The Ponting routine

Summary of the routine that Ponting followed every time he batted in a serious game.

Last thing the night before a game or the night before I expected to bat

Write a list of what I needed to do out in the middle
Watch the ball
Play straight
Loud calls
Be patient
Be positive in attack and defence
Bat for a long time
Make 100
Be man of the match
Be man of the series
Read this list out loud after writing it, underline each item when read and visualise every point for tomorrow.
Write a list of each bowler and how they will try to bowl
Visualise how they will try to get me out
Then switch off the light and go to sleep

Before going out to bat

Get ready the same way each and every time
Sit down and watch the openers with my gear all in the same position around me – ready to go
Sip the water when needed and chew three pieces of gum
As soon as a wicket falls, remove the drum gum and put it aside. Drink water and leave for the middle

Walking out to the middle

Display energy and walk to the wicket fairly quickly
Do three or four butt kicks with each leg
Play a number of shadow “straight drives” while walking
Flick my wrists with bat in hand – both hands

On arrival at the crease

Take guard and get middle
Clear all the rubbish on the wicket around the crease line
Walk down and look closely at the wicket
Identify the area where I think that the bowler can bowl a good ball
Make sure that area is totally clear
Move to the side of the pitch and do my hamstring stretches with bat in both hands
Walk back to the crease while observing the field placement
Take my grip and take my stance at the crease

Bowler’s run-up and delivery

Say ‘watch the ball’ to myself twice – halfway through the run-up and just before release of the ball
Look at the identified area down the wicket and look up at the bowler’s release of the ball
Then whatever happens, happens
Switch my mind off completely until bowler is back near top of run-up
Switch back on and start the delivery routine again.

From Ponting at the close of play

A nice example of the kind of discipline and attention to detail that is required for high performance, also the function of positive thinking and mind training before the event.

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10 Responses to The Ponting routine

  1. Brett_McS

    Anyone know what was the Doug Walters’ routine? Possible answers, just from my observations:

    Last thing, night before game:
    There’s a game tomorrow?

    Before going out to bat:
    Stub out the fag
    Finish the beer

    Walking out to the middle:
    Saunter, casual-like, dragging the bat

  2. Token

    There are a lot of micro details there which would help a man reform from his early days when he earned the name “Punter” and a black eye.

  3. jupes

    Read this list out loud after writing it,

    LOL. Considering he played 287 test innings plus 364 ODI not to mention hundreds of first class innings, you’d reckon Mrs Ponting would have had a gutful of Ricky saying his ‘prayers’ before bed.

    Slightly off topic I just watched the film Rush. This was a great film that showed the end of the era when sportsmen could be in full on party mode and still be world champion. How many 1970′s champions such as James Hunt, George Best or Dougie Walters would get a gurnsey in the 21st century?

  4. jonah

    Ricky would have been better off having a relaxing ale or seven before turning in. God, I bet his teammates avoided him like the plague. Webster has a new definition of boring.

  5. C.L.

    Doug Walters’ list:

    Have a Benson & Hedges.

    Have a cup of tea.

    Have another Benson & Hedges.

  6. candy

    Perhaps Don Bradman had such a list in his mind, though never written down or examined too closely.

  7. ar

    “Remove the drum”…

    Didn’t expect that one…

  8. If want what theyhave youmust do what they do!

    If you do what they do, you may have what they have?!


  9. cynical1

    Sir Viv’s routine.

    1. Be cool.
    2. See no1..

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