One day, Sinc went out…

One day Sinc went out for a floater and on the way be met a troll who came out from under a bridge
and said I would like to make you into soup for my dinner.

Sinc said dont eat me there is a much fatter capitalist coming in a minute, what if you eat him instead.

So he went on and he met a lumberjack who was mumbling and muttering as if in a trance “I hate canes“. Sinc called, Stephen my good mate let us hie to yon hostelery to celebrate my escape from the troll. No, lets celebrate my promotion said the lumberjack, then you can pay the bill.

If you encyst said Sinc, which he thought was quite a clever pun for a South African economist.

In the hostelery they found a catallaxy of economic rationalists and IPA people and the Australian School of Economics.

There was Henry and Judith the fair and Peter the Smith and Rafe. They gave Rafe some peanuts to stop him from talking about epistemology and metaphysics and they were all having a great time until someone said something mean about Andrew Leigh and Sinc got grumpy until he saw the Bombers fly up and he was cheerful again.

Eventually it was time to go and they were all tired but happy and they slept like babies when they got home.

Except for Sinc.

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  1. David

    Time you had a holiday Rafe. Or if you were with the ABC a “well earned break”.

    Having said that – very clever.

  2. Megan

    Oh dear, that first image for epistemology is close, but no cigar. So to speak.

  3. Bruce

    Its the Barzun. Never should imbibe of Barzun with an empty stomach. Or mind. And too much Dr Popper. Heady stuff, Dr Popper. The diseases of empiricism and reality could be horribly infectious. Especially on the Opposition benches in Canberra – swathes of devastation!

    Merry Christmas Rafe!

  4. sdfc

    What does the “Australian School” bring that is new?

  5. Poor Old Rafe

    I suppose it was the xmas drinks this afternoon. And Judith’s casual libel directed at the South Australian floater.

    (One of my former bosses, Dick Blandy, used to argue that the SA government should subsidise the pie cart (yuck, pie floaters) in North Terrace – just think of the multiplier effect!)

    Trust someone to spoil the party by getting serious :) The Australian school of economics, or at least the lower Neutral Bay branch, brings the synergy of Popper and the Austrians.

  6. sdfc

    What does Popper bring to Austrian Economics? I’ve not read him.

  7. sdfc

    I know the answer. I should just buy your book.

  8. Poor Old Rafe

    In simple terms, the Austrian entrepreneur functions rather like the Popperian researcher, making his way in a sea of uncertainty, making conjectures about what will work and then testing them in the marketplace. You can get an idea of the case just reading the text that is on display at the Amazon site.

  9. blind freddy

    One of my former bosses, Dick Blandy, used to argue that the SA government should subsidise the pie cart (yuck, pie floaters) in North Terrace

    In my day in Victoria Square — next to the Post Office!!!!

  10. sdfc

    How does that differ from the Austrian concept of incomplete knowledge?

  11. Cold-Hands

    I thought I had stumbled on to an episode of Paulus the Gnome. Very droll.

  12. Poor Old Rafe

    You lead with Paulus the Gnome.

    I respond with The Count. I am sorry that the children have grown up so I can’t watch Sesame Street any more.

  13. Gab

    Very entertaining, Rafe except Sinclair is not a dwarf, he’s an evil bald fascist gnome.

  14. Poor Old Rafe

    OK I will fix it without delay.

    This is good too, Big Bird taking his ones to town.

  15. Tator

    Blind Freddy,
    talking about the Cowleys Pie cart at the GPO, the Balfours one at the Railway station was always popular. In my 4 years working at Transit, there was always people at the pie cart on North Tce. From the well heeled staggering out of the Casino to the warbs from the plaza, they all enjoyed a good pie floater at the end of a night. Even us mug coppers snared one now and again for a meal as we get tired of sandwiches, maccas etc on a cold night shift.

  16. Tintarella di Luna

    Merry Christmas Rafe, looks like you’ve started on that in earnest.

    Of all those linked images the most confronting and stomach-churning were the floaters.

    Thanks for your informative and fascinating items. Driving around yesterday I felt an energy I haven’t felt for a long time, at least 6 years, I hope that’s the case and not just the anticipation of going to a good party.

    Cheers Rafe and for 2014 subscribing to George Bernanos’s view works for me: Hope is a risk that must be run.

  17. stackja

    This seems apt:

    Liberty Quotes
    “In a Country where Clamour always intimidates and faction often oppresses the Government, the regulations of Commerce are commonly dictated by those who are most interested to deceive and impose upon the Public.” — Adam Smith

  18. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Epistemology is as epistemology does, Rafe, but you can get away with a lot if you call it metaphysics. Miss Metaphysics leaves nothing to the imagination, does she? Thanks for that frenzy of clicks, a wonderful Christmas gift to us all. Somewhere in it all I caught sight of a book called The Rise of The Ape, and I thought to myself, that is a wonderful Christmas gift for my own Hairy One. The title at least. He might even accuse me of innuendo of all sorts, but I would say I am just taking a rise out of you, and anyway, I saw it on Catallaxy so shutup.

    Keep eating the peanuts, Rafe. I think they are working.

  19. Jazza

    Well done!
    But I’ll stand up for Sinc
    He’s NOT an evil bald fascist gnome at all!

  20. Gab

    hehehe my link to the evil bald fascist gnome actually has a pic of Sinclair while yours doesn’t, Rafe.

  21. Gab

    This caught my eye, Rafe and is doing my head in trying to figure out how it was built.

  22. Rafe

    Don’t worry your pretty little head about it Gab, and I don’t want to sound like a sexist but I reckon you are hot enough to qualify for cheer squad of the Australian School of Economics.

  23. Gab

    lol. Oooh, Rafe, you are norty!

  24. Rafe

    Now I am going to be in trouble with Tinta, Lizzie, blogstrop, and many others…

    Please don’t take offence blogstrop, I just wanted to see what came up :)

    A selection from the blogstrop montage.

  25. JohnRMcD

    And then, somewhere in the dim distant past (around 1970) there was a pie cart on the Norwood Parade. I suppose that it has gone into the forgettery.

  26. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Rafe, I am looking at this from down the memory hole now. Hahaha. Before Sinc gets on to you and deletes it. You been talkin’ to CL? Those big round bottomses and boobies are just the trick to get him over his despair at Nigella’s fall. Tinta should do well with those coloured ink blots too. And that is one eager horse in the Blogstrop link. I suspect the gentlemanly Blogstrop probably could not even name the armament shown in the link you finally select for him (I may be wrong here), but it is an ideal test for Mk50′s extensive knowledge.

    You are a bit of a wag, Rafe, when the leash is loosened at Christmastide.

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