Watch this space

  • John Wylie, the Australian Sports Commission chairman proposed a settlement deal in an email sent on August 23 to Essendon chairman Paul Little
  • Coach James Hird was to be offered an “outstanding career development opportunity”, retain his status as an AFL legend plus be guaranteed a salary in 2014
  • The deal required Hird to accept a 12-month ban and drop all legal action against the league
  • In exchange for taking responsibility for inadequate governance, charges of bringing the game into disrepute and promoting unethical behaviour were to be dropped
  • An offer to allow Hird a full salary for the duration of his ban was discussed. Hird agreed to the 12-month ban but not without a two-year contract extension

But wait. There is more.

The Herald Sun tonight will reveal new details in the Essendon saga.

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30 Responses to Watch this space

  1. steve

    took you long enough, Sinc. The fat hairy Greek is once again exposed as a lying, dare I say it, slapper.

  2. Sinclair Davidson

    Yes – sorry. Have been on the go since 7am.

  3. Leigh Lowe

    The fat slug at the top is on borrowed time.

  4. steve

    Not a problem Sinc, although I do question your priorities

  5. Bruce

    Hey Essendon did nuffin wrong our chemists say. Oh. Bum. That’s embarrassing, if it gets out this is the case we will look like complete f***ing idiots. Have to do a deal. Hey, James, how much do you want? Ok, ok, can do. Have to sign an ND and not talk to the press especially those wankers on the ABC Offsiders program. What, that much more? Oooh. Hurts. Ah, bugger it, ok. You’re sweet mate, have a nice year off.

  6. jupes

    As I posted on Monday’s OT:

    The AFL bluffed Hird. He should have called their bluff. I bet he regrets hiring Burnside as his lawyer.

    Hird should have taken them to court. Fat Andy doesn’t have a leg to stand on. After all, no one in the history of the game has brought it into more disrepute that Demetriou when he stood next to TLS’ ministers and slandered his own sport.

    Every accusation that day was a lie. The accusations were doping, match fixing and the involvement of organised crime in the AFL. Since then there has only been one St Kilda player suspended for doping*, no evidence of match fixing and no evidence of organised crime. Fat Andy must go, he is a disgrace.

    * Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority regulations permit the substance to be taken during training, but not on match days.

  7. steve

    So, where is the latest column by Wilson or Smith? Could it be that their main source of information was the hairy Greek? He wouldn’t be leaking this to them would he? So they missed out. Tell us again how Hird’s position is untenable, Patrick. Tell us again how the Essendon Football Club has behaved unforgivably, Carro. Break some new stories now you pair of Demetriou sycophants.

  8. Craig Mc

    Whenever Essendon makes one-sided leaks via its tame reporters, I know the shit’s about to hit the fan from the other direction.

  9. Infidel Tiger

    Demetriou must hang.

    Looks like we can file another saga in the mOnty wrongology cabinet.

  10. JC

    Looks like we can file another saga in the mOnty wrongology cabinet.


    Was there any doubt. This also applies to the nasty piece of work from the Age too..What’s her name? Thunder thighs “Caro”.

    Fatboy was just grabbing her bullshit and posting it at the Cat in his words, that all. The fat idiot has never had an original thought in his life.

  11. Go Tiges

    Demetriou should go – check
    AFL/ASADA/Government behaved abysmally – check
    In light of these revelations we can clearly see that the AFL are the ones that have brought the game into disrepute – check
    But it doesn’t alter the fact that Essendon was running a drug experiment and Hird was in charge.
    Jury still out for me on that part.

  12. Whenever Essendon makes one-sided leaks via its tame reporters, I know the shit’s about to hit the fan from the other direction.

    Yep. ASADA infractions incoming, from the looks of it.

  13. steve

    Buddy looks good in red and white, doncha think, Monty?

  14. Aussieute

    The inside word is that the Greek has already told the Commission he’s going early 2014
    They have not refused his offer.
    Gill is tainted as well …. guilt by association
    He won’t get the gig.
    Who will take the poisoned chalice ?

  15. The AFL have been bringing the game into disrepute for years with the Sydney “cost of living allowance” too.

    Perth is more expensive than Sydney, but no COLA for them.

    Demetriou is a liar of Gillardesque proportions.

