The Abbott Government had better wake up

Andrew Bolt has added one more post after his Christmas farewell and just in case you might miss it, let me link to it. Titled, The two Tims: why the Abbott Government cannot compromise with those now savaging Tim Wilson, here is what I think is the core message:

The Abbott Government had better wake up. There is zero chance of it ever placating its intellectual enemies with any compromise to its agenda. It is in a cultural war, so it may as well be hated by its foes for following its principles than despised by its friends for offering compromises to those who will accept none.

For anyone with a sense of compromise and good will towards all, the left is hard to fathom. But for the left, politics is religion, not a pathway towards finding the best way to manage our collective affairs. There are hatreds there that no compromise will satisfy. It’s not like the cricket where you go off to the pub together after the match. This is tribal and unforgiving. I’m with Andrew Bolt on this. They represent little more than a hatred of success and achievement. If you want to understand Labor, just think of Craig Thomson and his HSU credit card and Julia with her slush fund. For many on the left, genuine concern for others seems to be the farthest thing from their minds.

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  1. stackja

    the left is hard to fathom. But for the left, politics is religion,

    The past had Catholic/Protestant divide in Australian political history, now we have a new sectarianism. The Left wants power and do not care who or what gets in their way.

  2. Ant

    Beautifully said, Steve Kates (and AB).

    The ‘right’ just think that the left are wrong or batty or both.

    On the other hand, the left think – think? THEY KNOW AND INSIST – that the ‘right’ is evil and must be crushed.

    The ‘right’ can live with the left, as long as the left are nowhere near power or other people’s money.

    The left can’t live with the ‘right’ because to them there’s no room for comprimise because it’s akin to living with satan.

  3. Arnost

    … for the left, politics is religion, not a pathway towards finding the best way to manage our collective affairs. There are hatreds there that no compromise will ever satisfy.

    Yes. Any compromise with the left will in the end only leave you feeling slimy and grotty. They will only turn that against you. And why compromise with mediocrity in the first place?

  4. Gab

    Maggie Thatcher phoned and said: “I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air.”

  5. Token

    I posted a link to the great article by Miranda Devine on the OT. Check it out there or at the opinion pages of the Tele.

  6. boy on a bike

    I pinched this from Mark Levin:

    His values follow this pyramid:

    1. Country
    2. Ideology/values
    3. Party

    He there describes himself as an American first, a conservative second and a Republican third. The good of the country is more important than the good of the party. He is happy to beat the crap out of the Republicans if they stray from the true path. And he does. Daily.

    The left view it this way:

    1. Party
    2. Ideology/values
    3. Country

    Labor values, and the good of the country, take second and third places to the party gaining power.

    Ideologues like Gillard use:

    1. Ideology/values
    2. Party
    3. Country

    She trashed the Labor Party by being true to her socialist values.

    Rudd is:

    1. Rudd
    2. Rudd
    3. Rudd

    This is why the left and right will never see eye to eye. Their frameworks are completely different.

  7. Menai Pete

    The appointment of sensible, competent people to top jobs in the public sector is only a start. Their job is made more difficult because the bureaucracy which they oversee (and have to work with) is infested with permanently employed and effectively unsackable, marxist-indoctrinated minions who will go to any lengths to undermine any appointee who does not meet their ideological fixation. Hopefully the flow-down effect will see the eradication of these cretins in the long term as the organisation changes to reflect the principles of the bloke in charge.

  8. Grandma

    There is clearly no budget crisis if the Abbott government can find money for bullshit jobs for luvvies, and I will never believe a word Joe Hockey says now about financial discipline – there isn’t any.

  9. Gutho

    In any compromise between right and wrong, only wrong can prosper.

  10. Driftforge

    For anyone with a sense of compromise and good will towards all, the left is hard to fathom.

    I came across a ‘fathoming’ of this over at Unqualified Reservations, separating the conflated elements of ‘democracy’. The following is excerpted from a much longer article, discussing Maine’s Law : Democracy is Monarchy inverted.

