Open Forum: December 28, 2013

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  1. Gab

    I’ll run the team structure details past you in January, Gab.

    After your WEB, naturally :)

  2. stackja

    5 pages of 1,001 Responses to Open Forum: December 28, 2013, approaching the abyss.

  3. Sinclair Davidson

    $100K over three years should fix it.

    So little? You ask for $100k per year for three years.

  4. blogstrop

    Warning (Facebook item): do not microwave Edgell sliced mushrooms in butter sauce. Twice now I’ve had them explode in the microwave, the first one cracking/breaking the plate I had covering the dish! Second time, did just one minute, still exploded but didn’t lose the lot this time. I’m fond of a bit of mushroom on a lamb chop, but could do without the Mother of Satan (TATP) version.
    Try IGA’s instead. The preferred Windsor Farm in creamy pepper sauce are no longer available, since that company (Cowra based) has, like most local food processors, gone to the wall.
    United Dairy is about to be snaffled by the Chinese too.

  5. Gab

    Hi Alice and thanks for not calling me an “old” softy. I appreciate that :) Speaking of which, Here’s a “hello” to Mick.

  6. Tom

    My bad, Doomlord. That’s what I meant. However, according to the models, there is a 95% degree of certainty that the requirement will escalate.

  7. srr

    Peta Credlin has done an outstanding job for us in opposition,” Senator Cormann said. “She’s been central to get us back into government… She obviously has a very important job at the heart of the government and she will be central to our success”.

  8. Gab

    She’s been central to get us back into government

    There’s a big difference between “getting back into government” and staying in government.

  9. Rabz

    I will don the nuclear protective gear when it’s dark and douse the nest with Brunnings Outdoor and Indoor Surface Spray (active ingredient Bifenthrin, I have 3 litres), run like the billy-o – or billyo, billio – into the house and check on it in the morning.

    Oh, FFS.

  10. Gab

    Rabz, everyone’s gone away. I’m home alone.

  11. Rabz

    Gab – take some responsibility, Squirette!

    Woman up!

  12. Beef

    There’s a big difference between “getting back into government” and staying in government.

    It’s like they have fallen down a rAbbott hole.

    Time for the Mad Hatter approach with staffers in the Govt. “Everybody change positions”.

  13. Gab

    It looks small in the photo, Rabz but in my mind’s eye it’s as big as the Matterhorn…okay, that’s an exaggeration…it’s a tall as Mt Kosciuszko. Scary.

  14. calli

    Wear night vision goggles, Gab! No point in breaking something as you make your retreat (in good order, mind…no cowardly rout please).

  15. Gab

    Wish I had night goggles, Calli, but I have already planned the exit route and it will be clear of any obstacles for a clean getaway.

  16. stackja

    #1128364, posted on December 30, 2013 at 7:09 pm
    Rabz, everyone’s gone away. I’m home alone.

    I’m home alone watch out for Harry Lime.

  17. Gab

    Well, okay, I’m home alone for only a few hours but it feels like forevah!!!

  18. johanna

    I think 3 litres is a bit OTT, Gab. It sounds like a decent spray – the formula is similar to the ones I have used several times.

    Just make sure the relevant area is well coated, and all will be good. The stuff lasts for at least a couple of months, so will deter any other readers of your FB page of the insect world, if that’s what it turns out to be. And have it at hand when you knock it off the wall, in case there are any survivors, since you are clearly uneasy about them.

  19. tomix


    #1128338, posted on December 30, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    My fellow travellers?

    I provided evidence, you just didn’t like where it come from.

    You actually stated there was no corroborating evidence regarding the Malmedy Massacre.

    “Fellow travellers” indeed.

    You still haven’t provided evidence. You’ve only claimed to have. There’s a big difference.

    Let’s make it clear. The US investigators had no corroborating evidence for their case that would stand up in court. That’s why the trials were conducted by affidavit. See my previous comment.

    You have joined the Establishment pile-on of a brave man who was hounded to his death by “pygmies”such as yourself.

  20. srr

    Here’s the link to the, ‘STOP PICKING ON PETA!’, article my ‘smart’ phone didn’t let me post before-

  21. Gab

    Thanks, 1735099. I haven’t seen any of the insects, but if you click on my gravatar picture you’ll see the nest.

  22. 1735099

    Dunno what kind of wasp that is.
    It’s not something I’ve encountered.
    Caution advised…..

  23. Beef

    Can you film tonights titanic battle.

    “In tonights feature bout, we have two newcomers to “Sting or Exterminate”. Both contestants are nervously awaiting the sundown bell in what will be a most entertaining exhibition.
    Will fear overcome rationality by unexpected events? You’ll have to stay tuned as they unfold, hopefully brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood cat”.

    News from the wasp camp is that they have an unidetified assailant lined up and it could get ugly.

  24. Gab

    lol yes it’s all very funny until you go into Anaphylactic shock!!! (Drama queen, who? Me?)

  25. candy

    You’re very brave, Gab.

    There are some herbs you can plant that repel wasps and other scary critters, so there’s always that aspect to look into.

  26. Rudiau

    Is this eleven year old the next Mark Knopfler?
    What!!! Not a note like him….. This is Mark Knoppfler
    Pfffttttt. The little faggot may have got some cheques for free down the waterline, but his guitar work is boring

    Sheesh, you blokes are harsh and unfair.

    Hose. High pressure nozzle. Good aim. Fire!

    Yep. Works for Mrs Rudi. Me? I stand well back and watch.

  27. johanna

    Actually, the last thing you want to do is repel wasps and “other scary critters” in the general sense, if you want a healthy garden. You just don’t want them living on or in your house.

    Wasps adore caterpillars, larvae, and other insects, for breakfast, lunch and tea. Apart from European wasps, which are truly horrible, they are welcome at my place as long as they keep off the structure. I’ve never been stung in decades of gardening – they just go about their business as long as you don’t annoy them.

    Ants, OTOH, are a different matter. Some of them are very aggressive and give a nasty bite without the least provocation. True, they are the street-cleaners of the biosphere, taking away and eating all the corpses, but they ain’t friendly otherwise.

  28. candy

    They just go about their business as long as you don’t annoy them.

    I agree Johanna, and I’ve never been stung either but Gab seems unnerved by them. Funny how people are so different in what makes one nervous and another finds innocuous and no threat in respect of ‘phobias’ etc. We’re all made differently!

  29. Armadillo

    There are some herbs you can plant that repel wasps and other scary critters

    Dad was a butcher and we always had big tubs of mint growing the back screen door of the shop. Keeps the flys well away and a good garnish for meat trays (so they look pretty). Practically useless against wasps and hornets though.

  30. Carpe Jugulum

    They just go about their business as long as you don’t annoy them.

    Bugger that, get a big cylinder of Pestigas and party hard. I shall not bow to the insect overlords.

  31. blogstrop

    That one looks pretty small. One or two blows with a hammer and it’s goodbye wasps.

  32. johanna

    Here’s a tune that fits a few themes at the Cat today:

    When You Were Mine

    And it was even better live.

  33. kae


    Re: the wasp/mud dauber/hornets’ nest. It’s just where they lay their eggs. They get an insect/worm/insects/worms/grub/grubs whatever, paralyse the grub then lay an egg with the bug/grub whatever. The hatchling eats the insect/grub.

    Get a hose and blast it off the house. It will be full of still alive but paralysed bugs and so on. If you hose it off the house and then spray some surface spray on the wall the mud dauber won’t come back. They are big orange jobbies, you can’t miss them.

    More info here.

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