The IPA ventures to Canberra

The IPA tonight held a Christmas drinks function at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra. While the capital is under new administration, the enemy is fighting a rear guard action.

In the splendid Art Deco surroundings of the Hyatt, the packed audience of IPA supporters – who would have thought there were so many defenders of freedom in Canberra? – heard the inestimable Nick Cater, Chris Berg, Simon Breheny and James Paterson give a ringing defence of liberty and freedom and discuss the continuing threat from the Nanny State.

This call to arms is not for the faint-hearted. The campaign will be long and gruelling. The enemies of freedom are well-resourced and numerous. They are particularly exercised to defend their privileges and taxpayer rents.

We are embarked on a cold war. One which must be fought by individuals and small groups – we cannot rely upon politicians to defend freedom. We cannot rely on teachers to defend freedom. We are the people who must take up arms and fight this war. It may take decades to rid the country of the scourge but it is time to exploit the change of government to ram home the advantage.

Are you prepared to fight for freedom?

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51 Responses to The IPA ventures to Canberra

  1. Infidel tiger

    Are you prepared to fight for freedom?

    Will I get 4 weeks holiday and leave loading?

  2. Greg

    “The enemies of freedom are well-resourced”

    with our money.

  3. JC

    Pass the ammo, SJ.

    Anyone bring up the idea of the Fisk Doctrine?

  4. Samuel J

    Will I get 4 weeks holiday and leave loading?

    No, IT, the IPA is promising only blood, toil, tears and sweat.

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    I’m good at placards

  6. Samuel J

    JC – how about a .460 Weatherby Magnum?

    I fired one once.

  7. Tapdog

    The enemies of freedom are well-resourced and numerous.

    That’s two of the easier problems. Fourty years of right wing complacency and an absence of common resolve, means those enemies are also exceptionally well dug in and possess a sophisticated training and communication network of informants and well paid functionaries. Well paid with our taxes.

  8. Gab

    Dare I ask – any LNP pollies in attendance?

  9. JC

    Dare I ask – any LNP pollies in attendance?

    Why would they, Gab. They don’t believe in that sort of thing. I had an argument with one of them at the victory celebration over the issue of reigning in the ABC.

  10. Brett_McS

    Although only a small organisation the IPA has had a tremendous influence on recent events in Australia.

    They are pragmatic and will support ‘the good’ rather than sit on the side lines, waiting for ‘the perfect’ to come along. And yet they are infused with the principles of liberty and so don’t let that pragmatism cause them to ‘drift’ off course over time.

    I’m proud to be a member, caught up in their recent drive to expand membership. I would encourage everyone to join. The Sydney IPA function was also excellent.

  11. Empire Strikes Back

    Locked and loaded. Bring out the gimp.

  12. incoherent rambler

    This is a re-post of my current thinking.

    I have been troubled by the direction of political discussion in Australia, without being able to put my finger on it. Fortunately, the penny has finally dropped. One simply needs to look at the history books to see the problem.
    When the French were occupied by the Germans during WW2 many (maybe even a majority) of French were happy to accept the Nazis as the new government and side with Germans.
    The reason? French politics was a mess. It was easy to side with Nazis who, at least, were prepared to do something. Besides they were avowed communist killers, they couldn’t be that bad. Many French were ready for another revolution and the Germans provided it for them.

    The problem with disenfranchised electorates is that they will accept any alternative that will take take out the trash. We have many disenfranchised voters. The evidence for this is the lefts hatred of Abbott and the rights frustration at his lack of decisive action. Or the rights hatred of Gillard and lefts frustration with her ham fists. Politicians serving no-one but themselves.

    Hitler could invade us tomorrow and 50% (2PP) of the electorate would say “Thank God. Isn’t it nice, he is a commie killer” or alternatively Stalin could invade and they would say “Isn’t it nice, he is an Abbott666 killer”.
    Where are the leaders who can take a true majority along for the ride?

    A strong dose of justice and libertarian policies would win support from the left and right. Abbott’s strategy of a gentle middle course will alienate enough voters to ensure that he gets only one term, and worse, it will open the door for the loons from both left and right.

  13. Rabz

    I was there, peoples.

    Had a chat with Chris Berg, Simon Breheny and his eminence, Henry Ergas.

    Busy night, I had to leave at Seven to head off for a game of footy at the ANU.

