New Years eve

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  1. rafiki

    Best wishes for the new year to you all!

  2. A Lurker

    Have a safe New Year’s Eve all – and the bestest of wishes to all for the New Year from the Lurker household.

    Some music from me too.

    p.s. Healing and comforting thoughts to Brian, his wife, and their little child; and good luck to Gab on her wasp extradition mission.

  3. nilk, Iron Bogan

    I’m having a quiet one in, so Happy New Year to all you Cats and Kittehs. 😀

    May next year be better than this year, and my Tony Abbott put on some steel-capped boots and kick the ALPBC into the next decade.

  4. Annie A

    Happy New Year!! Wishing you all a great 2014…

    Stay safe and healthy!


    Annie A

  5. Makka

    Best wishes to All for 2014. A big year ahead, no doubt.

  6. Brett_McS

    Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s make it a great year for liberty! Australia to lead the way!!!

    Also, some music. Q: Which (excellent) Australian film used this as a coda?

  7. Token

    Happy New Year yous guys, eyes luvs youse all

    Jeff Fenech

    Me too

  8. Eddystone

    Twelve hours to go on my ambulance shift.

    So far so good! 🙂

    Happy New Year to all Cats.

  9. Tom

    In time, I believe, we’ll reflect on the year we’ve just endured as the beginning of the end of the early 21st century’s love affair with 20th century totalitarianism; and the beginning of the end of the left’s march through the institutions. Who’d have guessed that, in 2014, the real radicals would be those fighting the destruction of liberal democracy from within and the re-enforcement of the foundations of the enlightenment? Who’d have guessed that, 80 years after the event, fascism would return in new fashionable clothes?

    A happy, healthy 2014 to all — even the trolls.

    PS: I see what you did with the mast, Doomlord, and I know where it came from. Excellent!

  10. JamesS

    Thanks for your company Cats!
    May 2014 bring more commonsense than the last 6 years.
    I’ve had it with Leftist / Labor learning experiences.
    All the best

  11. Fleeced

    Happy New Year, Cats…

  12. C.L.

    The funniest three stories of 2013:

    3. After waging a campaign against misogyny, the ALP dumps the nation’s first female PM.

    2. US liberals all lose their health insurance, thanks to Barack Obama.

    And coming in as a very late entrant and taking out the gold:

    1. The enstuckening of warmenists in Antarctica on a voyage meant to prove there was no ice.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Tom

    Shocking grammar. Pedantry required:

    Who’d have guessed that, in 2014, the real radicals would be those fighting the destruction of liberal democracy from within and for the re-enforcement of the foundations of the enlightenment?

  14. calli

    It’s beautiful in its ugliness, C.L.! 🙂

  15. MikeS

    Trying to watch the Sydney Fireworks coverage inexplicably exclusive to ABC TV. Harder to bear than any Q&A episode this year. Will definitely need stronger liquor if the Chaser boys don’t go home soon.

  16. Fred Furkenburger

    Happy New Year to all who frequent the Cat blog. ‘Tis a wonderful place to get a really wide ranging view on “life, the universe, and every thing”. Far more common sense than bullshit. I look forward to reading all your posts in the new year. Take care and above all, HAVE FUN!.

  17. dismissive

    I know I haven’t commented for a while but it’s sad to be back in moderation 🙂

    Happy new year anyway!

  18. quibbler

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh!

  19. Fred Furkenburger

    Quibler. Wot you said. I think! Happy New Year.

  20. Happy Hogmanay. The Edinburgh Tattoo was a vast improvement this year.

  21. westie woman

    Happy New Year to all here and thank you for making this blog so informative and entertaining!

    I’ll be glad to see the end of this year – it hasn’t exactly been wonderful … however after reading about Brian’s wife and Helen’s husband – I realise it’s not the time for a self pitying moan -hope all goes well Brian and Helen for your loved partners

  22. stackja

    #1129675, posted on December 31, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    Using Webcams and the fireworks sound travels the 9km.

  23. stackja

    #1129698, posted on December 31, 2013 at 10:44 pm
    Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh!

    Fred Furkenburger
    #1129716, posted on December 31, 2013 at 11:19 pm
    Quibler. Wot you said. I think! Happy New Year.

    Feliz Año Nuevo
    Buon anno

  24. DrBeauGan

    Thanx cats for a great year and best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2014. I hope the distressed rellies all recover and return to full health.
    You’re a great bunch of people, smart, witty and full of humanity. It’s been a pleasure to read you. Thanx to Sinc for a terrific blog site.

  25. srr

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! **** and happy it is, because the ABC BROKE THE FIREWORKS Coverage, The Nation is ENRAGED, even and especially those who didn’t notice until then, just how BROKEN THE ABC IS!

  26. Oh come on

    In time, I believe, we’ll reflect on the year we’ve just endured as the beginning of the end of the early 21st century’s love affair with 20th century totalitarianism; and the beginning of the end of the left’s march through the institutions.

