Man to Mann

A bit more of Mark Steyn, this time on his win of sorts over the Michael Mann lawsuit. The judge’s name is straight out of Dickens.

  1. Dr Michael Mann’s lawyer, John Williams, filed a fraudulent complaint falsely representing his client as a Nobel Laureate, and accusing us of the hitherto unknown crime of defaming a Nobel Laureate.
  2. After Charles C W Cooke and others exposed Dr Mann’s serial misrepresentation of himself as a Nobel Prize winner, Mann’s counsel decided to file an amended complaint with the Nobel falsehood removed.
  3. Among her many staggering incompetences, DC Superior Court judge Natalia Combs-Greene then denied NR’s motion to dismiss the fraudulent complaint while simultaneously permitting Mann’s lawyers to file an amended complaint.
  4. The appellate judges have now tossed out anything relating to Mann’s original fraudulent complaint, including Judge Combs-Greene’s unbelievably careless ruling in which the obtuse jurist managed to confuse the defendants, and her subsequent ruling in which she chose to double-down on her own stupidity. Anything with Combs-Greene’s name on it has now been flushed down the toilet of history.
  5. So everyone is starting afresh with a new judge, a new complaint from the plaintiff, and new motions to dismiss from the defendants. That’s the good news.
  6. The bad news is that Mann’s misrepresentation of himself as a Nobel Laureate and Combs-Greene’s inept management of her case means that all parties have racked up significant six-figure sums just to get back to square one. In a real courthouse – in London, Toronto, Dublin, Singapore, Sydney – Dr Mann would be on the hook for what he has cost all the parties through his fraudulent complaint. But, this being quite the most insane “justice system” I have ever found myself in, instead the costs of the plaintiff’s vanity, his lawyer’s laziness and the judge’s incompetence must apparently be borne by everyone.
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  1. will

    It is this time of year that we think of all the unfortunates in the world, like all the climate change refugees.

  2. Baldrick

    It’s certainly a tree-ringed circus Olie!

  3. Token

    Wow, SoB told us Mann had this case in the can…

  4. val majkus

    remember defamation laws are different there to those in Australia:
    WUWT has a post up and there’s a comment by wws which I think explains the situation

    Taking it from the top: Mann sued Stein because Mann didn’t like his published opinions. Mann filed the kind of lawsuit against Stein that is known as a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation), a type of suit intended primarily to make a critic shut up.

    Many states and the District of Columbia have passed Anti-SLAPP statutes, on the basis that it should be against public policy to allow a litigious person with deep pockets to chill public speech. These statutes generally allow the defendant in such an action to file an immediate appeal for dismissal, without going to trial. They must simply show that the lawsuit falls under a SLAPP definition, and this is the type of appeal Stein filed.

    Judge Greene dismissed Stein’s appeal, allowing Mann’s lawsuit to go forward, but she botched the ruling in an incredibly incompetent fashion. What the Appeals Court has done here is to throw out Judge Greene’s incomprehensible ruling. There is no prejudice to Appellant, which is Mark Stein, and therefore Stein is now allowed to refile his appeal, asking the Trial Court to immediately dismiss Mann’s lawsuit under the D. C. anti-SLAPP statute.

    So, the legal maneuvering isn’t ended, and we’re not really back at square one, but it still is a major victory for Stein – especially since it required an unbelievable amount of both partisanship and incompetence for Judge Greene to have refused to dismiss the suit immediately.

    Go down to the comment by Taphonomic and there are links to the ACLU amicus curiae brief and the reporters committee for freedom of the press and the District of Columbia being two of several other groups which filed amicus curiae briefs knocking the original ruling regarding the way that SLAPP laws were not followed.
    Mann at this stage does not appear to have filed an amended complaint

  5. egg_

    an unbelievable amount of both partisanship and incompetence for Judge Greene to have refused to dismiss the suit immediately.

    Even the judiciary cowing to the almighty Gaia?

  6. Brett_McS

    Conrad Black was another Canadian put through the meat-grinder of the US judicial system on a totally fraudulent set of charges. “Loser Pays” would seem an obvious part of any sane judicial system, but for some reason the Americans just don’t have it.

  7. Oh come on

    m0nty! Steve of Brisbane! Get in here immediately and apologise!

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