  14. Docket62

    I’m in… Boots and all.

  15. Gab

    Had a chat with…Henry Ergas.

    Okay, I’m jealous now. The Smiling Assassin is a favourite.

  16. DrBeauGan

    I did the right thing and signed up. Had to use snail mail but I did it.

  17. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    So these IPA bashes finish drinking around 9pm, Samuel?
    Not for the stayers then? But I am with you, regardless.
    Salt the Ultimo earth.

  18. Anita

    I too was there, peoples. I saw Henry Ergas ernestly rushing past me. I may have seen you SJ? If I said that I was one of the two odd ones, you would remember me.

    Anyway, I came out highly motivated.

  19. Struth

    Take the money away. They will fall only when we decide to stop paying our enemies to shaft us.

  20. jimmy

    Channeling Friedman, “Crap public policy is always and everywhere a leftist phenomenon”. It must be opposed with more fervour than they will bring to the fight or we will fail !

  21. Ant

    I’m with struth, too.

    Cut the free money supply to these parasites and they’ll end up like withering cockroaches, upside down wiggling their little legs until they perish.

  22. Poor Old Rafe

    Give me Liberty or give me…..What was it again?

    Of course, four weeks leave, flexitime and a leave loading (h/t IT).

  23. Struth

    Have a good troll free night.

  24. Blogstrop

    Since, as you say, we can’t rely on politicians, what form of direct action are you advocating to change the culture in our institutions, and in some cases do away with those imstitutions where they are not reformable?

  25. samuel j

    So these IPA bashes finish drinking around 9pm, Samuel?

    Only the Canberra ones!

  26. Guy

    LOL Small world. I was there last night as well. A handful of us had also been at the Brisbane Mises conference 10 days ago.

  27. rickw

    I’ve been in this fight since 1996 – the first real and concerted attack of nanny-statism, delivered by John Howard and The Liberals. “Conservative” Politicians in this country are not on the side of Freedom and Liberty. I always felt that many more should have lined up with us on principal, that would seem even more true today, it has been all down-hill since then.

  28. Bons

    Holding bunfights in flash pubs massaging the egos of an elitist audience is not going to get the people onto the streets.
    The IPA needs to devote a greater element of its effort to getting plainly expressed arguments to a broader mass of the population.
    Time to step down from the ivory tower and take a leaf out of the Green’s subversive operations manual. Obscurity and academic dillettantism may provide a comfortable womb for the insiders but achieves nothing in terms of making the people truly aware of the war on liberty.
    Simple messages, regularly reinforced, and widely disseminated are the stuff of revolutions – the IPA fails on all counts.

  29. Rafe

    Yes Bons, spot on. When I was associated with Centre 2000 in 1987 I had the idea of developing one page sheets designed for specific kinds of people to spell out in the simplest possible terms what the classical liberal agenda has to offer them. Without mentioning classical liberalism or any big abstractions.

    Think up all the different kinds of people you like – the stay at home mum, the unemployed person who wants to work but is a bit slow and has no skills or experience, the employee in a small business, the self-employed tradie, the proprietors of small business, the employees of big firms that are about to go to the wall. Of course people in some categories (working mums for example) can be tempted by handouts(for child care) but there has to be a way to explain simply that there downsides to all the handouts if you just look downstream to the effects over time.

    There is never enough time to do all the things that need to be done and that did not get done then but this year the idea came back and I have spoken to few people around IPA and other groups but it has not got to the top of the TO DO list for anyone yet, it seems (certainly not mine). Anyway I am prepared to get serious about it in 2014.

  30. Rabz

    Simple messages, regularly reinforced, and widely disseminated are the stuff of revolutions – the IPA fails on all counts.

    Bons – you’re talking through your arse.

    The IPA was the only body that ran a well targeted campaign to have Nanny Roxon’s despicable attacks on free speech overturned and this campaign led directly to those insane proposed changes being dumped.

    The same thing happened thanks to the IPA’s unrelenting campaign against the Nuclear Milkman’s (Conroy) parallel attempts to muzzle the press.

    Their success on these two fronts alone made me glad I joined the IPA.

    Simon Breheny made a very good point last night – governments come and go, but the war on our freedoms is unrelenting.

    The IPA is an extremely effective voice for freedom and its membership continues to grow as a result.

  31. …getting plainly expressed arguments to a broader mass of the population.

