Rafe’s Roundup 13 December

Breaking news. Long-time Ayn Rand associate Barbara Branden dies.


Late Final Extra. The harmless and largely inoffensive ABC … has become the target of right wing gang rapists. According to John Birmingham.
Australian Neil Robertson wins the Triple Crown for snooker. When I get beaten at snooker and pool I say that being good in those events is a sign of a misspent youth. German version of the story.

Selfie of the week.

World News. Problems in Turkey. Can democracy and Islam live together? Can the modernization of Turkey persist?.

But now another nightmare may be emerging in Turkey, the Middle East’s most prominent proponent of what might be called Islamic democracy. The stability and prosperity that Turkey has enjoyed over the past ten years had associated the country with a type of political arrangement known flatteringly as the “Turkish model.” This summer, the model came unstuck.

Posts of the week. What if Sarah Hanson-Young sues her own party for a silly cartoon picture of herself? Promoting unionisation in child care. The origin and evolution of apartheid in South Africa. How the media ran dead on the AWU scandal; nothing to see there!

Around the town: IPA HEY. The Sydney Institute. Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Liberty on the Rocks, the notice board for the ATA: Quadrant on line, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies.

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog.

Around the town off shore. The Adam Smith Institute in London. The British Libertarian Alliance and Spiked.

How we lived. Dougie Walters, approaching his 168th birthday. Silly story about Dougie: he brought up his 100 on the last ball of the day in a test at Perth and he came back to an empty dressing room, as though the team had gone back to the hotel and left him alone. They were all hiding in the showers!
Milking machines. Playing marbles.

For nerds. Melvyn Bragg’s radio program. How to waste money on education in the third world. Let the government spend it. Same as Australia. Kirzner and Austrian economics in the modern theory of entrepreneurship.

Join the Friends of Jacques Barzun, an invisible college of people who recognize real scholarship, as demonstrated by Jacques Barzun. Read some of his books and circulate them.

Trivia. Poor old Rafe fingered for pillaging IPA peanuts. Sadly I have form in that department. A teacher turned up from England at the Launceston Grammar boarding school and he organized a Sunday team to play village cricket games in the countryside. The country women ensure that the tables were loaded with wholesome food for lunch and also cakes and other good things for afternoon tea. After the tea break one day a teacher who travelled with the team approached me and said “Champion, I have never seen anyone eat cake like that before!” Coming from a man who spent his career around boy’s boarding schools, that is a bit of a worry.

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23 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup 13 December

  1. Rabz

    Rafe – I understand Hendo is currently enjoying a Well Earned Break™.

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Rafe, I always enjoy your ’round up’ even though it often takes me a week to get through even half of it. Thanks again for the very wide range of stuff you cover. Something for everyone, in all moods.

  3. Rafe

    Greetings Rabz! He has certainly earned it, he has been working like a one-legged man on a tightrope since he started the Institute circa 1987. I wonder if his original paper Media Watch reports are on line?

    Mark Cooray was producing a similar kind of regular publication to track the machinations of the left and the complicity of the media, working out of his house with some student helpers. He disappeared for a few years but is still on the job (the joy of Google). He states that he has taken various turns as his opinions changed over the years and some of these turns separated him from some friends and allies. I should be more informative but I have forgotten the details, some of which were provided by honourable people who he antagonized and I don’t want to give out half-baked information.

    Here is a reference to the media watching of Hendo and Cooray circa 1994 in my review of a book by a leftie Boris Frankel who wrote:

    ”There is also ample hypocrisy displayed by some conservatives when they call for ‘cultural freedom’ and ‘pluralism’, but through their ‘media watch’ surveillance, demand that the ABC and other public organisations censor Left and feminist views and discriminate in favour of those who express pro-capitalist views”. (149)

    Who are the media watchers who demand censorship of Left and feminist views? No evidence is provided. The two most active media monitors are probably Mark Cooray (Pamp Probe) and Gerard Henderson (Media Watch). They do not call for censorship, they call for balance, fair dealing, attention to issues and arguments and for the retraction of damaging false statements about public figures who deviate from political correctness.

    One of the books deal a serious blow to my self image as a bushman and a pioneer.

    These three books critically address the Australian legend in various ways and the legend takes a severe, most likely fatal battering. This is a little disappointing. As a Tasmanian farmboy I grew up thinking of myself as a bushman and a pioneer but John Carroll is on the right track in his chapter on ‘Mateship and Egalitarianism’ where he writes:

    ”I am not doubting that such bushmen existed: they very likely did, and still do. Nor am I denying that they may have been some of the most interesting Australians, and in some sense the most genuine native products. What I am doing is criticising the legend that has grown up, its amplifications, the attempts to give it a greater historical plausibility, and the almost complete misreading of how egalitarian-mateship attitudes really developed in Australia”(148).