  16. Up The Workers!

    There is a certain learned Professor at the University of Madelaide who might fancy a salary of $2 million per annum.

    She could bring dignity, truthfulness, honesty and gravitas back to a tarnished sport. She already has a little Scottish 457 Visa “deep thinker” to write all her press releases and she can call on the husband of the current Deputy Federal Opposition Leader to look after all “chemical supplements” taken by or supplied to players.

    The large Greek chap would even give her his very best “Dyson” job reference (no holding back on the gratuitous suction).

    She also has the advantage that she famously replaced ‘Big Bad Barry Hall’ as full forward at Western Bulldogs, some years ago. (Her quote in the press, just one or two days before knifing Rudd, was: “There is as much chance of me taking over as Prime Minister, as there is of me replacing Barry Hall as full forward.”)

  17. Andrew

    Once Demetriou is exposed as someone who has covered up corruption, he’ll have a perfect CV to run for ALP preselection in the 2014 Victorian state election.

  18. ASADA’s biggest weapon is uncertainty. No one wants to defend an accused on the off chance that it’s justified. An abuse of power if there ever was one.

  19. james

    Pretty sure ASADA has got nothing. No incoming infraction notices, no anything.

    That’s why Hird is leaking like a sieve. His course in France is over and it is time for some payback on the fat hairy socialist and his former friend David Evans.

  20. Up The Workers!


    You have been warned.

  21. Token

    Nick Greiner was forced to resign as NSW premier for so much less than this.

    Considering the buckets of NSW government funds the AFL has sucked out over the past years, does ICAC have any jurisdiction to “review” the offers?

  22. Mike of Marion

    Up The Workers!
    #1097996, posted on December 4, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Can’t run the business if your possible future residence may be at Latitude: –34.846085, Longitude: 138.641618.

    The metal surrounds are not conducive for good Wi-Fi reception and the Hours of Business are not really 24/7!!!!


  23. steve

    Patrick Smith has written in the Australian today, indignant that Fitzpatrick, Little and Wylie did not tell him about their deal. He says the AFL was known to be dealing with Essendon behind the scenes all while he was getting leaks from the AFL about James Hird’s culpability. Oh, and of course, the offer to James Hird was a bribe, not a threat. Never has he mentioned the fact that this was a predetermined result with no opportunity for Essendon or its officials to defend themselves. Smith and his like should be embarrassed, perhaps he will try journalism as a career in his next life and get both sides of the story.

  24. Token

    Patrick Smith has written in the Australian today, indignant that Fitzpatrick, Little and Wylie did not tell him about their deal.

    Oh no, is Caroline Wilson with a member who spends his year with his nose up Fat Andy’s rectum b**ching that he was played by the big fat Greek bulls**t artist?

  25. Token

    Yep. ASADA infractions incoming, from the looks of it.

    This has been M0nty’s line since the 2 Liars Party ministers started the circus in February.

    We are still waiting…

  26. steve

    “There was no deal done, there were no inducements offered by the AFL for James Hird to reach an agreement,” he told 3AW radio.
    “There was no deal.”
    “What the public should know is that we were absolutely true to our process, that we said there was no predetermined outcome and that we would hear the matter on the day,” Demetriou told 3AW.
    “We had absolutely no fear, no hesitation in this matter being taken to court.
    “I had no fear about me being taken to court.”


  27. Token

    Oh, and of course, the offer to James Hird was a bribe, not a threat.

    The inducements as presented are startling.

  28. Gab

    I want to know what happened to the drug runner who apparently suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy but who went to Mexico to get the drugs for Essendon – as told to me by Monty.

  29. steve

    from the Australian

    An email from Mr Wylie to Mr Little on August 23 proposed a wording of the reduced allegations against Hird. In return for Hird taking responsibility for the “inadequate governance and oversight” that led to the scandal, the AFL acknowledged: “To the best of the AFL’s knowledge and belief, Hird did not promote or encourage an unethical environment within the club. Hird has not brought the game into disrepute.”

    It is understood Hird rejected the offer. Four days later, with Essendon fearing the loss of premiership points in 2014 and Hird the end of his AFL coaching career and future involvement with the club, Hird accepted a 12-month ban from coaching.

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