Underbelly: the union connection

Perhaps the movie idea was a bit ambitious, but here’s a really workable idea.  A 4-part Underbelly mini-series, keeping the Underbelly franchise kicking along.

Some additional parts to the story can be added in.  Kathy, the whistleblower who exposed Craig’s wayward ways, can be included.

We could also have some action surrounding Craig in Canberra – having the Prime Minister standing by him, being asked to step down from the Labor Party, his humiliating defeat as an independent candidate.

Suggested casting:

Mike: Jack Thomson

Wife: Jackie Weaver

Mistress: Cate Blanchette

Craig: Hugh Jackman

Chris: Liam Hemsworth

Kathy: Rose Byrne

Kate: Noni Hazlehurst


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23 Responses to Underbelly: the union connection

  1. Excellent idea, Judith, and it comes along just as everyone (except me) is having withdrawal pains from the end of Breaking Bad.
    The material for the sequel is going to emerge over the course of this parliament, for sure.
    It could go on like Edgar Rietz’s Heimat series. It may never end.

  2. Andrew of Randwick

    Craig in Canberra …. his humiliating defeat as an independent candidate

    By my reckoning Thomson (and Slipper) earned a transition payment of 3 months salary + expenses by standing for re-election. So I think he can live with the humiliation.

  3. Judith Sloan

    Opening scene: it is a beautiful Sunday, the Rudd government has just been elected, the family is sitting on the deck of the beach house overlooking the waves as they evenly roll in. They are drinking champagne (real, of course), chatting about how good life will be now that Labor is in its rightful position federally.

    Oops, wake up, Judith – return to some real work!

  4. H B Bear

    Craig Thomson’s Stolen Penis starring as Himself.

  5. Lucie

    Oh, there she is – Our (Green) Cate. Fair enough.

  6. H B Bear

    Peter Hartcher really strains the audience’s credibility playing a SMH journalist. Rhys Muldoon is a natural as a sycophantic PM hanger on.

  7. james

    Could it be rewritten as a comedy?

  8. Steve of Glasshouse

    Will there be a sex scene involving the swallowing of contact lenses?

  9. Gab

    I’m thinking a 20-part miniseries should just about cover it all. Philippa for script, CL for screenplay and JC for hiring/firing the talent.

  10. Robert Crew

    They downplayed the Labor/Union ties, but wasn’t the original series of Underbelly about the Painters and Dockers (Morans) struggle to retain control of the underworld, and the second season centred around the plot by NSW ALP member Robert Trimbole to assassinate Liberal MP Donald Mackay?

  11. duncanm

    Excellent idea!

    It could start some time in the 70’s with Richo in smoky suburban party meetings, then cast a wide arc through labor figures and construction jobs from Victoria through to the Kalgoorlie goldfields and Dawesville cut. Lots of sweeping vistas of nature being conquered with big machinery, violent protests, back room dealings and concrete boots.

    It would reach a peak in the 2000’s with lots of sordid scenes in brothels, suburban massage parlours and the like (good for the saucy ads).

    I see an epic miniseries… the scope would be more aligned with The Godfather or The Soprano’s than Underbelly.

  12. I only wish I watched more television, because I feel that this may be a bit beyond my scope.

    My version might end up more like Genet’s The Maids, only set in Sussex Street and starring Sigrid Thornton as Tanya Plibersek.

  13. Up The Workers!

    I wonder whether 2oth Century Fox would release “Jabba” from “Star Wars 2”, to play himself – an improbably obnoxious, obese, and comical A.L.P. propagandist?

  14. Brian of Moorabbin

    Michael Williamson has NEVER been an elected public servant and yet was entitled to $1.1 million in super entitlements for the rest of his life from the HSU.

    Joe Public can only put in $25,000 a year into their super fund and if they put in any more they are penalised with a 46.5% tax. If Joe Public never took a single day off in their working life, they still wouldn’t have accumulated $600,000 in annual leave entitlements.

    Given he has declared himself bankrupt the HSU has Buckley’s chance of actually obtaining that $5 million.

    Something just doesn’t add up here…

    …and as for the apology. Pffffft.

    (h/t: Liberal National Chat Page on Facebook)

  15. Indolent

    You forget Michael Smith, rather important and shows up the complicit left press. Clooney would do it.

  16. exactly Robert Crew – As I said on Judith’s earlier thread – “An exciting new movie script: Mike messes up” – the actors union makes sure that “they always downplay union ties”.
    What we have watched for decades has always been a quietly censored view of our history.

  17. Aaron

    What about the prequel?

    Underbelly: Young and Naive

    Julia: Tilda Swinton
    Bruce: Mel Gibson

    Who will play the young, lustful, loving lawyers Nicola and Bill?

  18. Rabz

    It could start some time in the 70s …

    In a galaxy far, far away …

    Oops, I digress.

    What an epic epoch of political infamy could be trawled – the NSW Right’s battles to stack various inner city branches, ethnic pandering, Nifty Neville, various little mates, enforcers and leftist roadkill (that regrettable Baldwin contretemps springs to mind).

    A maxi series, more like. Only way to do it justice.

  19. Would run longer than Coronation Street.
    Wollongong town planning scandals – KK could play herself – the coal scandals – series without end.

  20. Tel

    Hugh Jackman seems adverse to playing scumbags, give Craig Mclachlan’s agent a call.

  21. derFRED

    Craig Thomson: Bob Ellis

    Bob deserves this role, having written almost 70 pathetic blog posts about “The innocence of Craig Thomson”.

    In fact if anyone wishes to torment Bob, ask him how his film production of the stage play “Shakespeare in Italy” filmed some time ago in SA is going. He especially loves when you call it “Springtime for Shakespeare… in Adelaide”. Last known comments were from luvvies demanding receipts for their “investment”.

  22. Splatacrobat

    Bill Ludwig: Bill Hunter……shit he’s dead isn’t he?

  23. Splatacrobat

    Albo: Ernie Sigley……..shit he’s dead too I think?

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