A BBC political audit of the ABC

You can see that they don’t quite get it at the ABC although somewhere in that fog of unknowing they are beginning to see some light. At least they are aware that some of us think that the ABC is wedded to a very left perspective in its political views. From The Australian:

ABC chairman Jim Spigelman has announced a series of sweeping editorial reviews to ensure impartiality at the public broadcaster.

Systematic briefings will be given to staff to ensure more airtime is given to the news issues that remain ‘important to all Australians’, the ABC chairman has revealed.

In a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra, Mr Spigelman said he had been concerned since his appointment in April 2012 with the frequency of allegations of a lack of impartiality.

But this was more a case of the ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias’.

Mr Spigelman said he took his statutory responsibility to ensure the impartiality and accuracy of news and current affairs programs seriously and announced the ABC would produce a series of ‘editorial audits’ on particular program topics.

But who are they choosing to undertake this first audit?

The first audit is being prepared by a former British journalist and producer at the BBC, Andrea Wills, who has one year’s experience at the ABC.

An in-house audit from one of their own who has come across from the BBC! Not exactly what I would have had in mind myself. But when they have finished with this first audit, could I nominate Andrew Bolt to do the second. Still, it is a start, feeble though it may be.

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  1. Talleyrand

    Perhaps The Guardian was too busy with the Snowden leaks to offer their assistance

  2. candy

    This is to let Mark Scott off the hook.

  3. Rabz

    Anything I attempt to post on the subject of this regrettable revelation will no doubt descend into a cavalcade of obscenities, so I’ll desist.

    Let’s just add:



  4. boy on a bike

    How terribly anglo-centric and sexist of the ABC! In the name of diversity, they should have chosen a female Russian journalist or perhaps an Iranian mullah. Or a Nigerian preacher.

  5. wazsah

    Just when you think nothing stranger could happen.
    And they have funds to throw away on this.

  6. Gab

    BBC to do a political audit of the ABC. They’re taking the piss, surely?

  7. .



  8. Spiro

    Can we get the fact checking unit to check the facts?

  9. steve

    I think that Red Kerry or Tony Jones would have been a better choice for the audit, after all we need someone impartial. However, if they are not available, how about the Red Underpants Kid?

  10. Gab

    BREAKING NEWS: Craig Thomson audits brothel.

  11. JC

    Can the government overrule them and demand it’s own audit, as after all it is the government.

  12. Tom

    BBC to do a political audit of the ABC. They’re taking the piss, surely?

    They’ll keep doing this, because Abbott absolved the ABC of any requirement to comply with its charter in his interview with Phil Coorey of the AFR on October 30.

    Here’s a bone, dumb plebs. Is that enough? No? Well, here’s another one. Hahahaha!!! You can’t touch us.

    Step one: make this activist scum accountable with an independent ombudsman with the ability to have transgressors fired.
    Step two: stop the ABC eating the commercial media’s lunch by restricting its funding, which is out of control under budgets pushed through by the Slapper and the Little Shit and made clear its future allegiance would always be with the Green Left.
    The ABC can never be reformed. As a workers collective cocooned from responsibility for its actions, it will always be a political organisation campaigning for the left. There is a place in the market for it, just not funded by taxpayers.

  13. Gab

    BREAKING NEWS: Eddie Obeid to audit the HSU.

  14. Megan

    BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Demetriou audits the AFL

  15. blogstrop

    But this was more a case of the ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias’.

    No, Jim. Quite the opposite. They have succeeded perfectly in their endeavours to produce systematic bias.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    The ABC is getting a BBC person with ABC experience to write a report on ABC bias….?

    Are they off in fairyland or what? I read the UK Tele and there are stories every other day of BBC being so far left that Stalin would be bemused by them. There’s at least three blogs I’ve seen dedicated to the ‘Biased BBC’, and that’s not counting the stalwarts like Guido Fawkes, EU Referendum and Dellingpole.

    Defund them. Why should conservative voters have to pay for this useless bunch of seditious whiners?

    Although I’d settle for them to be involuntarily subcontracted to Bangalore. That tickles my sense of whimsy.

