deep south? So far away from humanity… *sigh*

  29. John Mc

    Steve, we’re going all out to bring some civilisation to these Liberty on the Rocks guys because they’re clearly trying to fight the good fight. As I like to say: east of the Lockyer Valley is just jungle and snakes, west of the Lockyer Valley civilisation begins!

  30. Snoopy

    I would have attended. Unfortunately, my wife has arranged a soiree for the same night. Next time?

  31. Civilising some savages? Now there’s a noble cause! Don’t stop once Brisbane is civilised, there’s plenty more jungle & snakes down that way.

  32. Tim Andrews

    There are also upcoming Liberty on the Rocks events in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

    Details, and an email list to sign up to, at

  33. Tinta

    Thanks Tim

    Will be there I hope some other Sydney Catallaxians will also attend

  34. Splatacrobat

    Sorry Kae I won’t be able to make it tomorrow night. Down in Armidale today and probably won’t get back to Brissie till too late. I hope you all have a good time and raise a glass for absent friends.

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