Remember the Akademic Shokalskiy

There may yet be some redemption in this Chris Turney event. I noted that there has been no mainstream news reporting on this incredible scandal of scientific malpractice but for a change this lack of reporting is being taken note of. This one is found on Drudge and others like it are showing up. The title makes very clear what it’s about, “Frozen Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission”.

A group of climate change scientists were rescued by helicopter Jan. 2, after being stranded in the ice since Christmas morning. But the majority of the broadcast networks’ reports about the ice-locked climate researchers never mentioned climate change.

The Russian ship, Akademic Shokalskiy, was stranded in the ice while on a climate change research expedition, yet nearly 98 percent of network news reports about the stranded researchers failed to mention their mission at all. Forty out of 41 stories (97.5 percent) on the network morning and evening news shows since Dec. 25 failed to mention climate change had anything to do with the expedition.

This is no ordinary mishap amongst climate “scientists” but a full blown clown show of the most incredible proportions. They sail into a bay and are frozen in ice where Mawson had sailed in ice free a century ago. They not only disprove what they set out to show but better still, demonstrate how completely out of touch with reality they are.

Someone has to find some kind of way to remember this along the lines of “Remember the Alamo” because this is a moment that should be remembered every time one of these global warming types takes the stage.

And to add to the piling on, there is then also this, the above-the-headline linked stories from Drudge today:

1,400+ flights stopped…
Cuomo Closes Highways…
Declares state of emergency…
De Blasio: ‘Stay home tonight’…
Meteorologist: ‘Exposed skin could freeze in 15 minutes’

Not to mention this just below:

Blizzard to Reach From NYC to Boston…
USA ushers in 2014 with record-low temps…
Chicago Sees Biggest Snowfall In 15 Years…
NFL: Bitter cold coming to Green Bay on Sunday – High of four degrees…
Winnipeg deep freeze — cold as uninhabited planet…

The last one is the most interesting because Winnipeg yesterday recorded lower temperatures than those recorded on the planet Mars.

UPDATE: Here’s another report on the media cover up, this one at Hotair:

Oddly, the CNN reports seem to be missing something fairly important to understand the reason why the researchers were out in the Antarctic seas in the first place. This a tweet from John Nolte:

CNN giving the researchers stuck in the ice a lot of play. Not hearing a lot, tho, about what they were researching.

At least the word ‘climate’ appears once in their web report, although not as an explanation. It doesn’t appear at all in the CBS report. The Associated Press report similarly avoids this key data point. Scott Johnson called this expedition the ‘ship of fools,’ and perhaps that can be applied to these reports on the denouement, too.

AND YET ANOTHER: And here is an editorial from The Washington Times, “No more dead parrots: Global-warming fans spend a frozen Christmas in Antarctica”.

A look at readily available satellite imagery would have prevented the fiasco; they show an abundance of ice in the Antarctic. ‘Climate scientists’ don’t want anything to disturb their denial. They called their voyage the ‘Spirit of Mawson’ in honor of Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, whose 1912 expedition to the South Pole ended in disaster as well. One of the 1912 survivors wrote a memoir called ‘The Worst Journey in the World.’ The journey hasn’t improved in the century since. Despite all the carbon dioxide emitted since, there still aren’t any sunny beaches or sweltering jungles in Antarctica.

Mr. Turney expected something better than a frozen wasteland, since he and Al Gore argue that man-made global warming is real and has been melting the polar ice caps. Mr. Turney insists his frozen ship is further evidence of global warming — that’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. According to the professor, the field of ice that trapped his ship was created by an iceberg that broke apart three years ago because of global warming. (The dog ate the paperwork.) His employer, the University of New South Wales, is doubling down, too, with another ‘study’ concluding that the earth’s temperature will rise by 4 degrees by 2100 because man insists on electric lights and the internal-combustion engine.

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52 Responses to Remember the Akademic Shokalskiy

  1. Baldrick

    Also, don’t mention the fact that there has been a 60% Increase In Antarctic Ice Area Since January, 1992.

