Home Alone – how to watch the movie

Home Alone is now a Christmas perennial. However, as told above, it is really about an abused psychotic child in the midst of a dysfunctional family. Don’t believe it? Then watch this alternate reading of the plot from this cleverly annotated trailer.

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  1. Jarrod

    I love Honest Trailers.

    Check out the honest trailer for Independence day on youtube also if you have the time.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Yeah? Well, all little kids think they are picked on and put down by their parents and siblings at some time in their little lives. And here is their answer: a kid who fights back, as only kids can, in their weird imaginations. In this version, kids win against the incomprehensible grown up and older sibling world. This movie has probably saved a hundred thousand kids from expensive psychiatry and a life of continuing psychic pain. Just the thing for letting off psychic steam before Christmas day with the family. Don’t go for the PC line on it. All the kids i know adore this movie. I did, and I wasn’t even a little kid when I saw it.

    Guess I still had some issues? :)

  3. It can be Christmas perennial all it likes. I don’t think much of it, & in the event I ever had time over Christmas, I’d organise for kids to do just about anything else other than watch it.

  4. Struth

    In this politically correct analysis of what is 1; A work of fiction.
    2;a funny adventure allowing little boys to imagine their own fortress cubby house against the invaders.
    3; made for kids.
    4; what some may call a light hearted romp,
    We see easily here the problem with the left today.
    Over critical of anything white and western that does not address their false sense of justice and offer an underlying political ideology that can be found to their liking. Their (in this case) blatently political dissatisfaction of this movie, shows how sad they really are and trying the usual trick of getting their message out through comedy, is as painful and as obvious as watching the “chaser” grubs.
    When I see a “humourous” take of that shit movie where the blue aliens are flying around their sacred tree while fighting off the evil miners from earth, I’ll agree they are not political.
    Piss week.

  5. james

    Never liked Home Alone

    Never liked Honest trailers either, just a touch too smug.

    Damn I hate smugness.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    That was fan-bloody-tastic, Struth.

    +++++ from me.

    That ‘blue alien’ movie and heaps of other creeping political correctness in kid’s fare gives me the .. well, you know what. By such insidious ways do they take over whole lives and countries.

  7. Kaboom


    “Piss week.”

    Is it? I shoulda marked it on my calendar…

  8. Struth

    If you go back to my spelling mistakes over the time on this blog, it’s absolutely atroashus.
    I blame predictive text for half of it and my faulkry keybord as wwell. WEAK excuses though they are.

  9. MT Isa Miner


    #1109466, posted on December 13, 2013 at 4:41 pm


    “Piss week.”

    Is it? I shoulda marked it on my calendar…

    Ta , mate.

    I had no idea but I’ll spread the word.

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