Christmas Countdown 3

Blame Judith – she reckons all the songs I chose are too shmaltzy.

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15 Responses to Christmas Countdown 3

  1. Jim Clarke

    I love Christmas songs

  2. JohnA

    Well, of course they will be too schmaltzy, if you keep choosing sentimental claptrap that has nothing to do with the original event.

    Who needs to “celebrate” the red-robed mythical character invented by a soft-drink company? :-)

    Joy To The World

  3. Rohan

    Nice liberty link there too with Dee Snider. He co-formed an unlikely trio with Frank Zappa and John Denver who stood up for free speech against the then Senator Al Gore. Gore’s Mrs decided that songs like Madonna’s Like a Virgin required censorship so Al took up the crusade. Gore lost that battle and they agreed to having a labelling system instead..

  4. Rabz

    … too shmaltzy.

    As opposed to too schlockey.

    Is there a happy medium?

  5. caveman

    Good to see Twisted Sister man they pulled the chicks. Tom Waits Chrissy card from a Hooker. Sorry, I didnt know if this is a request forum.

  6. Christian Kerr

    Why not try and find and MP3 of that old Private Eye flexidisc “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”?

  7. Tapdog

    Judith has no class. THIS has class.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    I daren’t look. After Pickles’ link yesterday I am rather wary – that was not one to show your maiden aunt.
    I don’t have one of those so I was OK. And I am not a maiden even though an Aunty.

    Hey, I’ve just talked myself into it. I’m going back upthread to link, look and listen. Nothing ventured etc.

  9. DrBeauGan

    On a point of something, this isn’t a christmas countdown. It’s a christmas countup.

  10. Cold-Hands

    If you’re looking for suggestions, Sinc, how about “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians“, with a Saddam Hussein look-alike as Voldar the grumpy martian.

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