    Very inconvenient!

  2. Geriatric Mayfly

    Thanks for the WEATHER report Steve. A qualified CLIMATE observer would concentrate on the irrefutable stuff, like bushfires out of season, typhoons in areas of dense population, and yesterday’s temperatures in Moomba S.A. If you remain in doubt about the distinction there is bound to be a helpline at the ABC.

  3. Viva

    You have to wonder whether someone on board shot an Albatross.

    And now there came both mist and snow,
    And it grew wondrous cold:
    And ice, mast-high, came floating by,
    As green as emerald.

    And through the drifts the snowy clifts
    Did send a dismal sheen:
    Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken—
    The ice was all between.

    The ice was here, the ice was there,
    The ice was all around:
    It cracked and growled, and roared and howled,
    Like noises in a swound!

    Whatever. The bird is now hanging around Turney’s neck.

  4. Rob MW

    Steve – there also seems to be a spike in ready-made pal-reviewed shit to counteract the activist-scientists PR disaster. Their quick response is something that our elite SAS could even admire.

  5. Docket62

    Pass me the popcorn……….

  6. Bigpeteoz

    Talk about the cost involved and for what reason, they all could have stayed there and partied till the “thaw” alolowed them out. This – The 22 crew members of the Russian research ship planned to stay on board until the ice releases its grip. The ship is well stocked for a long voyage, passengers said – from here.

  7. Louis Hissink

    According to the global warmers, these extremely low temperatures are not possible with the increased volume of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Unless CO2 is a cooling agent rather than a warming one.

  8. Grant B

    Thanks to the Chinese the swampies have finally sodded off.

  9. stackja

    How much real research has been curtailed in the short period open for travel in Antarctica in rescuing of these hubris disruptors? The spiking of the truth would make Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-four proud.

  10. Matt

    And yet all ABC News Breakfast could focus on this morning was the Australian BOM reporting that 2013 was the hottest on record (since about 1910), and there the world is still warming

  11. Viva

    Someone has to find some kind of way to remember this along the lines of “Remember the Alamo”

    Gather round and hear the tale
    of Turney and his crew
    A band of eco warriors
    each one of them true blue

    They left their home and families
    to venture to the Land of Ice
    Convinced the place was melting fast
    despite the carbon price

    A merry band of hardy souls
    with Turney as their guide
    Mutant penguins they did brave
    with leopard seals on every side

    But an even greater danger
    something weird and even stranger
    lurked about their ship
    A cracking sound from all around
    the air took on a bitter nip

    The water and the gleaming ice
    had suddenly changed places
    Their Facebook posts had failed to show
    the egg was on their faces

    And so dear friends in future times
    when we are told sad tales of woe
    Just smile benignly and intone
    Remember the Icy Floe

  12. ACTOldFart

    The quote from Coleridge is so apposite. Going a bit more down-market, for what its worth (to the tune of Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song):

    Oh, I’m a warmenist and I’m OK
    I sleep all night and tell lies all day

    I bore you all with my gormless rants
    But that’s just fine, I’m on government grants

    Bein’ a warmentist ain’t always nice
    Not much warmin’, too much f*&^ing ice

    Still, I’m a warmenist and I’m OK
    I make a forturne and your taxes pay

    Yes, crude and crappy I know, but dreamed while driving to the shops this morning.

  13. GerardB

    This scientific ice wedge should be celebrated by the University of New South Wales, who sponsored the expedition, by making Chris Turney their Admiral T Cornpone professor of climate science.

  14. Mrs Beardsley

    Oh boy. More extreme cold ‘global warming’ from the Canucks.

    I can tell you from experience. Minus 30 is really, really, REALLY cold and uncomfortable.

  15. Arnost

    From dotearth

    Greetings from Casey Station on the East Antarctic coast. I’ve just returned from the deep field site at Aurora Basin where the Australians are drilling a new 400-meter ice core which we will analyze in my lab in Reno.

