The obscenity of political correctness in the AFL

Words fail.

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  1. Mike of Marion

    Oneday, one day, someone who is really off put by the AFL under ‘restriction of trade’ will really go them in a court of law!.

    Until then everything will just lurch along!

  2. C.L.

    If Hird doesn’t ignore the AFL command, he’s not much of a man.

  3. nic

    I’m surprised they actually ‘dare’ to celebrate Christmas without, at the same time, feeling the need to pay homage to Buddhists, Muslims or ‘traditional owners’.

  4. Brian of Moorabbin

    I’m waiting for mOnty to rush in and breathlessly proclaim that the AFL is right to bar Hird from attending a club function in 2013 under the terms of a ban that doesn’t start until 2014, and that Fat Andy didn’t make an error when he proclaimed that the agreement signed between the AFL and Essendon meant that Essendon could not pay Hird his 2014 salary, despite the AFL backing down on that (when it was found that the ‘agreement’ actually DID say that Essendon could indeed do just that)….

    Wrongology, even on his (supposed) ‘pet’ subject…

  5. steve

    If I were Hird, I would have a barby at my place and invite all my friends. Nothing to do with footy….

  6. Rafe

    someone who is really off put by the AFL under ‘restriction of trade’ will really go them in a court of law!.

    The clubs and the players need the best legal and pharmacological advice in town to fight legal battles. That requires megabucks.

  7. Rafe

    This is the link that was supposed to attach to megabucks.

  8. Andrew

    I can kind-of see why a ban would apply to all “official” functions – he couldn’t attend the Brownlow.

    But it reminds me of a COO who hated me. So he said Fri drinks were for “permanent employees” (I was a contractor). That made him look like the petty c-unit he is in front of the whole staff as the walked past me working, into the boardroom.

    Then 3 hot young accounting contractors started. It was clarified as the “full time employee” rule (I was 32hr pw!)

  9. stackja

    The obscenity of political correctness in the AFL

    Great ad for other sports who do not follow the socialist road. Cricket player said we will break your f- arm. Now AFL has broken their whole game.

  10. james

    Thank god for the cricket. At least in the bat and ball game you are not expected to be a complete Pussy.

  11. Megan

    Petty and ridiculous, but just what you would expect from the tinpot dictator. If I were the Hirds, there would be a massive Christmas do at my house next week.

  12. Steve of Glasshouse

    That’s petty. What next? Make Hird use 1 ply toilet paper?

  13. Des Deskperson

    “AFL chief Andrew Demetriou is a man of the hard Left “. Certified by the fact that he’s been given a Latrobe University ‘Distinguished Alumni’ award, and you have to be left/Labor to even be considered for one of those. Other awardees include Flannnery, Keith Henry, Don Watson, Terry Moran and Tony Sheehan (Joan Kirner’s Treasurer, Latrobe doesn’t have a wide range of choice when it comes to graduate achievers!)

    I expect that former NSW Labor Minister Ian McDonald would have almost certainly have been given an award were it not for ICAC’s sudden interest in him.

  14. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Fat Andy, Eddie Everywhere, noble warrior, courageous bully of teenage girls and non performer on the field Goodes and whoever is a famous willie oof personality (I’m sure they have one, if only for ceremonial purposes) run the AFL these days. Dopes who join clubs and buy scarves and yell their support at matches are quite irrelevant.

    Do they also have a fat wymminses in sensible haircuts and weird coloured shoes round as yet?

    Somewhere along the line they lost the likes of T-shirt Tom Hafey and Ron Barassi who focused somewhat on having well paid players win games of Aussie Rules.

    The whole ASADA Essendon drugs thing went all esoteric on me and I no longer know who is guilty, charged, under investigation, of interest, assisting enquiries, innocent or uninvolved. There is a clear picture, though, of blokes enjoying power for its own sake.

    I do know that, on the surface of it, a couple of barristers I’ve had on the job over the years would enjoy pulling the wings off those butterflies for the orders they are authoritatively thundering at people.

    The ARL used believe it could tell players what to do, without much in the way of documentation proving their authority, until champion rower and blonde pin up lock forward Dennis Tutty took them on 40 years ago and, rightly, beat them senseless with proven restraint of trade. Even the High Court said so.

    Chaos reigned for a while after that because the chiefs did not contemplate such an action or such a result. It changed the game, and their rights and obligations, from then onwards.

    These AFL emperors deserve no less – they’ve had enough time playing with their toy, painting it black, pink, green and whatever else is sexy and just as irrelevant to daily existence.

    It’s time it was returned to managers who have some interest in the game itself.

  15. H B Bear

    The Greek who stole Christmas.

  16. Megan

    Could not have put it better myself, Mick.