  4. Rafe

    Lizzie, it is supposed to take you a week to get through. That is a feature of the product, not a bug :)

    Just be sure to read everything in case I spring a test on you!

  5. Up The Workers!

    Curious that John Birmingham is rhetorically frothing at the mouth about alleged “right wing rapists” making eyes at the A.L.P.B.C.

    When the rapist is an ACTUAL left wing rapist, such as the leader of a certain political party he favours, Birmingham can see no problems at all.

    A policeman would be more concerned at whether a rape has been committed at all.

    John Birmingham wants to ascertain the political views of the rapist before he forms his opinion.

  6. Ronaldo

    Rafe, the most stunning statement in the bio about Mark Cooray that you linked to is that the University of Ceylon only granted 9 first class honour degrees from 1948 till the time the bio was written. Either the statement is false or the grade inflation that afflicts most Western universities has not occurred there!

  7. Rabz

    I wonder if his original paper Media Watch reports are on line?

    Rafe, doesn’t seem so. The Sydney Institute quarterlies can be purchased online in PDF format, but only from 2006.

    The early editions from 1988 can only be accessed in hard copy format.

  8. Some interesting variants in that tie tying piece. Who knew?

  9. Jessie

    An echo of Lizzie’s comment.
    Much appreciated these Friday’s posts.
    Make sure when next you meet up with Lizzie to test her on tie knotting. But beware she may outwit you and exclaim ties are passé, cravats are the go.

    Re link to Hutt (most informative) in Origin and Evolution of Apartheid. The typeset in 2-4 lines of 3 paragraphs is overlaid on each other. ?bug.

  10. Poor Old Rafe

    Thanks Jessie, love the cravat link!

    I have fixed the bug, it came about because it is such a big file that it was done in sections and something happened at the junction of the sections.

  11. Walter Plinge

    Re tie tying: the Pratt knot has long been my favourite. Not as bulky as a Windsor knot but still with good bulk. I don’t agree that it’s uneven.

    What are the preferred knots of others here?

  12. Poor Old Rafe

    The Windsor. Actually the only one I know apart from the basic.

  13. The full Windsor is the only one I know how to do these days, although I do believe I started out with the half Windsor. The point of change was actually on one of my friends wedding days, upon which day the father of the groom tut-tutted and instructed in the one and only way of things.

    Now apparently there are 18 in one list.

  14. Rabz

    There is a new edition of MWD up this week. Hendo’s broken his WEB, again.

  15. Martin

    “That is the only way to treat these damned people. They love to be cursed and kicked. It is all they understand. It is in the blood. All this pretence of democracy is killing them. They want some sultans and wars and rape and fun. Poor brutes, in their striped suits and bowler hats. They are miserable. You’ve only got to look at them. However, to hell with them all. Any news?” – ‘Darko Kerim’ on Turkey (Ian Fleming, From Russia With Love, 1957).

  16. Jim Rose

    rafe, doug walters was a childhood hero of mine.

  17. Poor Old Rafe

    Yes Jim, he was a very decent guy and a really good all-rounder. Ashley Mallet wrote a very good biography.

  18. Jim Rose

    see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25370217 for the artic 30 to stay on bail in russia until into next year.

  19. Jim Rose

    thanks rafe, I did not know mallett wrote a biography of doug walters. I will look for it.

    cricket back then in the 1970s was very different to now. a lack of those characters that made the game so much fun.

  20. Rafe

    Jim you don’t have to look far for copies of the book.

    I have been out of cricket books for a few decades, practically since the 1970s, to my surprise Mallett is a prolific producer. Handy offspinner as well, and a great partner to Terry Jenner the leggie at the other end.

  21. Jim Rose

    thanks rafe, mallett has been a busy little bee in writing about interesting cricketers of his day and before

  22. Jim Rose

    rafe, speaking of cricket, is there some other team of changlings playing for australia or the Poms.

    one side has recovered a long lost ability to win and the other has gone to crap.

    if was a south asian team was playing, unchartiable speculations about the role of bookmakers would be made.

    the condon report in the 1990s at the ICC suggests that matching fixing started in the late 1970s in county cricket with one side allowed to score easy runs to breath life into a dead game.

    too depressing a topic to even comment furthur

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