I think she’s trying to say he’s not very bright

From Peggy Noonan, and you have to go through the whole 800 words before you come to this:

Commentators like to decry low-information voters—the stupid are picking our leaders. I think the real problem is low-information leaders. They have so little experience of life and have so much faith in magic — in media, in words — that they don’t understand people will get angry at you when you mislead them, and never see you the same way again.

From Instapundit whose entire post reads, “PEGGY NOONAN BEGINNING TO WONDER if Obama’s as smart as he was cracked up to be.” For myself, I don’t think being smart is all that it’s cracked to be either but that’s something else again.

In the meantime, for some further sense of the extent to which the President is a fraud, you should also read Jack Cashill’s latest on How Author Obama Foreshadowed President Obama. If you don’t know this story already, it’s really time you did.

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17 Responses to I think she’s trying to say he’s not very bright

  1. Token

    Wait a minute, didn’t he tell his fans he could’ve sorted out the Obamacare portal problems if he had time to cut some code?

    He is the One, he wouldn’t lie.

  2. stackja

    US people do not trust Obama according to opinion surveys I have heard quoted.

  3. HK_Brother

    Obama? He’s nothing more than an empty, charismatic, imcompetent fool; propped up by certain groups in order to “fundamentally transform America”. The dumb-ass needs a bloody teleprompter or else he will start talking nonsensical Socialist gibberish. (You know, theoretical crap that doesn’t work in the real world.)

    He specialises in political BS. The problem with that is (in relation to his most pressing problem) the Obamacare website is an engineering (software) issue. You cannot use politics to hide an engineering problem.

    I looked up the mess that is his disaster on the American people.

    => It is stupidly complicated such that no one knows how it really works. To a small business owner trying to understand it, its like 2000 pages of “What the f**k is this $hit?!” …They throw in the towel by putting people into part-time and drop insurance coverage.
    => Its something like 8000+ pages to implement as an online solution because of all the $hitty compliance conditions written by lawyers.
    => Its based on the premise of miracles. ie: How can healthcare be cheaper while it covers more people and fewer doctors are signing up to it? Why does a single gay male need to pay for a woman’s birth related coverage? (Thanks to Feminist Sandra Fluke, the single American male’s insurance bill went up by 100%. Young and old.)
    => Some doctors are not even going to accept Obamacare or the paperwork is too high such that they have quit being a doctor altogether! (With every Socialist style policy, there is lots of paper work! More paper pushing = Less quality of health care and few patients seen!)

    => They paid a foreign contractor based on Michelle Obama’s close connection with the company’s VP! (The whole contract was based on the fact that they were school friends! Not on a bidding process!)
    => The contractor itself has a history of failures. (Especially in Canada…Millions wasted for nothing delivered).
    => The contractor ignores common sense security principles. (Computer security focused coding. Remember, this is mission critical application!)
    => It is NOT safe to enter personal or financial details. (Every white-hat hacker (good guys) have publicly testified the site is NOT safe! Do NOT enter data into it!)
    => The insurance companies don’t receive the gathered personal data from the website correctly. ie: It either arrives as corrupted/gibberish information or doesn’t even arrive at all!
    => The architect of the website admits its about 30% complete. ie: NOT ready for production!
    => It didn’t even pass testing…It was pushed into operation any way!
    => Obama supporters begin to behave in your typical emotionally irrational, Leftie fashion. ie: If you believe hard enough, this engineering problem will be solved!

    Obama is USA’s version of Gillard.
    * Both are incompetent. (They promise and fail to deliver!)
    * Both are delusional in thinking lies work in the long term.
    => “There will be no Carbon Tax under the Govt I lead.” => Carbon Tax gets passed.
    => “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” => A couple of million Americans have lot their insurance plans.
    * Both have been cuddled by certain groups. So they never have attained real world leadership experience.
    * Both climbed the ladder through affirmative action policies. (One by race. The other by gender).
    * Both have pissed away lots of taxpayer’s money for little or no return.

    Seriously, is it any surprise they heavily rely on PR spin? BS only works for the short term. In the long term, the ship starts having holes as promises are broken. More and more holes appear as people wake up and become frustrated from the pain caused by poor policies…Until it becomes an unmanageable mess.

  4. Ant

    Hey, anyone who could come up with the “RESET” button idea in re-establishing closer foreign relation ties to the Russians has to be a ‘Triple A’ loopy-eyed Richard Cranium, tongue hanging out the side of their mouth, with a baseball cap on sideways and spinning propellor on top.

    To plunge headlong into to this bottomless cavern of stupidity and then realise that the word “RESET” written in Russian on said stupid button actually translated to “OVERCHARGED”, really places the whole specatularly idiotic stunt in a league of its own where it may never come close to be challenged in the annuals of foreign relation embarrassments.

    But, as far as Barry goes, I suppose if he was the genius that he likes people to think he is he wouldn’t have spent all that effort to conceal his academic performances during a period where all we seem to know about him is that he hovered between buddying up to ratbag socialist arsewipes and being smacked out on drugs.

  5. Whso02

    You can kid all of the people some of the time.
    You can kid some of the people all of the time.
    You can’t kid all of the people all of the time.
    What smart arse said that?

  6. Ellen of Tasmania

    The voters?

    “…To all you workers out there preaching morality about those of us who live on welfare… can you really blame us? I get to sit around all day, visit my friends, smoke weed.. and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month. ….”

