The American media getting the balance just right

Let me see. If I were an American news agency and I wanted a distraction from the single largest issue now going on in the US, I would focus on this . . .

duck dynasty

And not on this . . .

obama doctor

Which, funny enough, is exactly what they’re doing.

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  1. squawkbox

    Obamacare can take a rest until the new year, when the full scope of its failure becomes apparent. If you think it’s been bad so far, just wait until the bills come in and the young blokes who were expected to grin, bear it, sign up and subsidize the expensive old geezers have failed to do so.

    In the meantime, I’m glad for this interesting psychological glimpse into the minds of the Gay Taliban.

  2. Bruce

    Read Mark Steyn and Michelle Malkin from a couple of days ago for more. (BTW quite a few parallels with Tim Wilson’s treatment here this week.) But I will say this: what is a lefty cable outfit doing with a massive conservative Christian hit show on their hands? And the guy they are messing with has form: Phil Robertson turned down a contract to play with the Washington Redskins gridiron team (ie $$$) to because it ‘interfered with duck hunting season’. That takes balls, big swinging ones. Which A&E are annoying.

    Popcorn futures are up.

  3. ar

    Or as Andy Levy says:

    can’t believe the president is talking about the economy while the duck man is tearing our country apart

  4. C.L.

    LOL. You’re right. Good call.

  5. I knew nothing about this show until just now, so checked out some vids, then scrolled down to the comments.
    SO much hate.

  6. C.L.

    The picture at that Steyn link says it all.

    Two Americas, indeed.

    And the article is a must read.

  7. Ant

    When you consider what the news media’s primary role should be in a democracy/representative republic you can only conclude that most of them are corrupt.

    Listening to the great Mark Levin he occasionally reminds me of how they used to run around filming with sorrowful tones how homeless people “used to” line up for shelter during the Reagan years.

    There have never been so many homeless people in America as now or as much poverty, yet the slobbering leftist media class are nowhere to be seen.

    To busy prosecuting the Republicans’ “War On Women”, and other similar fabricated stupidities.

  8. Jim Rose

    why did it take so long to noitce that millions of plans would be cancelled? the regulatory rules were made in 2010 that required the cancellations

  9. johanna

    Jim Rose, because like in Australia, the MSM were mesmerised and bought. People on the blogs pointed this out from Day 1. Even now, they are in a haze of patchoulli or something, and when even more millions of people have their healthcare plans cancelled in Q1 2014, will still be wondering what hit them.

  10. johanna

    As a passing thought, it strikes me that Hillary Clinton- who devised her own health plan back in the day – is quietly chuckling.

    Whatever you might say about her, far from stupid – even the Billster admitted that she is probably smarter than him. Watching the disaster from her safe berth may be the sweet spot for her.

  11. People are forgetting that Obama has deferred the worst part of Obamacare until, coincidentally, just after the 2014 mid-terms. The pitchforks will be for Hillary, who will pretend Obamacare had nothing to do with her. The indoctrinated socialists will continue god’s Obama’s work by repeating the narrative ad nauseum.

    And the difference between actual and required votes can be doctored accordingly.

  12. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    C.L. at 9:54 pm:

    “The picture at that Steyn link says it all.

    And the article is a must read.”

    It certainly is. “The Age of Intolerance” indeed.

    The piece quotes Bob Hope back in 1975:

    “I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.”

    For Hope this was an oddly profound gag, discerning even at the dawn of the Age of Tolerance that there was something inherently coercive about the enterprise.

    Soon it would be insufficient merely to be “tolerant” — warily accepting, blithely indifferent, mildly amused, tepidly supportive, according to taste. The forces of “tolerance” would become intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval.”

    I say we are there already and all the pointless hand wringing debates here and elsewhere about equal rights for willie oofs is where they want us to be, distracted for a little while yet.

    Phase Next is helping themselves to some of what the churches have in their savings accounts, as reparation for the isolated pockets of resistance they’ll meet from a few local priests and ministers.

    The gay lobby ought to be belted senseless where it stands and not permitted to take another step forward.

  13. Oh come on

    Yes I suspect Mr Kates has nailed it – well spotted. Doesn’t it show what a weak hand the MSM’s playing with these days, though? This Duck Dynasty nontroversy will all have blown over within a week. Oh sure they’re going to try and flog this old nag as much as possible, peddling nonsense like the following:

    “If the network backs down and they bring Phil back, they look weak,” one insider explains. “If they stand their ground, the family probably won’t move forward and A&E loses their highest rated show.”

    Get your hand off it, Mr “insider” bullshit artist. Does anyone seriously believe A&E’s willing to forego hundreds of millions of dollars of profit just so that it doesn’t “look weak”? It’s a cable TV network, not North Korea. It isn’t going to kill its golden goose.

    So what’s the MSM to do? Can they manufacture World War 3? That’s what it’ll take to draw attention away from the Obamacare trainwreck. No, they’ll cut their boy and his “signature policy” loose. Although who will notice? The sun is setting over the Obama Presidency and the legacy media that’s covered his back for so long. They’re both done.

  14. M Ryutin

    I see that the Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants has reversed its public decision not to stock certain Duck Dynasty products due to ‘customer’ reaction to their decision. That is a relief to me because those restaurants were not only good ones, they were simply everywhere in the South, also at many rest stops and I wondered about the supposed ‘backlash’ against Phil Robertson and its real strength. Driving through Tennessee for a week or so some years ago Cracker Barrel restaurants were everywhere and at that time (2003) you could get certain politically incorrect merchandise (ie. Confederate battle flags/ pins and so forth) at most places including Beale Street in the heart of Memphis, so to see this quick reversal is a good sign.

    Maybe that’s also why GLAAD is now merely asking for ‘re-education’ of Phil, an obvious half-victory when they were once going all-out to stop all opposition speech on the gay/religion issue. Like the fake Rush Limbaugh boycott plan, maybe they finally bit off more than they could chew.

  15. Jazza

    I’ve been reading about this cockup/socialist plan of the O Bummer empty suit.
    Apparently someone with an income of $100.000 annually will pay out $1000 a month for their OBummercare policy,while if they had earned just under the $100,000 income they would be entitled to a government subsidy.Loud screams!

    Hmm, coincidentally, I am looking at private health insurance for older couples,and I reckon one might get a pretty good coverage in Australia for less than $250 a month.
    Something;s very wrong, Mr president,and your peoples won’t be wishing you any Merry Christmas at this rate!

  16. M Ryutin

    A bit of an update to the Duck Dynasty attack by GLAAD

  17. M Ryutin

    Don’t know what happened there but the ‘update’ is from the incomparable Mark Steyn who, in response to the gay lobby GLADD’s’ insistence that The Robertson patriarch getting to know gays and their ‘values’, Mark Steyn suggests that the thugs of GLADD get to meet “six or so firebreathing imams’ and get to know THEIR values.

  18. johanna

    M Ryutin – thanks for the link. Steyn’s idiot Managing Editor – who couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag, as he demonstrated in the piece of sludge he deposited attacking Steyn – got a right pasting in the comments on his “article.”

    It’s interesting that the best and wittiest writers in contemporary journalism – people like Steyn, Delingpole, P J O’Rourke and the late Breitbart spring to mind – are all of a similar mind. The Left’s idea of humour is portraying a journo that they don’t like copulating with a dog. They are all still trapped in the mindset of writing for their university student newspaper decades ago.

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