Guest Post: Tony Adams – Tasmanian rant

In my opinion we’re (Tasmanian’s) are being bullied into accepting another tax in the form of a levy on plastic shopping bags. I’ve tried to raise Tasmanian interest in this by writing to Editors of our local newspapers to no avail. Too many words I’m told but to reduce it to the required 150 words would emasculate it.

I would just like to know What is it with Tasmanian’s? We’re being shafted by food retailers who want to charge us for providing a receptacle to carry our groceries home in. Ever since I can remember grocers have provided a bag. In the early days it was a sturdy brown paper type but they were dispensed with, in favour of flimsy plastic units, to “save the trees”. In reality of course, plastic was a cheaper option for shop keepers. In any case, plastic or paper, the cost was a business expense that was added to the cost of service, just like wages for sales staff, and paid for by customers. The average two person family spends some $150-$200/week on food (families with children spend exponentially more) and may require 5/6 bags. Now grocers want to charge us 10 cents/bag or .03% of the cost of our buy. Infinitesimal it may be but we just “suck it up”.

Actually the Labor/Greens inspired legislation does not require a charge to be levied only that any bag supplied must be Compostable biodegradable plastic bags (AS 4736 compliant). Or Paper bags and bags made of natural fibres Food retailers and government are practising some form of “behaviour modification” on us and we tacitly allow it. Cynically, Coles and Woolworths provide bags for their online shoppers? As soon as they (grocers) feel that 10 cents is acceptable it will be increased, just like Carbon Tax – another Labor/Green inspired brain snap.

This is another outrageous impost on us and one that does not serve any real purpose, especially one that does anything to benefit the ecosystem or animals (again think “carbon tax”). I note with some scepticism that the small single use plastic bags supplied for fresh produce etc. are not legislated against but are far more dangerous to animals? The number of plastic bags that end-up in the ocean thereby endangering turtles compared to the number of bags used is beyond any form of sensible computation. Of course manufacturer’s of plastic bags love it! They will end up selling more bags for our rubbish.

Forcing us to re-use a bag is extremely dangerous and potentially very unhealthy. The food experts tell us not to associate or use the same implement to cut/prepare chicken and red meats but food retailers and our State Government, both of whom should know better, want us to reuse bags that are loaded with bacteria. This is not as simple and a benign event as the casual observer might believe. If we don’t object in as strident and forceful manner as permitted under law, then we will be consigned to history as a pathetic bunch, a journey that is already well advanced according to Mainland Australian discourse. We are fast becoming a laughing stock.

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  1. brinkin

    we have this nonsense in the nt, you forgot to mention the increase in flys and the increase in litter as no plastic bag chuck the rubbish out the car window.

  2. SJH

    You’ll become a laughing stock if you don’t correct your abuse of the apostrophe

  3. Mique

    I don’t believe that “food retailers” in Tasmania or anywhere else would initiate a universal charge for a plastic bag without strong Governmental pressure to do so, notwithstanding the author’s claim that there is no government requirement for such a charge. Here in the ACT, such plastic bags are prohibited altogether, and the consequential costs of that can be sheeted home to the government, not the retailers who are as much the victim of Green stupidity as the rest of us.

    The solution lies with the Tasmnian citizenry who should just grow up and vote their current idiot government out of power and replace it with adults. Fat chance of that, given their history. As with the ACT, Tasmanians have the government they deserve.

  4. Fred Furkenburger

    Haven’t SA just allowed back plastic bags as they discovered to their chagrin that it was counter productive and actually made the problem worse because of all the extra non biodegradable bags which had to be bought?

  5. mizaris

    We are fast becoming a laughing stock.

    Oh no – that happened long ago. Fuckin’ Greens have made Tassie not only the laughing stock but the welfare state. The carbuncle on the ass of Australia.

  6. Ubique

    Could we please edit out the grocers’ apostrophes? They’re a serious distraction from the message.

  7. Ant

    The Left have become bored with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

    Plastic bags and other environmental non-problems have come to stimulate their fetishiness.