    I’m writing with regards to the rescue effort for that tourist ship stuck in the ice near Commonwealth Bay and the enormous impact of the rescue effort on Antarctic science programs. The Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis was here at Casey in the process of unloading the coming year’s supplies for the station, as well as a number of researchers and their science gear for this summer’s activities, when the emergency response request was issued. The Australians shut down the unloading very quickly and left within a few hours after the request arrived but only about a third of the resupply was completed and a lot of that science gear was still on board. Before they left they at least were able to get the passengers including six Aurora Basin researchers off the ship. Otherwise I’d still be at Aurora Basin and would have had to stay to the end of January since my field replacement was in that group.

    The short- and long-term impacts on the Australian science program are pronounced as you can imagine and I understand it is the same for both the Chinese and French programs since their icebreakers were diverted, too. I’ll be sitting down to New Year’s Eve dinner in a few minutes with a number of Australian researchers including the director of the Australian Antarctic Division Tony Fleming – many of these guys can’t complete the research they’ve been planning for years because some or all of their science gear still is on the Aurora.

  16. Jannie

    Today The Australian is running an article which claims that 2013 was the “hottest year on record” in Australia. Ruining my morning coffee, its very cool in Perth right now, must be freezing down south. The data comes from the BoM. No comments are allowed so no questions.

    It might be useful to see what Anthony Watts thinks, but maybe the Cat people can throw some light on it.

    It seems that every year there are announcements that the hottest year on record has occurred (not to mention all the lunacy about Cyclones and ‘extreme weather’). How does this stand up against the 16-17 year plateau on the temp graph? Of course the global “average” could plateau and still allow for local hot spots but in a topic so saturated with crap its hard to find anything beleiveable. I reject most warmist propaganda because it is so transparently propaganda, not because I am scientifically qualified to make a technical assessment.

    I am unsure, not enough data. I mostly side with the skeptics because I respect the players opinions on other topics on which I can better make a judgement. But the warmists believe in their position, yes like a religion, and they admit that it is necessary to exagerate and propagandise in order to save the planet, not to mention their research grant.

    Anyway, whats the drum on this 2013 hottest year on record thingo?

  17. Walter Plinge

    Jannie — that article appeared to me to be a classic piece of BOM cherry picking. 2013 is the hottest year since 1910? Possibly, but why do they treat us like fools by saying ” national mean temperature was 1.20 degrees celsius above the 1961-1990 average”. Let’s have the 1910-2013 mean temperature change. I reckon the change is statistically meaningless which is why the BOM didn’t give it. Instead they picked out a period with low mean temperatures to make 2013 look bad.

  18. thefrollickingmole

    Im with the above poster, why was retrieving the catastrophe tourists scientists an emergency?

    Is it an emergency that they would have run out of food?
    Is it an emergency that they would run out of fuel?
    Or more likely is it an emergency theyd already watched their supply of DVDs and might be stuck where they didnt want to be for a few months?

    If so then the modern “emergency” is pretty soft.

  19. incoherent rambler

    hottest year since

    Remember, this is according to the BoM adjusted data.
    The BoM has adjusted data that does not match their way of thinking (like Wayne Swan does with economic numbers).

  20. Jannie

    Yes cheers Walter, I can at least understand the BoM would be presenting a comparison that is statistically insignificant, but in such a way that innumerate readers draw the obvious inference. Thats an old trick. Which is why I am suspicious…why are they trying to con me? They are trying to con me because they want to save the planet, from me.

    The strange thing is I would not believe the warmists, even if they were right.

  21. struth

    You can only get away with this bunkum on the younger air conditioned generation of townies.
    I would suggest many here, like me can remember many summers with the bitumen melting in the heat. Nowadays the bitumen melts all over the place really easily, but that’s because it’s the new bitumen that is laid down cheaply and starts melting at about 35′ celcius. I turned on the ABC again for the first time in a long time right at the start of the midday report. What did I Get? Main news item…..pushing global warming, and yes apparently it is still to blame for arsonists deliberately setting the heavy fuel load around Sydney (greenies against back burning) alight.