    When the average believer contemplates democracy and feels his glow, he must be contemplating some phenomenon which is actually, in some actual cases, good. And when he considers politics and belches bile, there must be something genuinely foul in his bag. His understanding of both patterns is extremely poor – hence the paradox – but the patterns are real.

    We should be able to level the paradox and build a structure of clear thinking on it. Since one thing cannot be both bad and good, we must be looking at two things in one. We need to adjust our lens until democracy splits in half. One of these halves will be good, the other bad.

    So that we can make this judgment fairly, let’s code-name our samples. Borrowing some neutral prefixes from chemistry, we will speak of cis-democracyand trans-democracy.

    In cis-democracy, the right to vote (really the power to vote) is an instrumentalright – one assigned for an ulterior purpose. The purpose of cis-democracy is to achieve good government. The method of cis-democracy is the wisdom of crowds. Under cis-democracy, voting is a duty and a trust.

    As for trans-democracy, it is the converse: democracy as a natural or at least contingent right. If you believe in popular sovereignty and the consent of the governed, you are a trans-democrat. The matter neither requires nor admits any justification.

    There are two possible basic attitudes toward social reality. One of these, as I say, has many names, but I will call, it, for convenience, Nativism: a prejudice in favor of the native, the normal, and so forth, reaching an extreme in lynchings and pogroms. Its most ghastly form was German National Socialism.

    The other attitude I am forced, for lack of a better word–or any word at all–to call Alienism: a prejudice in favor of the alien, the marginal, the dispossesed, the eccentric, reaching an extreme in the attempt to “build a new society” by destroying the basic institutions of the native. The most terrible fulfillment of this principle is Communism.
    Any cis-democracy must be nativist – for if its trustees exist to benefit the nation, they must benefit their own nation and not any other. And it is lunacy to assert that the interests of nations never conflict.

    Whereas trans-democracy, in its eternal search for meatpuppets, is essentially alienist. This is the fundamental flaw in the alliance of intellectuals and proletarians that was Communism. For the intellectuals, a tiny minority, to build a working majority with the tools of trans-democracy, they must discover and diligently exploit a vast pool of empty heads.

  11. Ant

    Ah, The Great One, boab.

    The man is magnificent.

    Did you happen to catch a program of his around mid September this year where he took a call from a guy in Melbourne, Australia, for about 8 minutes? That was me!

  12. stackja

    For the intellectuals, a tiny minority, to build a working majority with the tools of trans-democracy, they must discover and diligently exploit a vast pool of empty heads.
    School teachers unions are doing their part.

  13. nic

    Abbott needs to remember that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. He’s better off doing what he needs to rather than worrying about whether he will be liked or not.

  14. Makka

    The Left are Traitors. It’s that simple and that contemptable. Putting traitors into Govt begets what we are receiving right now. A very shitty future. This is the challenge facing the Abbott Govt.

    Put all the kid gloves aside , the “me too” approach to winning votes, the popularity stakes with the Leftist luvvie media. Govern for a better Australia and damn the Left and it’s accolytes, explaining in full the reasoning for actions as they are taken. Destroy the ability of the Left to wage it’s cultural war, cut off it’s funding, deprive it of it’s influence in our institutions (fire them from Govt jobs), rid our education system of Leftist influences and dogma, cleanout treasury of every Leftist/Keynesian of note or influence, remove all Green oncosts from the economy and Govt. Root and branch destruction of the Left’s influence is required. Do it right and produce the desired results then trust and popularity will follow. Has the LNP got the guts?

  15. Jannie

    It was a long Long March for the toiling masses of the Elite Left, but eventually they occupied almost every institution in the Land. You can understand why they are outraged that some arraviste from the Right (sic) has taken one of their citadels.

    They don’t yet understand that their strongholds can be taken from them, and will sooner or later be turned against them.

  16. boy on a bike


    Unfortunately, I only got to listen to him when I was driving to work – podcasts are a wonderful thing…….and I don’t dare don headphones when on the bike. I’m likely to get too distracted by one of his fantastic expositions and crash into the back of a bus.

