More on phones and other things – Louis C.K.

Bad language alert!!!! About the anti-capitalist generation and phones and other things. But like it says, hilarious.

[My thanks to Joshua for sending it along.]

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7 Responses to More on phones and other things – Louis C.K.

  1. C.L.

    And yet …

    Without the complaining, would technological advances proceed at such a dazzling rate in a competitive market? Enough people whine and somebody comes up with a better mouse-trap.

  2. manalive

    The crack about the Wright brothers “Orgille” and “Wendall” was a bit funny, the rest of it went over my head I’m afraid.

  3. C.L.

    It was somewhat monotonous.

    11 minutes of ‘isn’t it appalling that we complain about our lives given that we have phones and can fly?’

    A 3 minute bit, at best.

  4. Rabz

    A 3 minute bit, at best.

    Funnily enough, Blair had a three minute version of this CK monologue on his blog about three years ago. A lot funnier without all the padding obscenities.

  5. JohnA

    Rabz +3 – it most certainly could have been funnier, punchier in 3 mins. without the obscenities.

  6. Adam d

    I liked it Steve, it seems the perpetually aggrieved can’t keep the mood light for even a few comments.

  7. jumpnmcar

    Steve Hughes is better ( the ” law of being offended ” bit is spot on) and less than 8 minutes.

    [h/t WOBH]

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