Wednesday Forum: September 25, 2013

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  1. Tiny Dancer

    Swanny is seriously the dumbest federal MP of all time. An A grade rolled gold dill.

  2. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From JC at 12:11 am :

    “So of course me being me and can’t help the impulsive child like side of me getting out, asked the slapper..

    Julia Gillard ?

    Very proud my book announced by Random House. Great team. I’m writing steadily and publish later next year!

    @JuliaGillard @SwannyQLD Julia, will you be writing the book from a cell in case the vic police bring action,or wait until the sentence over”

    I, for one, speaking for myself, personally, am immensely proud of you JC.

    Having said that it is the very least expected of your abilities and of your standing among your contemporaries.

  3. Helen

    Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers

    In that book, ‘white gold‘ available on kindle about the slave raids by the muslims on Europe and America – more than a million people including entire villages were enslaved; there is a picture of a building with giant hooks randomly spaced down a very tall wall. People were tossed from the top and jagged somewhere by some part of their body on the way down, just for fun. And left there, to die.

    There was also the sawing. The kindest way to saw someone in half was to start at the head, death followed relatively quickly. But fro maximum pain, sawing could start at the crotch and work upwards.

  4. Tel

    Is it fair to assume that Indo politicians are corrupt? And the higher their station the greater the corruption?

    It’s never occurred to you that foreign aid has a rational purpose?

  5. stackja

    Full briefing needed on boat tragedy
    However, acting Labor leader Chris Bowen called on the government to provide a full briefing.
    ‘There are very concerning reports of another tragedy in Indonesia,’ Mr Bowen said.
    ‘It appears that the Royal Australian Navy may have been involved in two rescues, although of course details are very, very sketchy.

    BowenHisTop again! ALP negativity!

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