  8. JimD

    the ACT, Tasmanians have the government they deserve.
    The ACT and Tasmania have a voting system no one deserves. Fixed.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    The problem with this is also that plastic shopping bags are actually the most environmentally friendly option since they use such a small amount of HDPE.

    This is quite official. Tony Blair’s UK Government commissioned a life cycle assessment to prove that plastic bags were evil, but unfortunately the results were exactly opposite of what they expected:

    As a greater amount of energy goes into making a cloth carrier than a polythene one, a cotton bag has to be used 131 times before it has the same environmental impact than its plastic counterpart

    And if a plastic bag is re-used as a bin liner, a cotton bag has to be used 173 times – nearly every day of the year – before its ecological impact is as low as a plastic bag on a host of factors including greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime.

    But most of us only use the bags around 51 times before they are thrown away, researchers found.

    So as you might expect they tried to bury the report, which was only disinterred by a FOIA. Eventually they gave up and published it. You can get a PDF copy here.

  10. Some shops do supply plastic bags which comply with the new, silly regulations at no extra cost to their customers. I received a reply from Woolworths—when I explained that the Salamanca Fruit Market, for instance, and 9/11 bottleshops provide free plastic bags though Woolworths and BWS do not—that Woolworths is trying to locate a source of compliant bags.

  11. Now grocers want to charge us 10 cents/bag or .03% of the cost of our buy

    Many shops charge 15¢, and this is far more than .03% of a purchase if the customer buy only a few items but enough to require a bag. Shops also offer “cloth” bags for $1.00 which are actually plastic which is manufactured with a fake weave to look as if they’re canvas.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    Regarding the health issue, this came up last year in Canberra who also have a ban:

    Study links plastic bag ban with increase in food-related deaths

    “If individuals fail to clean their reusable bags, these bacteria may lead to contamination of the food transported in the bags. Such contamination has the potential to lead to health problems and even death,” the paper states.

    If you wash your bags, the problem then is you use so much energy and water in the washing process you completely blow away any environmental benefit in comparison with the HDPE bags.

    Another study done recently also found some fun findings:

    Tax on shopping bags ‘will lead to more food poisoning’

    In a new experiment, a Sunday newspaper took a selection of reusable bags for analysis at Glasgow Caledonian University’s School of Health and Life Sciences. Scientists analysed one square centimetre of each bag, which included plastic and cloth types.

    It emerged that four of the nine bags fell into the “heavily contaminated” category.

    Prof Kofi Aidoo, a leading expert on bacterial toxins and food-borne diseases, said the bags would “have to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to avoid the risk of food poisoning”.

    Disinfecting cloth bags would be even worse for the environment since the left over disinfectant would kill all sorts of water fauna when flushed down the drain.

    As usual this Green policy is not only completely pointless and stupid but is actually worse for the environment than the HDPE bags are.

    I hope the Tassie government has good public liability insurance. Payouts could become quite expensive.

  13. BarryK

    Target stores charged customers for plastic bags, but have now stopped the practice. Whatever management’s reason for changing, staff have told me they are much relieved now that they no longer cop the abuse from customers.

  14. Grumbles

    I have some GOOD news for you, Target here in WA tried this for about 18 months and it has been abandoned due to Consumer Backlash.

    Separate point, isn’t a plastic bag a good form of advertising?

  15. Baldrick

    The cost of a reuseable Coles or Woolworths shopping bag in Tassie is 15c per … not 10c and “Under the new legislation, retailers are not required to charge customers for the bags they supply, but they may choose to do so.

    … retailers who don’t comply with the ban may be issued with a $650 Infringement Notice, or prosecuted through the Courts, where fines of up to $2,600 for individuals and $13,000 for businesses and organisations may be imposed.

    Don’t you just love Labor/Green governments!

  16. Brett_McS

    There is almost no material at all in the latest plastic bags – they’re like gossamer. And then they double as mini garbage bags. Technology is about doing more with less, which is what all those linear projections of disaster fail to account for.