    What better place to start than to reclaim the high moral ground from those who argue that The State is the only necessary and socially acceptable provider of school education?

  32. Empire Strikes Back

    #1105976, posted on December 11, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Good point Rafe. Lovers of liberty are disinclined to go down the “talking points” route, but the left has proved how effective it can be.

    Think “the government should not aim for a surplus this year because consumer demand is week”. C+G is a shibboleth. Smashing the Keynesian fallacy would be a good starting point.

  33. .

    Holding bunfights in flash pubs massaging the egos of an elitist audience is not going to get the people onto the streets.

    Really? Then you ought to join up, and I recommend also joining the LDP.

    You have some influence over this.

  34. Des Deskperson

    Mildly OT, but since we are talking about (a) Canberra and (b) the entrenchment of taxpayer-funded ‘progressives’, Cats may wish to note that the ACT Public Service – the body that serves the ACT Government, now employs 25, 000 staff. By my calculations, that’s an increase in the last 10 years of around 32 per cent.

    While I don’t have detailed figures, I suspect that much of this increase has come about through the establishment or expansion of various taxpayer-funded ‘watchdog’ commissions and other ‘victim’ advocacies – human rights, children’s rights, OH&s etc, heavy handed and often risable bodies full of over-educated ‘activists’.

    I’ve worked at various times as a contractor for the ACT Public Service, and in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and work effort, it made even the Australian (Commonwealth) Public Service look by comparison like a Mercedes Benz factory!! One of the interesting consequences of a large public service in a tiny jurisdiction is that the former is riddled with sporting, social and political networks of mates and mate-esses, to the detriment, naturally, of fair and effective governance.

  35. boy on a bike

    So these IPA bashes finish drinking around 9pm, Samuel?

    You can’t get everyone too liquored up. Otherwise you start getting fistfights over things like fractional reserve banking and “whither monetarism?”

  36. Rafe

    Yes angry mobs of libertarians start beating up the classical liberals. I always leave early before the fight starts.

  37. Rafe

    Actually the strong apriorists like Hans-Herman Hoppe are the worst, they even beat up the other libertarians.

  38. boy on a bike

    I thought you left when all the nuts had been consumed?

  39. Rafe

    The truth hurts!

    It just means I don’t need to go out for dinner after the event.

  40. Nuke Gray

    Now if those IPAns had thought to smuggle in the parts of an A-bomb, they could have assembled it in Canberra, and left, and the bomb might go off in a session of Parliament! Canberra gone, we can redesign the CONstitution, and insist on strong state rights!

  41. Rebel with cause

    I agree that a bit of work needs to be done to get some good classical liberal/libertarian talking points, but the reality is that it is an intellectual school of thought so people do need to be able to think beyond the first stage. When the competition is, ‘What do we want? More free stuff! When do we want it? Now!’ you have your work cut out for you.

  42. .

    Shit nuke calm the farm on seditious libel!

    Of course nuke meant he wanted the ACT to be abolished and to have a constitutional convention…he wanted a firestorm of ideas, only.

  43. gabrianga

    If IPA are looking for a good Manager of Communications I believe that grunt McTernan is available?

  44. Mr Rusty

    Are you prepared to fight for freedom?

    Absolutely. I’m smart, ballsy, a whizz with Photoshop and not afraid of the latte sipping fartbags, in fact verbally battering leftards is a hobby. And if the shit really hits the fan I’m a bloody good marksman ;-)
    However, why are we fighting an enemy that we are feeding and paying the wages of? I’m with Struth on this and can’t understand how the Libs haven’t figured this out yet – if it gets taxpayer money and so much as glances to the left, DEFUND IT!

  45. .

    if it gets taxpayer money and so much as glances to the left, DEFUND IT!


  46. Nuke Gray

    Yeah, I guess I must have meant that, sort of. Though if anyone did nuke Canberg, my tears would be minimal.
    As for reforming states, why not have the upper houses composed of one delegate from each county or shire? The counties could do that as their first order of business after local elections.

  47. .

    I’m open to that idea…but maybe sortition is better?

  48. Jannie

    Hey Bons, easy on the elites, but if being a member of the IPA makes me one that’s ok. It’s a contest of ideas, it’s necessary to get a bit intellectual to develop the field. I don’t know if dumbing it down will win much. And it’s not so cosy here, come to think of it.

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