    This was a 32 yr. old woman phoning in on her ‘Obamaphone’. She intends to live cradle to grave on welfare.


  7. Rob MW

    “……………………—the stupid are picking our leaders.”

    If being able to sniff free money from a mile away is stupid then that would be correct however, remove the scent on the free money then the not so stupid probably won’t even turn up.

  8. duncanm

    Ellen… that’s a great chart in that article.

    Does anyone have a link to similar data in Oz?

  9. Tycho Brahe

    Here Peggy rolls out a false dichotomy.

    “Commentators like to decry low-information voters—the stupid are picking our leaders. I think the real problem is low-information leaders.”

    Well she had very nice things to say about the wonderful old man Reagan. But here she drives out two choices, neither of which are particularly plausible. Now if she went for a third choice, her career as a high-paid columnist would likely be over.

  10. Bruce

    Everything he touches turns to sh*t. That takes talent. Gillard had this syndrome too. Are they the same species, homo incompetentii?

  11. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Apart from the free-stuffers the educated mugs couldn’t get to the polls quick enough to vote for this poseur, this dilettante, and for his rancorous wife because of their colour. For some deluded reason it made them feel good about themselves.

    Every detail of his shonky past had been hidden away – his parentage, his race, his parlous academic record, his “on the down low” vice, his curious ability to enrich himself without work – they knew of this and still they lined up to pay homage.

    What sort of stupid, stupid mindset does that?

    They watched his vacuous indifference and his wilful division and destruction of their society for four years and then they did it again!

    From HK_Brother at 5:41 pm:

    “In the long term, the ship starts having holes as promises are broken. More and more holes appear as people wake up and become frustrated from the pain caused by poor policies…Until it becomes an unmanageable mess.”

    Which they’ll elect Clintonette to fix for them because – ummm – she’s a wymminses! They know all that they need to know about her and still they’ll do it.

    I’ve witnessed England dismantle its empire and welcome invasion in my lifetime, in an astonishingly willing feeble surrender for no good purpose. The USA set out to similarly self immolate in 2007 and will have achieved it within just a decade.

  12. Zatara

    Actually Mick, Clinton’s approval numbers rival Obama’s in the race to the bottom at the moment.

    No particularly legitimate challengers have appeared for the Democrat presidential nomination yet but nobody had heard of Obama a year before he as elected either.

    Running Biden would be hugely entertaining for all but ultimately disastrous for the Dems.

    Running Hillary would simply replace the racist claims of the Dems with sexist ones. The US public is understandably jaded about such feigned outrage these days.

  13. Zatara

    Obama approval number breaks the “phsycological threshold” into the 30s.

    President Barack Obama’s approval rating sank into the 30s Tuesday, crossing a “psychological threshold” of 40 for the first time since he took office in 2009.

    According to the Real Clear Politics average, the president’s rating slipped to 39.8 percent, while his disapproval number rose to 55.9 percent.

    Obama’s approval numbers have now, once again, declined past GW Bush’s numbers at the same points on their respective presidential timelines.

  14. What sort of stupid, stupid mindset does that?

    A mindset dominated by rage and guilt.

    Rage because they couldn’t ever defeat Bush and so chose to take it out on McCain and then Romney, and guilt over slavery and racism, to atone for which they elected a man with no clear slave ancestry or even black ancestors in the US before the racial tide had already begun to turn.

    All heart, no head – the consequences you know. It was all about the vibe, man. And by the time the truth was known, the responsibility for the mistake they’d made had so sickened and warped their souls that they had to double down rather than admit blame for the damage their decision had already done their country. They’ve rejected Judaeo-Christian ethics to the point where atonement means nothing – sin is forever, and voting Republican or just stepping out of the way and letting Obama be crushed would mean an admission of guilt that their psychology can’t handle without breaking.

  15. Up The Workers!

    With a Resume like that, how long before the joke “University of Madelaide” appoints Obama as an “Honorary Professor”, as they recently did to a known pathological liar and incompetent who took 9 years to complete a 4-year law degree; got booted out of the profession by Slater & Gordon, no less, and is currently under investigation by Victoria Police’s “Major Fraud and Extortion Squad”?

    They’re pretty choosy about who THEY make an “Honorary Professor”.

  16. rickw

    I remember leaving Bagram for Kabul the day Obama flew in Bagram, just missed seeing him. I watched him on the news that night, he looked like he was stuck halfway between throwing up and pissing his pants. No GWB for sure.

  17. Rococo Liberal

    A few years ago, my wife and I met some very nice American women when we were overseas on a crusie. They were New Yorkers. Both were middle class, both were infected with right-on ideas, but only in a very mild way. It was a very soft sort of leftism they pervaded without really understanding it, as if they had learnt it at school and hadn’t actually bothered to change it. I think that if you went back 50 years, these sort of women would have been vaguely Chistian and followed the morality of the Church without really understanding why.

    They both told me that they supported the Democrats because they were more ‘nuanced” in their approach.

    I suspect that the problem is that government has become such a complex business that many people just want to pretend that they are caresrs and sharers with an ounce of ‘nuance’ in their make-up. They will thus lean towards leftist policy prescriptions because they are superficially attractive and just complicated enough to appear sophisticated.

    The good news is that I managed to convert both these women to conservatism, by explaining that all the cool people are Tories and not puritan roaundheads.

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