  17. struth

    Isn’t it all so insane?
    This all stems from naivety and ignorance about how the world operates.
    It stems from the “look at me” false compassion rampant in our society.
    They don’t know how the world works and don’t care.
    As long as they look caring , that’s all that matters.
    This plastic bag caper stems from exactly the same greens/ left mentality that cares not how many people die on boats coming here, as long as they “seem” to care.
    (but only if it helps bring down western capitalism).
    All this tosh , people I believe are starting to be fed up.
    The jury is out as to whether Australians will stand up for themselves but I doubt it.

    By the way, there are no water restrictions at my place either.
    I have taken the restrictor out of my shower head.
    I have a good hard shower when I get home. I really need one after my job.
    Had an inlaw of sorts tell me off about it the other day.
    I told him I use no more water, as I am not standing around the extra time to wash the soap off etc.
    Therefore I save power by not having the bathroom light , or extractor fan,on for as long.
    If I couldn’t have a good hard shower, I then told him that after I came home I would have to buy a spa to release the muscle tension. Just like the one he’s got.
    Can the world be sillier?
    How can we live amongst all this lack of comm0n sense and intrusion without turning to grog………”slurp” ….burp.

  18. .

    I love going into Masters and denying Planet Ark $0.05 each time I buy a new gaia killing power tool, and then take the delightful gem home in a plastic bag.

  19. H B Bear

    Sometimes I feel sorry for Tasmanians.

    Not often though.

  20. MA

    Agree with the newspaper editors, 150 words would have been plenty.

    Otherwise I support your campaign.

  21. Dan

    Start a Facebook campaign. Everyone should call the supermarket manager every time they shop to complain, every single time, make it their problem and let them sort it out with the minister or whoever.

  22. Notafan

    What they need for the reusable bags is disposable bag liners 🙂

  23. Target stores charged customers for plastic bags, but have now stopped the practice

    Yes, but in Tasmania the government passed legislation—The Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act, “an Act to prevent, so as to minimise environmental pollution, the provision by retailers of certain plastic bags”—for all shops, which banned bags made of plastic less that 35µm in thickness.
    According to the Act:

    A retailer must not provide to a person a plastic shopping bag for the purpose of enabling goods sold, or to be sold, by the retailer, to be carried from the retailer’s premises…

    The Act defines a plastic shopping bag thus:

    plastic shopping bag means a bag, with handles, that is—
    (a) made, in whole or in part, of polyethylene with a thickness of less than 35 microns; or
    (b) a bag of a type prescribed by regulations to be a plastic shopping bag–
    but does not include–
    ( c) a biodegradable bag; or
    (d) a plastic bag that is an integral part of the packaging in which goods are sealed before sale; or
    (e) a barrier bag; or
    (f) a bag of a type prescribed by regulations to not be a plastic shopping bag

    Note, by the way, how ineptly written this legislation is.
    Many shops just used the new law as an excuse to charge for new, thicker bags.
    Read our glorious government’s propaganda :

    Lightweight plastic shopping bags are seen by many as an example of our wasteful, throw-away, society. […]
    From 1 November retailers can no longer supply shoppers in Tasmania with non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags, to carry or transport goods purchased from the retailer.

  24. Tel

    Now grocers want to charge us 10 cents/bag or .03% of the cost of our buy

    Try going to an ATM… and they don’t even offer a bag to carry away what little is left of your money.

    Even when you leave your money in the bank, it gets smaller.

  25. stackja

    I am surprised that the Greens have not insisted on a hemp bag.

  26. Aristogeiton

    Dude, for the love of god learn to use the apostrophe.

  27. Those big green ‘recyclable’ bags take FOREVER to biodegrade.

    You are better off sticking with your plastic one.

  28. Megan

    Same stupid thinking that gave us those light bulbs that make your rooms look like a Scottish twilight. I walked away from the counter at Target on two occasions when my own carry bag was full with other shopping. Both transactions were over $100 and I told the check out operator to pass on to the manager that I was not prepared to pay for a bag when I was spending a three figure sum in their store.