    You lucky, lucky bastard.

  17. incoherent rambler

    Has the LNP got the guts?

    By definition, no. The party is “a broad church”.

  18. Rabz

    The appointment of that ex-dumbocrat feminazi nonentity to that wanky sinecure has been the deal breaker for me.

    Find your future votes elsewhere, softcocks.

  19. Yohan

    What many people do not realise, including those in politics, is the old left is now gone forever. The pragmatic, working class left of Hawke and Keating has now been totally replaced by the politically correct left, also known as Cultural Marxism.

    Its Marxist class warfare, transported from the economic realm, to the cultural realm. Nick Cater talked about it in his book The Lucky Culture, but the best analysis of it is by former Marxist Keith Preston, who has coined the apt term Totalitarian Humanism.

  20. Ant


    I mostly listen to his podcast on the bike commuting to work, with just one ear plug in and the other left clear to hear traffic.

    A 1.5 hour commute daily is enough to cover his program.

    BTW, he sent me a signed copy of his ‘Liberty Amendments’ as a birthday present. He is such a decent guy – unless you’re a liberal or RINO.

  21. Yohan

    By Keith Preston

    Many on the alternative Right are inclined to refer to PC as “cultural Marxism.” In some ways, this is an apt metaphor, as the PC ideology bears a resemblance to the reductionist concept of class antagonism that orthodox Marxism advances. If the dualistic class dichotomy of “proletarians and bourgeoisie” is replaced with a newer dichotomy pitting feminist women, minorities, gays, immigrants, the transgendered and others having been or believed to be oppressed against the “hegemony” of “straight, white, Christian, males,” then similarities between PC and Marxism do indeed emerge. However, PC could in some ways be compared with totalitarianism from the other end of the political spectrum. If the duality of “Aryans” believed to be oppressed by and in mortal struggle with “the Jews” is replaced with the aforementioned dichotomy advanced by PC, a reductionism of comparable crudity likewise becomes apparent. Yet it would seem to me that such metaphors as “cultural Marxism” or “liberal Nazism” are not really the best characterizations of PC.

    The best label for PC I ever encountered was “totalitarian humanism.” I can’t take credit for this term. I lifted it from an anonymous underground writer some years ago. Read the original essay here. Here’s a particularly enlightened part:

    When one looks up the word ‘Humanism’ in an encyclopedia it states that Humanism is an ideology which focuses on the importance of every single human being. That it is an “ideology which emphasizes the value of the individual human being and its ability to develop into a harmonic and culturally aware personality”. This sounds fair enough, right? Indeed it does, but it is my firm belief that the explanation here does not match the humanism of our time.

    The so-called Humanists I have met have been putting a strong emphasis on humanity as a gigantic community rather than on the individual. Often one will even find alleged humanists who insist that the views, aspirations and basic happiness of indigenous Europeans is of no importance. Instead, these Humanists say, indigenous Europeans should bow down and forget about their own wants and desires for the greater good of humanity. The greater good of Humanity usually seems to be to take no interest in Europe’s cultural heritage and integrate into a grey, world-wide, uniform “globalization” with the Coca-Cola-culture as loadstar.

    Totalitarian humanism is a derivative of the classical Jacobin ideology that loves an abstract and universal “humanity” so much that its proponents don’t care what has to be done to individual human beings or particular human cultures in order to advance their ideals. Perhaps the best summary of the political outlook of totalitarian humanism was provided by the maverick psychiatrist and critic of the “therapeutic state,” Thomas Szasz:

    In the nineteenth century, a liberal was a person who championed individual liberty in a context of laissez-faire economics, who defined liberty as the absence of coercion, and who regarded the state as an ever-present threat to personal freedom and responsibility. Today, a liberal is a person who champions social justice in a context of socialist economics, who defines liberty as access to the means for a good life, and who regards the state as a benevolent provider whose duty is to protect people from poverty, racism, sexism, illness, and drugs.