    (Btw I’ve changed email address so I’m blue now, no longer green…ah what a relief)

  17. Paul

    Its all part of message control. Spigelman knows a bit about this.

  18. boy on a bike

    Imagine the leftard head explosions if the headline was TIM BLAIR AUDITS CHANNEL 9.

  19. Craig Mc

    Coming soon: A criminal justice probe into the Yakuza by the Mafia.

  20. wreckage

    Corporation audited by corporate affiliate. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

  21. Pete of Perth

    Breaking news: Tim Flannery to audit CSIRO/BOM climate work

  22. Myrrdin Seren

    “Yes Minister – we will launch a bold, in depth and utterly impartial investigation of the Broadcasting Corp, in answer to the chorus of complaints of naked bias and flagrant disregard of its Charter.”

    “Excellent Humphrey ! And who will be conducting the Inquiry ?”

    “Why – I will, of course, Minister”

  23. stackja

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation to audit the Always Biased Corporation.

  24. BREAKING NEWS: News Corp Audited by IPA

  25. Also: “Russia’s president has abolished the country’s state-owned Ria Novosti news agency with no explanation issued to its staff. ”

    Russia closed their state news agency before Australia. The world changes.

  26. JMH

    Ah – the BBC to audit the ABC. Couldn’t have thought of a better choice myself! Kudos to Spigelman. The ABC’s credibility has just risen another 100 points. -/sarc.

    Memo to Abbott: Watch and learn – then bring the axe down, please.

  27. Andrew

    FMD, an actual EMPLOYEE (yes, she came from the Beeb but really where else WOULD these grubs come from other than some Loony Leftist factory?)

    Presumably she will find “Yes, the ABC is biased – they lean WAAAAAAY too far to the Right, and they need to be pulled back with many more Greens spokesgibbons.”

    I’ve finally done my narna and given it to Turn-coat today. There’s a dead child because His ABC went “nyah, nyah nyah nyah nyah!” to SBY until he was forced to react to restore face. Rammed the spying down his throat every day.

  28. Andrew

    BREAKING NEWS: Eddie Obeid to audit the HSU.

    Gab, that would be more like “Eddie Obeid audits mining and Circular Quay lease grants.”

  29. Lysander

    Listen up!

    Here is a good test to see whether ABC would/should approve or not..

    How would the ABC respond or report on the news that Archbishop Timothy Costelloe (AB for 2 years now) was heading an audit into the Catholic Church?

  30. Jock

    The Chair and his CEO have been watching Yes Minister. Some of you will recall the advice to the Minister: dont call an inquiry unless you already know the answer. With a BBC journalist, I can tell you the answer. And I’m sure thats exactly what Scott and Spegelman wanted. What an utter joke.

  31. Spiro

    Manalive you mean this paper:


    Any chance the authors are biased?

  32. Lysander


    Pickering had some scathing things to say about Spigelman’s appointment by Juliar in ’12. “A worrying drift to the left” was one of many.

  33. Le Chiffre

    Hendo’s your man.
    Then make him MD.

  34. Token

    BREAKING NEWS: News Corp Audited by IPA

    Sweet, Dumbles & his graphs wouldn’t last the day

  35. Struth

    Oh goody. That’s great. Thank you Mr Spigelman.
    I can relax now, knowing you have told me you take it seriously.
    Will I now also be able to be the judge of my own trial, when I’m convicted of KICKING your ARSE for insulting me with this garbage.?
    Note…… not a real threat.(for the sooks)

  36. pete m

    BREAKING NEWS: Bandido Bikies associate Ron “Baseball bat” appointed to oversee criminal outlaw bikies operation.

    It really is that farcical.

  37. Baldrick

    BREAKING NEWS: Slater & Gordon to audit AWU expenses!

  38. Gab

    I predict the BBC will find no fault with the ABC. No, really. I’m prescient like that.

  39. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Yep. Julia Gillard to audit Tony Abbott for misogyny.

    ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias’.