    And I will do the same to any retailer who tries the same in Tasmania, next time I visit

  29. Megan

    And, as Phillipa said, those green polyethelene bags are even worse than biodegradable plastic. These descendents of Methodists, Puritans and wowsers should be ignored as their unpleasant antecedents were by anyone with operating brain cells.

  30. john of bicheno

    I don’t know what what you big island people are bitching about over plastic bags,that’s small beans to how the whole of Tasmania’s population has been screwed by the Greens having the balance of power in Tassie

  31. Infidel Tiger

    Those big green ‘recyclable’ bags take FOREVER to biodegrade.

    They burn even better than the old ones.

  32. PatP

    We visited South Australia shortly after they banned the plastic bags. We found that around public bins in tourist areas there were lots of flies mainly due to the fact that people put their rubbish in the bin unwrapped – including used baby nappies. Funny thing was that on the beaches they had plastic bags which you took to put your dog poo in.

  33. Rabz

    Here in the ACT, such plastic bags are prohibited altogether

    This is a deliberately misleading statement. From what I can gather, the ol’ style plastic flimsies are ‘prohibited’ but you can still outlay a mighty 15 cents for a much more sturdy, ‘reusable’ bag.

    When a similar ban was introduced by those barking mad labor/greenfilth morons here in the ACT, I vowed that it would cause me no inconvenience whatsoever. As I always drive to the local Woolies, I keep two of those monstrous non-biodegradable bags (gifted to me when I lived in Sydney, one is from Louigi’s bakery in Dulwich ‘ill) in the boot of the car and simply take one or both of them with me upon parking.

    My only concern is running out of the flimsies (of which I’ve only got about 100 left) and not having any replacements available. But then, I could simply drive into Queanbeyan and get some.

    Like the ban on incandescents, this isn’t going to be overturned, peoples.

    These types of petty, utterly infuriating ‘decisions’ will continue to be made by pompous, arrogant, utterly out of touch parasites for one simple reason.

    The “punch in the head” factor.

    If politicians were more prone to copping a random, though thoroughly deserved, punch in the head from less than gruntled constituents (who are legion, across the various jurisdictions in this wide brown land), they’d be less prone to making these types of decisions.


  34. that’s small beans to how the whole of Tasmania’s population has been screwed by the Greens

    As someone who’s not from the big island, I complain about The Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act because, inter alia, it’s a bad law, based on ideological but stupid reasoning, and it’s emblematic of all the other stupidities the incompetent Labor/Green government have inflicted upon us.

  35. incoherent rambler

    They burn even better than the old ones.

    I love the smell of chlorohydrocarbons in the morning!

  36. Rabz

    And I’m not advocating some kind of “king hit” free for all.

    For pieces of genius like unrestricted immigration, massive government spending and consequent monstrous debts, ridiculous nanny state interference, etc, etc, the fuckwits deserve a good smack in the head.

    This is not a sentiment I’m going to resile from, peoples.

  37. jumpnmcar

    Now you’ve done it.
    A backlash movement will now go through the checkouts with bags made of Minke Whale skin, Lion pelt, Dolphin carcass and Koala hide.
    And good for them. All recycled, biodegradable and from a renewable source.
    Personally I’ll opt for feral cat underbellies knitted together with their own whiskers,

  38. Walter Plinge

    Can’t say I’m that sympathetic. If you vote in a green government you can’t be surprised when ludicrous green policies are rammed down your throat.

    Tasmania, long-described as a mendicant state, has two resources worth exploiting: tourism and timber. Tourist on its own isn’t sufficient. Until Tasmania resdiscovers large scale arboriculture and exploits its abundant forest resources to the hilt it will require financial support from long-suffering and irritated mainland taxpayers. This harvest can’t start too soon. I gather large tracts of once-harvestable forests are now masses of rotted, fallen tree carcases, an ugly sight with no economic or aesthetic value.

  39. If you vote in a green government you can’t be surprised when ludicrous green policies are rammed down your throat

    That’s a bit rough since the vast majority of voters did not vote for a green government (cf the Gillard/Green regime).