    Dr. Szasz wrote this passage nearly twenty years ago. Nowadays, the laundry list of “poverty, racism, sexism, illness, and drugs” might be lengthened to include classism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, looksism, fatphobia, thinism, beautyism, transphobia, producerism, “appearance discrimination,” speciesism, adultcentrism, pedophobia, chronocentrism, and other creative efforts at dictionary expansion. Likewise, the therapeutic component of totalitarian humanism has expanded so as to include the supposed necessity of state action to save us all from fatty foods, salt, smoking, and soda vending machines in public schools. Like all totalitarian ideologies, totalitarian humanism has its contradictions, hypocrisies, and absurdities. For instance, public acts of anal intercourse are regarded as virtuous and courageous manifestations of human liberation and personal fulfillment, while smoking in bars or even in strip clubs is a grave menace to public health. Suggestive music videos and violent video games are symptomatic of an oppressively patriarchal and testosterone-fueled society, while surgically altering one’s “gender identity” is just routine day-to-day business, like getting a tattoo.

    As one with something of a taste for the bizarre and eccentric, I might find the PC circus to be little more than a philistine but amusing bit of outrageous entertainment, akin to professional wrestling or the old freak shows of carnivals past, if it weren’t for the fact that these folks are hell-bent on imposing their “ideals” on the rest of us by force of the state. Totalitarian humanism is a war on sovereignty. It is a war on the sovereignty of individuals against arbitrary and coercive authority, the sovereignty of non-state institutions against political authority, the sovereignty of organic communities against a centralized leviathan, the sovereignty of nations against global entities, the sovereignty of history, tradition, and culture against prescriptive and prohibitive ideology. Totalitarian humanism is an effort to reduce all of us to the level of dependent serfs on a plantation ruled by an army of overly zealous concerned mommies and busy-body social workers backed up by the S.W.A.T. team and paramilitary police. Give me beautyism or give me death.

  22. M Ryutin

    It is always a fight to the finish and never compromise. I was recently reminded of William F Buckley’s remark that while the Left says it is open to other points of view, it always shocks them to discover that there are other points of view.

  23. dd

    Abbott’s contempt for the shallow spin-doctoring and propaganda that Gillard and to an extent Rudd engaged in led him into a media policy of ‘slowing the cycle down.’ While it was a noble idea it was always going to be a tricky stunt to pull off, and on balance he didn’t. The strategy has been a combination of not getting out there and selling; as well as careful choice of political battles so as not to garner too many hostile headlines. The end result has been a feeling of anti-climax and purposelessness. We’ve had backdowns on cultural nand economic issues, presumably with the notion that it’s good to ‘pick your battles.’ The end result is that the issues dominating the cultural conversation are idential to 12 months ago; if they wanted to change the agenda they have not done that yet.

    Abbott doesn’t seem like a passionate man on a mission who finally got the chance to change the world; he seems like a guy who just got appointed president of the local Rotary club. Passion sells; and Abbott is not Hawke. In fact, even if he was, the times do not call for a Hawke.

    Having campaigned on a budget emergency and convinced people to vote for them on that basis, they have since spent several months letting everyone forget about the budget emergency. It’s a bit late to now remember that there’s a budget emergency. The 50 billion dollar deficit will still be 50 billion dollars. It’s not clear to the public what the Coaltion have fixed on the budget front, if anything.

  24. JC

    DD, they really couldn’t move if until they had a full audit done.

  25. egg_

    #1115657, posted on December 18, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Thought Abbott would surface from the bunker more often – been in opposition too long?
    No wonder Turnbull is stirring the pot.

  26. Token

    Egg, in opposition Abbott was endlessly in motion. In government he is barely in motion.

    You are correct about Turnbull smelling weakness.

  27. entropy

    The religious aspect of the left is something I have often pondered. The greatest example is bob Ellis.
    Anyone who has read his autobiography or seen the movie ‘Nostradamus kid’ might find it interesting that he gave up an all embracing evangelical Christianity in his university days, he completely replaced it with fervent worship of the ALP.