    Get rid of those particular humans and their imperfect endeavours, fire them now, and we might get another sort of result than the one the BBC Festschrift to the glories of the ABC will provide.
    Abbott, complain about this, loudly and immediately. Bias on bias is no investigation at all.
    Fire Scott, for a start.

  40. Cold-Hands

    Hendo’s your man.
    Then make him MD.

    My thought exactly.
    He can run the ruler over them before he starts writing for The Australian.

  41. JMH

    Hendo OIC – ABC – a glorious delivery for Australian taxpayers. Perfect.

  42. Aussieute

    Spigelman is unbelievable … more from his excuse making speach (my bold)

    The allegations of bias are, I believe, more often a function of the topics chosen for reporting, than of the content. Journalists—all of you, not just those at the ABC—tend to have a social and educational background, perhaps particularly in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, that may make them more interested in, say, gay marriage than, say, electricity prices. As a public broadcaster we must endeavour to engage with those sections of our community who are concerned with the latter.”

    I am so superior and so are the ABC journalists, but we must lower our selves and communicate with the “bogans” who are complaining.

    You pompous git Spigelman

  43. .

    Baldrick #1106770, posted on December 11, 2013 at 6:16 pm
    BREAKING NEWS: Slater & Gordon to audit AWU expenses!


  44. Johno

    But this was more a case of the ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias’.


    The likes of Snowcone, Red Kerry, Leatherface, Faine, Adams etc etc etc etc know exactly hat they are doing, as do the people who employed them. They are systematically providing a biased view of the world to pursue their own ideological objectives.

    It’s what we all do, but their ABC has a legal requirement to have systems in place to ensure balance. They have systematically failed to do this.

    Sack the lot of them and sell what remains.

  45. Johno

    Can the government overrule them and demand it’s own audit, as after all it is the government.

    That would require the government having some balls, so I doubt it.

  46. wreckage

    ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias’.

    If every human endeavoring there is hard left, the bias will end up being indistinguishable from systemic.

  47. 2dogs

    Parliament (House of Reps) should pass a motion objecting to the lack of independence of the reviewer.

    After the report comes in, parliament should then pass a motion rejecting the report, and appointing a new reviewer.

  48. Leo G

    Would that be the same Andrea Wills who was once the ABC’s Manager Editorial Quality Training?
    If so, how independently could she judge an aspect of the ABC’s editorial quality?

  49. harrys on the boat

    Its like shifter being a judge of a p3dophile case.

  50. 2dogs

    Just checking here, the role does not appear to have been advertised.

    This would appear to go against the grain of section 33 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act.

  51. And Another Thing

    Well, there you go. Another insult to Australians from an ABC that is getting increasingly out of control and increasingly doesn’t care why anybody thinks. Fix the outcome by appointing a career public sycophant.

  52. cynical1

    “But this was more a case of the ‘imperfection of human endeavour rather than systematic bias”.

    Beyond parody.

    Truly fucking clueless…

  53. blogstrop

    Andrew Bolt on 2GB – Jim, you must think we’re really dumb!

  54. Rabz

    he had been concerned since his appointment in April 2012 with the frequency of allegations of a lack of impartiality.

    Gee, who’da thunk it, Sherlock?

    Might these frequent allegations of a lack of impartiality have something to do with the fact that every on air dickhead shoved in our faces, on our taxes, by the ALPBC is a f*cking lobotomised marxist dunderhead?

    No, that couldn’t possibly be the reason.>sarc off

  55. Luke

    Exactly the same tactic many dodgy companies run. When they know they have been exposed and about to be audited/reviewed they rush to form their own friendly audit review first so that they can say the independent audits/reviews don’t count because they didn’t match their own findings and therefore it was because they were stacked/sent with a purpose.

    Just watch as the ABC promote the crap out of this BBC review and use it to try to scare off the Abbott government and pump their base.

  56. Boambee John

    What is beyond parody is that the ABC, in a supposedly multicultural nation (a development strongly supported by the ABC), operates as a green-left monoculture.

    Even more so, it displays a colonial-cultural cringe by turning to Mother England for its reviewer.

    Bob Menzies must be laughing in his grave!

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