  40. Botswana O'Hooligan

    It’s basically someone ripping the consumer off, simple as that. I don’t know how much a plastic bag costs but it would be nowhere near what they charge for one. Years ago in Russia they tried that trick too, ten kopeks for a bag where I lived so people resorted to carrying their own version of a sugar bag we used to carry when I was a kid growing up in a small bush town.

  41. Greg James

    You voted for the ridiculous idiots, so stop whingeing.

  42. PS I also have no sympathy. The six most miserable years of my life were spent in the Apple Isle. It’s beautiful to look at, but …

  43. 2dogs

    biodegradable plastic bags

    Biodegrading plastic bags give off CO2 in landfill. The environment would be better off if we just burnt the plastic bags in waste to energy incinerators (along with all the other garbage), offsetting the need to produce energy by other means.

  44. Technology is about doing more with less, which is what all those linear projections of disaster fail to account for.

    Absolutely. In leftist wrongology, productivity is assumed to involve only producing more with the same amount of inputs, whereas producing the same with less is also more productive. Hence the “technology makes us produce more crap” fallacy.

  45. Bruce

    Tasmania’s International Exports: 2012-13.

    Single largest item is zinc metal from Risdon. One sixth of the total for the state, not counting Zn cons from the west.

    The Nyrstar refinery in Hobart would be out of there if they could, but it has been there since 1915. You could mine the hill it sits on, so much metal is in the dirt under the smelter. If the Tassie Government gives them one single tiny excuse…that’s half a billion gone from the balance of payment and about 3000 direct and indirect jobs.

    BTW there is about 3000 tonnes of zinc still sitting under the Tasman Bridge if anyone likes scuba diving.

  46. Infidel Tiger

    Isn’t whale grooming and vaginal knitting filling the void left by the departure of forestry?

  47. Peter56

    It might be a beautiful state, but you idiots get no sympathy from me. I just hope it’s a federal tax, solely for Tasmania, so we can reap something from your parasite state, the state that gave us the lying slag’s government, courtesy of those deluded and very dangerous and moronically stupid, brown turd and milne.
    So if you are expecting some sympathy and want me to cry you a river, well, I don’t give a triple f, which for me usually means filthy fucking foreskin (TM), but in this case, flying fat fuck.
    You reap what you sow pal. Now stop your sooking and be a man, not some brown turd sookalike raving type.

  48. Rob

    Target stores charged customers for plastic bags, but have now stopped the practice. Whatever management’s reason for changing, staff have told me they are much relieved now that they no longer cop the abuse from customers.

    Was listening to radio here in Sydney some months ago Ross greenwood had the Target Ceo on his program and he canvased listeners for suggestions on how to improve the stores. While listeners opened up with both barrels 2/3rds suggested that the plastic bag issue was the main reason they wouldn’t shop there.

  49. iamok

    I have never used the green bags the supermarkets flog as I figured from day one they reduced their costs by not purchasing the plastic bags, and got you to pay for the green hemp type bags. Money making to save the planet. All in all it’s just another brick in the green wall folks. So much to my wifeys chagrin I do not use those things at all. I also do not use the self serve lanes – again much to wifeys chagrin – as they are slower, cheaper and cost real jobs. In fact I am sick to death of Woolways and Coles altogether. And jeez I am getting grumpy and old.

  50. Chistery

    I just checked the price of garbage bags at Coles online. A 30 pack of large kitchen tidy bin liners sell for $2.22 or 7 c each. So you just need to scan that pack first then tell the person at the checkout to use those instead, just as you over hear the store manager saying “I will never get my comeuppance! You hear me? No comeuppance!”.

  51. Infidel Tiger

    I love the self serve lanes, but by god there are some morons. Ive seen hausfraus trying to put the weekly shop through them. Talk about a clusterfuck.

    Self serve lanes cost jobs in the same way that the cashier bagging your groceries did the bag boy out of a job.