    I think some people are naturally religious, but when they give up traditional religion the void must be filled somehow. And Marx seems to be the prophet of choice.

  28. Fibro

    Egg, absolutely correct. Turnbull is circling the mangy dog right now.

    Turnbull, unlike Abbott doesn’t need to be liked for his future, he has enough in the bank. Only question is if the caucus will have enough pairs between them to follow him in doing what needs to be done.

  29. Vicki

    For anyone with a sense of compromise and good will towards all, the left is hard to fathom.
    The bloody-mindedness & sheer mean spirit of the left has always puzzled me. These are people who profess to believe in social justice, yet find it well nigh impossible to be inclusive towards the other side of politics.

    I have decided that it reflects a sort of psychological projection of their own insecurities and jealousies on to their political enemies. It is pathetic, really.

    But Bolt is right, they won’t persuaded to play fairly, no matter what compromises are laid before them.

  30. Bradley

    PM Abbott has been under constant bombardment from Fairfax and ABC since the election, and has handled himself very well.
    He also needs to pull Turnbull into line after his gay marriage remarks, Rudd did the same thing just before he replaced Gillard, but I doubt Tony will be replaced any time soon, if ever.

  31. 'S

    @ boy on a bike
    RE the country/ party / ideology post – brought to mind immediately Anne Summers piece about how not adopting Gonski would doom a generation.

    @ yohan – great analysis.

  32. HK_Brother

    When it comes to dealing with the political Left, there is only one formula.
    => Don’t give them anything. Not one inch, not even a centimetre.

    In the last couple of years, they have demonstrated their path to utopia. Its nothing more than pain on everyone.

    Remember, the Left started this with their endless cultural war (Gender, homosexuality, race, etc), anti-progress nonsense (Climate Change), wealth redistribution ideals (Occupy losers), and squandering of our children’s futures (Debt/Deficit).

    Look at the way they see Bolt, Abbott, etc. They draw no quarter with their views on Twitter. Why should we give them any chance? They only preach tolerance when they can take advantage of the situation. In reality, they are the most intolerant, disgusting, control freaks on the planet. The only seeds they will plant are of destruction of entire states and nations. Seriously, you don’t need an air force that is capable of delivering nuclear or chemical weapons. You just need a bunch of Lefties to wipe out a Nation’s future through endless propaganda.

    As for Abbott. The country needs a Churchill. Not a Chamberlain. Appeasement is no longer any option for the Centre-Right and Libertarian movements. I’m presuming we want a future. Don’t ever compromise your values or principles. The country expects a leader to look up to. Not a butt kisser seeking “collective harmony” and good will to all.

    This side of the political aisle needs to learn this simple phrase when it can clearly see a Left proposal that is outright dumb to the point that it goes beyond belief of common sense.
    => “That has to be the most stupidiest $hit I’ve ever heard!
    *Then enter your explanation and real world example of why it fails.*

    The more one stays silent or compromises, the more the Left will gain. The more everyone suffers.

    Another line to use:
    => “You created this mess, and you have the gall to continue blaming someone else for what you did? Or you an adult or a child? Because a child has an excuse of inexperience. What do you have? Stupidity or incompetence?”

  33. .

    I could sympathise with the ALP up until Beazley got rolled and even Crean and the senitment of Latham in his books.

    The modern ALP really is a sick mess that represents no one but B list celebrities with an axe to grind or financial interest in something which would require them not to work or subsidise their failure – and a massive greviance industry.

    The ALP have nothing to offer the working class. They are obsolete by choice to stop serving their cosntituents.

  34. Jo Smyth

    Grandma, you are giving the rest of us grannies a bad name. Be nice and change your name. Miss Guided suits you better.

  35. Yohan

    If a mild big government centrist like Abbott can cop so much vitriol then the LNP has to realise the elites and intellectuals are never going to play fair, they are never going to be won over, not in this day of twitter and instant blogging.