    I wish it were so, but I doubt it. There’s two ways to get rid of the welfare state – either incrementally phase it out over a few decades, or let it collapse disastrously under its own weight when we’ve borrowed the last dollar we can (and, if we really screw things up, endure bring on a period of 7 figure inflation rates). I honestly can’t see the public accepting a managed phase out – it would be politically impossible. We love us some free money. Honestly, when the chips are down, I don’t reckon the average Australian would behave much differently to the average Greek when confronted with news that the spigot’s being closed.

    So an economically and socially destructive fiscal apocalypse seems inevitable – and that’s at least ten years away. The host still has plenty of life in it for the parasite to gorge on.

    If the electorate would accept the rolling back of welfarism, then you could say that’s the beginning of the end of the left’s major accomplishment of the last century – the ever growing welfare state that we see in pretty much every developed country. But no, it’s still a holy cow to most people, and I can’t see this changing any time soon. Most people would buy the line that the solution to just about any problem is spend MORE.

    So I think Fabianisn is only going to decline when it’s clear to the average punter that the state really has run out of Other People’s Money and there’s no prospect of getting any more, and they’re on their own. The guarantees of the welfare state will be shown to be worthless, and that will be it for the 20th century big government model. I just hope that civil society is able to retake the responsibilities that state entitlement programmes seized over the 20th century.

  27. Token

    To all of to the west, I’ve seen the New Year, I’m here to warn you its going to be…

    (Dramatic organ music & a blood curdling scream)


  28. Token

    Trying to watch the Sydney Fireworks coverage inexplicably exclusive to ABC TV.

    A friend on Spacebook noted it was great to get commercial free coverage.

    FFS it was 75% endorsements for ABC shows & staff. Lucky we had the volume on mute.

  29. DrBeauGan

    If numbers reads this some observations inspired by too much sparkling chardonay pinot-noir.
    Numbers, you are two different people. When you are trapped in your past and full of anger and self pity for having been hard done by you are a horrible twisted old bugger. When you are full of loving kindness for your disabled students you are a decent man I can like and respect.
    Fight your demons, man. You don’t do it by hating them but by pitying them for their wretched smallness.
    Forgive the intrusion and put it down to the booze. Have a good new year.

  30. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Forget the intrusion and put it down to the booze

    Couple of hairy mates of mine with different perspectives here tonight. Drank all my Glendronach. May post on the matter when I am sober when the hangover abates. One was a National Serviceman. “Now, listen , young (Two Alpha) – you couldn’t be posted overseas without signing the declaration – if you didn’t sign the declaration, they couldn’t post you to Viet Nam, but you couldn’t be posted to Malaya or Singapore. It was a chance you took.” He won’t make it much past the New Year – cancer – , and his friendship for forty years has been a source of considerable pride to me.

  31. Megan

    Just staggered in the door after a champagne fuelled New Year celebration to find the doof-doof music from the young morons next door still going full bore…for the third straight day. Their parental units have left for the beach leaving them to inflict their questionable musical taste on the few stay-at-home neighbours.

    Planning to aim large speakers and a Maria Callas CD at their bedroom windows around 6am tomorrow morning.

    Happy New 2014 fellow Cats. May there be plenty of debate on the topics de jour. And some creative cursing for entertainment value.

  32. gabrianga

    My granny was a Sinclair and would have been a wee bit angry at your choice of music for Hogmanay Mr Davidson.

    Might I suggest the following would be more in keeping?

    A Happy and prosperous New Year to you, all your readers and contributors .

  33. kae

    Happy New Year.

    I went to bed in 2013 and woke up in 2014 – bed really is a time machine!

  34. Eddystone

    Just over half an hour left on my ambulance shift.

    If it wasn’t for alcohol fueled violence, it would have been a quiet night 🙂

    Right now I have a little bit of sympathy for those cultures that view the West with contempt.

  35. Mike of Marion

    #1129785, posted on January 1, 2014 at 2:02 am

    Bagpipes – oh hell!!!

  36. Delta A

    A happy, safe and productive New Year to all Cats.

  37. gabrianga

    The “news” from Fairfax on 1/1/2014 states that the Global Warming team at the University of NSW is predicting a 4 degree rise in global temperatures because of cloud formation (not “excess Co2)

    Is this really “news”?

    The ABC reported in November 2012 that the World Bank had also predicted a 4 degree rise

    The Leader of the pack at UNSW is up to his neck with IPCC ,possibly one of Rudd’s” 3000 little men in white coats” putting the fix in for the Global Warming.

    No doubt this news has come as a welcome relief to the UNI ,Guardian and BBC staff awaiting a Government funded rescue operation in the Antarctic?

  38. gabrianga

    The Leader of the Pack stranded in Antarctica ,Professor Turney of UNSW, appears to have more than a passing scientific interest in any future “Global Warming”

    As a founder and now Director of a “green” company Carbonscape it appears Turney could benefit from wildcat predictions from UNSW and IPCC such as today’s 4 degree rise.

  39. gabrianga

    sorry . forgot to switch off.

  40. Lloyd

    Just had a quick peek at the Sydney NYE coverage on IView. What a complete waste of bandwidth.

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