  52. Oh come on

    Re: the reusable bag, wasn’t there a study done a few years ago that showed substantially more waste was being generated under the green shopping bag scheme, considering that users of the reusable bags frequently tended to leave them in their cars/at home, which meant they bought replacements…then factor in the higher occurrence of groceries being spoiled or damaged because of overpacking plus the purchase of bin lining bags to replace the plastic shopping bags that were commonly used…

    A counterproductive green scheme – who would have thought it?

  53. iamok

    OCO my wife has about 50 of those frikking reusable bags in the car and house. I could build a green igloo out of the damn things. And yes, do not return the trolleys – you are costing more real jobs, not being lazy of course.

  54. iamok

    Sidebar – watching Craig Ferguson – very funny.

  55. Turtle of WA

    At the shop counter I usually get asked the question: ‘Would you like a bag with that?’
    I like to pause for a second or two, to give the impression that I am really considering my options. I then tell the person serving me that it will annoy hippies if I take a bag, so yes please I would love to take a bag.

    Try it. You’ll get an interesting range of responses. Don’t be afraid if the person is a hippy. If they get violent you can then have fun explaining that hippies are supposed to be peaceful.

  56. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Hey, Peter56, can you clean up your act a bit please? Unnecessarily OTT. There are ladies present.

    Moi, indeed.

    Now, back to the garbage and its bags: when confronted with baglessness (damn, left the bags in the car again, too hot to go get them), a lot of my friends and I just buy less, on principle. Sorry, Bunnings, don’t want that $130 worth of stuff now, knock that big item off and we’ll just take the bits we can carry.

  57. Greg

    These bags are made from a waste stream in the refinery process. If these bags are not produced- this stream is burnt producing carbon dioxide. You would think people would be pleased that what would otherwise be waste is used for something useful but logic was never the Greenies strong suit.

  58. Alfonso

    OT great news…”Indonesian authorities say the Australian Navy forced an asylum seeker (sic) boat back towards Indonesia, where it ran out of fuel and ran aground.”

    Excellent move Morro… Their ABC building to panic.

  59. Token

    OT great news…”Indonesian authorities say the Australian Navy forced an asylum seeker (sic) boat back towards Indonesia, where it ran out of fuel and ran aground.”

    Where were those ships donated by the Australian government to the Indonesian navy?

    PS: Let’s hope the ABC gets the news out as it really does destroy the commidity of the people smugglers.

  60. rebel with cause

    The plastic ban bag is green stupidity writ large – inconvenience an entire population to ‘solve’ a non-problem. Is the amount of litter in the state reduced on any measure since the ban? Coles and Woolies must be loving these laws though – the number of numpties who are happy to pay 15c for a bag that must cost 0.15c in materials is a sight to behold.

    I’d say that the problem Tasmanian’s have is they are sometimes too polite for their own good – they don’t like to make a fuss. This allows Leftists to walk all over them and say all sorts of outrageous things unchallenged. Many parts of the Tasmania are very conservative, but it is the sort of quiet, polite, inarticulate and unpretentious conservatism that the Left learnt how to outplay long ago.

  61. Gab

    How long before the Greens demand toilet paper be banned?

  62. Osoma bin shopping

    A business should never take its customers for granted. If consumer terrorism is your thing, load up your shopping trolly with ice cream and frozen goods. if the store declines to provide free plastic bags at the checkout, leave the proposed purchases and walk away. A couple of incidents like that a week will send a loud message and may prompt a rethink

  63. .

    The ‘green’ bags have their advantages in being durable and strong. Good for carrying milk or a manly provision of meats.

    If I am missing a few items and buy three onions and a bottle of sesame oil for a stir fry..I hurt gaia and use an ordinary plastic bag, supplied by Big Food.

  64. struth

    Yes , Tasmania is a beautiful state, unfirtunately filled with feral lefties.
    But lets be honest. There are alot of good Tasmanians and I can remember when Tassie wasn’t filled with that many greens voters. But they migrated from the mainland. In my travels I have noticed that any geographical area like tassie has been infested. It was always going to happen. From the Dandenongs to the Margaret River area, and many areas along the east coast, that is the environment they choose. They have stuffed all of those places. They get to live in the best environments, aspouse their bullshit, live in some hippie mind set and dress like extras in a lord of the rings movie, become unproductive , and therefore paid for by the rest of us.