  17. Blair

    Are they allowed to wear Essendon beanies in public?

  18. Rob T

    AFL turned to crap in the early 80′s, gave up on it and have only watched the NFL since. Hird should have gone to court, then the truth would be told.

  19. Carpe Jugulum

    If i was James Hird, i would not only attend the function i would dress as santa and commission a giant flashing neon sign at the entrance saying;

    Hey Andy you fat Fvk, Come and get me Beotch

    That is all, carry on.

  20. the sting

    Better send Tania in to face Andy,I bet we would see him retreat very quickly.

  21. Fat Andy to Carl Dietrich:
    FA: “Carl, you can’t go to the end of year piss-up.”
    Carl: “Who the f#@k says so?”
    FA: “Me. If you go it would be bad for our image.”
    Carl: “How about I improve your image by ripping off your testicles and shoving ‘em up your nostrils?”
    FA: “I have friends in the media who will make you look bad.”
    Carl: “Yeah? Will your friends make me look so bad my family false teeth business will have to take casts from my arse?”
    FA: “Merry Christmas Carl. Have a great night.”

  22. Kaboom

    What is this “AFL” you all keep talking about?

  23. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Kaboom at 4:39 pm:

    “What is this “AFL” you all keep talking about?”

    Poor Kaboom. Do you not have access to a computer?

  24. Johno

    Better send Tania in to face Andy,I bet we would see him retreat very quickly.

    Agreed. She looked very very very angry. And I don’t blame her. Hird has been treated appallingly.

    If the Eagles don’t start playing like they care, it will be time to dump footy.

  25. Pickles

    Yes it’s pretty ordinary barring him from a day at the pub with the footy lads, but it is the fire season and the states a tinderbox.

  26. Rafe

    The AFL is the VFL (Victorian Football League, which was the Melbourne suburbs plus Geelong) with some provincial teams added (can’t recall their names) to make it national, to wit the Australian Football League.

  27. rafiki

    Brian of Moorabbin at 11.42 = a statment issued by the Essendon FC on 13 December said: “… it is acknowledged that James Hird’s pay wasn’t dealt with in the formal Deed of Settlement between the Essendon Football Club and the AFL”.
    So what ‘agreement’ are you referring to?

    rafiki (and formerly Peter of Moorabbin 1953-1966, and Essendon supporter 1949-to date)

  28. Brian of Moorabbin

    rafiki, I’m actually on your side on this one.

    Fat Andy made a remark about “going to his grave knowing Hird won’t be paid”..

    Fat Andy originally insisted on radio that the agreement between the AFL and Essendon over Hird’s suspension meant Hird was “suspended without pay”.

    “The sanction to James Hird is 12 months’ suspension, is suspension without pay,” Mr Demetriou told Radio 3AW’s Neil Mitchell. “So it is incorrect that he is being paid by the Essendon Football Club.

    As you correctly point out, there was no mention of any such provision within the document that spelt out Hird’s suspension.

    Fat Andy was then forced to concede that he didn’t actually know the details of what was in the agreement.

    Hence the AFL’s back-down where they admitted that they couldn’t actually stop Essendon from paying Hird his 2014 salary (even if they paid it in 2013, and not 2014)

    My comment was that, given mOnty’s numerous posts on this subject (and the Essendon/ASADA shenanigans), I was waiting for MOnty to tell us that Fat Andy was correct in his original statement (“Hird will not be paid”) and that the AFL wasn’t forced into an embarrassing back-down that showed just how much of a clown Fat Andy is.

  29. rafiki

    Brian – yes, Andrew’s standing has been diminished, but as I argued in a recent comment, he is not solely responsible for this imbroglio. He was let down by his advisers, and kept out of the loop by Fitzpatrick. I suspect that he is being lined up to be the bunny. Essendon’s behaviour has also been dreadful.

    (On a personal note, a Brian of Moorabbin was perhaps the best freiend I have ever had. About 1954 he showed the ropes when I began as a newsboy at Crawford’s newsagency, which used to stand opposite the pub at the corner of South Rd and Nepean highway. I started on a round and was later promoted to sell in the pub.)

  30. Docket62

    Fat Andy made a remark about “going to his grave knowing Hird won’t be paid”..

    Could we assist him in his quest? I mean considering hirdy has been paid n all……

  31. Up The Workers!

    Maybe the A.L.P.F.L.’s Andrew Demetriou would be better off hiring the husband of the Deputy Federal Leader of HIS party, to look after Essendon’s alleged ‘supplements’ program?

    Tanya Coutts-Trotter’s hubby has more experience in that line of business than Essendon or James Hird does.

    To misquote Virgil:
    “Beware of Greeks bearing PENALTIES!”

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