    Ann Coulter also recently made a point that parallels the Oz situation, that the Republican right represents the working class up to the millionaires, while the Democratic left represents the very poor and the billionaires/elite intellectual class.

    Abbott should take the culture war up to the left, and frame them as the enemy of the ordinary working Australian, which they are.

  36. Yon Toad

    The Abbott Government needs to grow some and man up. Many of the whiners about Tim’s appointment are present or past beneficiaries of the public purse. Lay waste to the bludgers. And what the hell is it with giving Combet a job? Combet! When your enemy is on his knees you don’t give the bugger a hand up you give it to him between the eyes. Has Macfarlane completely lost his marbles?

  37. Grandma

    Hi Jo Smyth, what did I say that gives you a problem? You’re happy for public money to be spent on these people? You’re pleased with Natasha’s UN appointment? You don’t think grandmas should be allowed to say “bullshit”? What??

  38. JohnA

    Vicki #1115745, posted on December 18, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    For anyone with a sense of compromise and good will towards all, the left is hard to fathom.
    The bloody-mindedness & sheer mean spirit of the left has always puzzled me. These are people who profess to believe in social justice, yet find it well nigh impossible to be inclusive towards the other side of politics.

    Vicki, you seem to suffer from the same problem as Rumpole of the Bailey – you can’t recognise sheer evil, even when it stares you in the face.

  39. ralph

    Nice straw man this “leftist”. Do they eat children too?
    Re yon toad – Macfarlane hasn’t lost his marbles, just furious that Abbott and Hockey did him over with the preemptive strike on Holden.

  40. .

    Loopy stuff, ralph

    “Pre-emptive strike on Holden”

    Wow. Abbott & Hockey call the shots from Detroit do they?

    Loopy stuff.

  41. Jeremy

    The root cause of this problem is in the education system. You could sack half the ABC today and replace them with fresh journalism graduates tomorrow, and you would have achieved nothing! Only people fully committed to the current left wing pieties are allowed to pass the course so the organisation would be the same with even less real world experience. Academic tenure was introduced so people with unpopular viewpoints could not be removed. It was supposed to guarantee freedom of thought. The left wing has simply worked from the other end so that people with non-left views are never employed. We need to change the rules so that academics and general public servants can be sacked! At least then a new person in charge might have a chance of changing the culture.

  42. entropy

    Just remove student funding for journalism and political science courses.

  43. candy

    I think Tony Abbott and Joe HOckey may be waking up. Today they say no subsidies for failing businesses and re-look at the PPL, ie, water it down.

    I’m not sure the appointments of Tim Wilson and Natasha DS actually are very meaningful to most people, it’s on the periphery.

  44. CatAttack

    My friends on the Left HATE Tony Abbott. They don’t just dislike him or think his policies are misplaced. They hate his guts and I’m sure would rejoice if he dropped dead tomorrow. They send me a barrage of anti-Abbott and Leftist dribble night and day on Facebook. There are not enough hours in the day to counter the deluge of misinformation. My point bring TA is wasting his time accommodating these people. There is nothing he could do that would change their mind. Volunteer firefighter and lifesaver. What a Con they say. Raise $200000 for a woman’s shelter. It’s a scam. Self publicity. Theses are not people you are going to have a rational debate with. If they share a website called Tony Abbott is an F and C and should be hung then you know your wasting your breath with nuances of debate. The problem is that social media is owned by the Left and in a vacuum creates the impression amongst moderate folk that maybe there something wrong if repeated by enough people.

  45. Jo Smyth

    Grandma, I agree with everything Menai Pete has to say. Gillard and Rudd have employed as many left wing people as possible and installed them in bomb proof positions. As has been proved throughout history the only way to redress the balance is to divide and conquer. While it may seem ridiculous to put these ‘luvvies’ in positions of power, there is method in the madness. Time will explain all. After all the billions that have been wasted over the past 6 years, I think you will find this will be money well spent.

  46. Robert O.

    Didn’t Mr. Whitlam appoint a gentleman called Kerr to be GC , sometimes it goes haywire.

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