  65. struth

    i right next to e …….bugger

  66. struth

    right next to “O” double bugger, …………..back away from the keyboard Struth, sip your coffee.

  67. Jazza

    Tell me , do Greenies ever buy deli meat, pre-wrapped supermarket meat, packets of lollies, biscuits,and where do they put their fresh peas, beans, apples and apricots and the like to carry then home?
    We have been able to get biodegradable bags for decades–my first came from a chemist shop actually,so this “attack” on plastic bags is as “unscientific” as it is possible to be–as for charging extra, it will no doubt cause the disease I caught and still have–that of using the green bags made of same material as wheelie bins to take home groceries.At the latest reckoning, I found that at a once a week usage, I have only about 345 light years left on my five bags!
    This country is stuffed and consequently blind and stupid, or if it isn’t quite gone, the Muslim curse will finish it off–another topic where 99.99% of media won’t address or even refer to by name,let alone tell us the true facts!

  68. Mark

    You should have a look at a Productivity Commission 2006 inquiry into waste management. The inquiry dealt with a lot of plastic bag issues. It found there was very little evidence supporting the contention that plastic bags were generating material environmental costs.

    You may find the Commission has rebutted most if not all of the arguments that your now facing in Tas.

    Good luck.

  69. Reap what ye sow…

    Trade Union Party – 51.23%
    Milquetoast Party – 48.77%

    11.3% voted for the New Communists in the Senate

  70. Garry B

    Want to make an impression? How about making up your own bags for shopping. Stencil on it your thoughts about those do-gooders, that you want plastic bags, and that you are a VOTER. Fightback. For years I have felt a bit lonely in not shopping at Target and Big W, and trying to avoid Bunnings due to plastic bag policies-feel happier now knowing that there are many others who feel like I do, and that the Greenies have lost battle at both Big W and Target.
    Have some shareholdings and every year get a letter from various companies asking if I would like to reduce (their) paper usage by going online. If I will do this the company will make a donation to a green charity. Red rag to a bull. There is no way I want to help any greenie filth, in any possible way.

  71. Steve of Glasshouse

    #1138886, posted on January 7, 2014 at 9:26 am
    How long before the Greens demand toilet paper be banned?

    Then we’d have to follow each other around with plastic bags to clean up. Where will it end?

  72. Jannie

    I couldnt get past the apostrophes. The solution could be to pay NZ to assume responsibility for Tasmania. They are more experienced at making island economies work, and it would sort out that business about the apples.

  73. coz

    I hadn’t heard of any customer levy, but if there’s talk of one it’s because health regulations will probably require raw meat to be bagged separately in plastic, I currently use those fruit bags (on the roll). There’s inevitably more germ transference in reusable bags (held by more hands more times and with unbagged raw meat in them.

  74. iamok

    Garry do you contribute to the carbon offsets when you fly on a plane? No I bet not. How can you sleep at night knowing that’s it’s people like you that are contributing to 100m waves and the destruction of the planet in the next 50 years? Mind you most of us won’t be around or able to prove it. Never matter.

    And yes I did see a man bear pig outside in the garden that looked remarkably like Flim Flammery.

    Run run run- the sky is falling I tells ya!

  75. Andrew of Randwick

    we will be consigned to history as a pathetic bunch, a journey that is already well advanced according to Mainland Australian discourse

    Mainland Australia is just tired of playing Big Brother and letting Tasmanians indulge their selfish whims of clean and green.
    — With 40% of Tasmanian family units having their only, or primary, source of income a Federal Govt benefit.
    — With $160 going back to Tasmania for every $100 collected in tax.
    — With a Senator who gets a quota of 50,000 versus a quota of 500,000 in NSW having so much influence on federal politics and/or ABC air time. (The Senate long ago stopped being a ‘states house’.)
    Then I just don’t care, that you have to pay directly for a bit of green tape, it might make you Taswegians think and act responsibly.