  22. rugbyskier

    Greetings from British Columbia, Canada. The local Global TV network news tonight actually noted that the people on the stranded ship were on an expedition related to ‘proving’ global warming. The news also had lengthy stories about the record cold affecting Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. Halifax and Winnipeg had record cold temperatures for this day and Toronto and Montreal are experiencing temperatures normally only seen in the Prairie Provinces. Fortunately BC and Alberta are experiencing average temperatures.

  23. struth

    rugbyskier #1132977, posted on January 3, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    So what you are saying is the press over there aren’t quite as left wing.

  24. rugbyskier

    So what you are saying is the press over there aren’t quite as left wing.

    Well, Global at least. Can’t say for CTV and CBC.

  25. cuckoo

    Un -freakin’-believable. This just got published in the Age (not behind a paywall, at least not as of five minutes ago). That popping noise you hear is the exploding heads of the Age’s loyal readership, dozens of them. That rattling roar is a hundred hands clattering across email keyboards, drafting furious letters to the editor.

  26. gnome

    In Mawson’s day he had a wooden ship and iron men.

    Now we have an iron ship in an ironic situation. The less said about the men the better.

  27. jupes

    Anyway, whats the drum on this 2013 hottest year on record thingo?

    It may* be the hottest year for 2% of the earth’s surface (aka Australia) but remember we are talking about ‘global warming’. It wasn’t the hottest year on record for the globe.

    * Or it may not be. Who knows with BOM adjusted data?

  28. entropy

    Walter, BOM use the period 1961-1990 as the reference period as that is what the IPC uses. At least in Australia, and most likely globally, the 60s and 70s were the low point in temperatures over the last century. Coincidence of course, but used as that is the point where measurements apparently became reliable.

    There is talk about updating the reference period from 1980 to 2010 as a recall, which might make things interesting.

  29. Uh oh

    So where all the alarmist stories in the MSM about the eco-disaster that awaits if the hull of the Akademic Shokalskiy is breached and the fuel starts to leak? Or doesn’t it matter, because it was on such a noble voyage?

  30. jupes

    From cuckoo’s The Age link:

    Journalists are supposed to be sceptical about all claims on all matters but that scepticism is usually absent when dealing with climate issues.

    And plenty more of the same in there. The auther completely disses the IPCC. The Age readership will have read nothing like it. Ever.

    2014 is going to be a great year for skeptics.

  31. jupes

    Or doesn’t it matter, because it was on such a noble voyage?

    Does it matter if endangered birds are killed by windmills?

    Does it matter if low CO2 light bulbs contain mercury?

    Does it matter if organic crops require greater areas of land to be cleared?

  32. Mindfree

    Maclean was a lone voice of reason on Jen Marohasy’s site when she was blogging frequently and copped a lot of juvenile stick from the climate institute delinquents

  33. Mark from Melbourne

    Comments on that piece closed after just over half an hour… perhaps they didn’t like much of the tone??

  34. Kaboom

    Utterly beautiful in its ramifications.

    The more the bastards try to down-play the issue, the worse it will be for them. It is an almost complete MSM cover-up. It’s as if they have received D-Notices regarding any discussion as to the purpose of the Akademic Shokalskiy, and the amazing thing is the level of alternate media attention this time around. There is no way that this debacle is going to escape public consciousness.

    2014 is going to be a bumper year.

    The BOM has started early, I see. There will be abject panic in the halls of academia, and the public feeding troughs. Beautiful.

  35. jupes

    Comments on that piece closed after just over half an hour… perhaps they didn’t like much of the tone??

    No doubt.

    And the warmies who did post had nothing to counter Mclean’s points except the ‘big oil’ bullshit. The retort of last resort.

  36. jupes

    2014 is going to be a bumper year.

    Hasn’t it started well:

    Maurice Neumann (carried over from last year), The SS Stupid and now The Age article.

    This could snowball as the media coverage comes under scrutiny.

  37. wazsah

    The Aurora Australis has made little progress so far getting out of the ice – check their webcam -
    be careful reloading your page to get the most up to date shots.
    find I have to clear cache at times.

  38. bons

    The only means of bringing universities to heel and to end the political and financial fraud perpetrated by the academic union is to make it hurt. UNSW must be made responsible for all costs resulting from its irresponsibility.
    UNSW as the employer body sponsored this farce but failed entirely in its duty of care and financial prudential obligations. Where was the vetting of the underpining premises supporting this farce? Where was the operational planning and implementation oversight the the law requires. all employers to implement.
    But it is not just this effort, the whole ‘absent minded professor’ cover-up for blatantly politically motivated Chairs must be called for what it is – fraud.
    Reviewing grants is not enough. Every Chair must be audited to determine its intrinsic value. Academic outcomes are not acceptable, that is merely a paid hobby outside of the sciences.

  39. Luke

    The Brisbane Times (a Fairfax paper) has been touting all week that it’s going to be 40C in Brisbane on Saturday. A record hot day….for the year. You can bet your last dollar that if it gets anywhere near that hot the paper will be full of global warming articles and opinions.

    They had one the other day doubling down on AGW. New research says that it’s no going to be at least 4C hotter by the end of the century. Never mind that the models haven’t been right for decades now. That’s not evidence of anything. The new model is the real evidence and it can only be judged from now. Or now or now or the next article.

  40. Jannie

    That link to The Age article is amazing Cuckoo. I am glad to see The Age walking on the other side of the street, but the readership is a tad outraged.

  41. Tel

    The Aurora Australis has made little progress so far getting out of the ice – check their webcam…

    I notice from the Aurora Australis log: “Ice conditions: 1st year ice, ice floes and icebergs”.

    That’s strange, I thought the ships were stuck in 10 year ice that slid down the mountain and jumped them from behind. Do you think perhaps the crew of the Aurora Australis actually have a clue about ice, and the others don’t?

  42. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’d be very surprised if 2013 was really the hottest for Australia in the recorded data. BoM has been adjusting historical temperatures downwards for a long while now. The 1890′s or 1930′s were probably hotter, but you would have to go to the original unadjusted data to confirm this…if it still exists.

    Airbrushing history is something a certain side of politics likes to do quite a lot.

  43. Jessie


    Here? Commonwealth Authorities and Company Act 1997. Maybe the granting body that vetted the grant application also?

  44. Jessie

    Rugbyskier at 1.31.
    Hey and Greetings from Australia too

    Happy New Year to our northern neighbours in the Common-wealth.

  45. Greg James

    Not sure if anyone up-thread has suggested this, and am too lazy to look, but maybe each and every one of the warmist fools who travelled on this taxpayer funded extravaganza should be named and shamed.

  46. irving J

    Its clear they were expecting to find trees and new species frolicking on the beaches of antarctica!

  47. rugbyskier

    Thanks Jessie, I’m an Aussie who is on a skiing holiday in Canada. Had my first ever white Christmas. British Columbia and Alberta wouldn’t be too bad places to live, they’re very similar in attitude and outlook to Australia.

  48. Walter Plinge

    Loved the conclusion to the Washington Times editorial:

    Some people are born disconnected from reality and never learn any better. You could call the affliction the Dead Parrot Syndrome…

    Global-warming fanatics are equally disconnected from reality. After a generation of scare tactics, dire warnings and apocalyptic predictions the global-warming movement has become a caricature of itself. They’re learning just how difficult it is to sell a dead parrot.

  49. Leo G

    “Today The Australian is running an article which claims that 2013 was the “hottest year on record” in Australia. Ruining my morning coffee, its very cool in Perth right now, must be freezing down south. The data comes from the BoM. No comments are allowed so no questions.”

    The Australian’s article is based on the BOM’s Annual Climate Statement which was released yesterday. The statement has no scientific validity due to the dependence on inductive reasoning and homogenised temperature data.
    Homogenisation allows the past data for a particular weather station to be compared to the projected trend of a selected group of other proximate stations and ‘adjusted’ to conform to the inferred trend. It effectively de-legitimises the data.

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