  76. Helen

    i have hundreds of fifteen cent bags and maybe forty of those big manly meat carriers, in orange and pink and green.

    Look I just forget, so wear the consequences, I still reuse them for rubbish and so forth, but so miss the old platic freebee bags and those Target ones, pack something away in them at your peril, time comes and they fall to tiny pieces.

    But it took the cake when a traveller from somewhere where hemp bags or death are the only choices beagn to berate the check out lady when she asked if he wanted to buy bags. He was doing the whole enviro nazi thing, shouting and so rude to this poor lady when the whole line told him to pull his head in. What a wanker.

    I suppose he felt quite righteously noble lecturing away, and no doubt dined out on lentils with his tale, which, on reflection shows he would have been a sitter for the entrance exam to the spanish inquisition.

  77. Wallace

    Botswana o,
    Sugar bags folded in half lengthwise, then fitted with a looped rope tied to each corner, to go over your shoulder, then insert a couple of sandwiches filled with sliced mutton and pickles, and wrapped in yesterdays newspaper, and then include a recycled lemonade bottle with a screw -on top, filled with cold tea, then get on your bike and treadle to work knowing that when the lunch break came, you are prepared.
    Better than some others, I might say, who look enviously at your feast.

  78. Jessie

    brinkin at 5.05pm

    It would appear in the SA, ACT also have/had this requirement to comply. Perhaps in NT it is a ‘deferred’ cost born by Local Government rate payers and what/where coded land is made available [easily] for dumping? NT ratepayers, of which a great % do not pay rates, or rates are reduced for so many under various schemata, and the latter (land) of which NT has abundance of. And rubbish, as you point out.

    The author should seek help from Local Govt bodies in understanding more on the issue, and who likely contributed to the legislation.

    Australian Standard AS 4736-2006. (2011) warns about plastic bag compliance. ACCC media release (2010) declares Nupak ‘Goody’ plastic bags conduct misleading weighed in on the argument with the Federal Court outcome (2011). Who’d be a f*ing retailer?

    It also seems The Standards are applied in the EU-UK. I guess like trading the global carbon particles really.

    Good luck with the migratory turtles brinkin. The entire northern coast across WA/NT/Qld and the TI’s will breathe a sigh of relief when their Ranger programs and associated helpers no longer deal with the apparent consequences of suffocation in native animals. Eco-tourism and feral Mindil Beach markets will reign!

  79. struth

    Eco- tourism is an oxymoron.

  80. roger

    Self serve lanes cost jobs in the same way that the cashier bagging your groceries did the bag boy out of a job.

    Are you for real, IT?!
    Easily the most socialist/Marxist-friendly comment I have ever seen from you. The Union movement is looking for new talent. You obviously have abundance of talent, and, also, apparently – to judge by the above comment – also the compatible political persuasion. (I am assuming that was not sarcasm, though.) For your attention: as soon as a job becomes economically non-viable, it should immediately be disposed of. End of story. Anything else – you are in Unionist territory.
    As for the situation in Tasmania: Sad. The saddest thing about the political situation you can learn that the Liberals were pushing for this ban. In fact, in this – like in a few other radical Leftie legistlative initiatives – the Liberals were more enthusiastic than Labor, the latter actually being rather cold on this issue. Funny ol’ world it is over in Tasmania. The Libs are sometimes next to complete morons in Tasmania.
    And as for the Author – I agree with a previous comment: if you don’t learn how to use the apostrophe correctly, you may contribute to the image of Tasmania to be what you warn of no less than that idiotic ban on plastic bans.

  81. Infidel Tiger

    Are you for real, IT?!

    Not often.

    I love the self serve lanes. I lament the demise of the checkout chick as much as the red flag carrier in front of the horseless carriage.

  82. roger

    Not often.

    Apparently I fell into your sarcasm trap. 🙂

  83. Jessie

    Struth – glad to you realise this. Few do.
    It sells and the suckers lap up every word of the bullshit sprouted. Masturbation heaven.

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