No Packaging Day

One of our friends regularly drops off her grandchild at school.  On a recent occasion, the six year old informed her grandmother that it was “No Packaging Day” at school – a regular event – and her lunch should contain no packaging or wrapping of any sort.

Note that this public school is located in a very well-heeled part of Melbourne in which the parents make high incomes, many in the private sector.

The little girl is in the habit of having a tub of yoghurt as part of her lunch and our friend went into a blind panic about whether she should simply tip the contents into the lunchbox (think: mess, seepage, etc) or abandon the yoghurt and disappoint the child. Rebellion was out of the question because the child would have been punished or ostracised in some way.

What is the point?  Who dreams up this sort of useless but inconvenient gestures?  Is there no concern for the instrusiveness of this sort of dictate?

I guess it is all about this Gaia rubbish being peddled in the national curriculum – a practical demonstration of sustainable practice, a reminder of the heavy carbon footprint we impose on the Earth.  Who knows?

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  1. stackja

    To me “No Packaging Day” means no agitprop allowed.

    So Rebellion was out of the question because the child would have been punished or ostracised in some way.

    Vic Premier needs to tell who ever to go away and stop the child abuse.

  2. EasyE

    Is this grooming the next generation for further self flagellation to “Mother Earth”

  3. Matt

    …public school

    It’s this kind of unthinking drivel that pushes parents into the private system. I would be enraged if my (future, potential) children were subject to this nonsense.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Leftism: mental illness.

  5. Token

    Yay, they have a food poisoning day once a month. Are they allowed to use utensils?

  6. mizaris

    What about not packaging the kid in a car and walking to school.

    Seriously what a load of senseless crap.

  7. Michel Lasouris

    And what, if anything would have happened if said child told her teacher that Mum insisted that her food be wrapped for hygienic reasons?
    I’d love to hear the Parents reply…….

  8. Bill

    Basically you ignore the “event” and continue packaging as before and give the child her healthy lunch. If the child is punished or given any demerit in any way, ask to see the teacher concerned with the Principal and preferably go along with a witness and tell them that if the punishment is not rescinded and an apology given to both the child and yourself then you will commence legal proceedings against the teacher and the Principal by extension for child abuse and discrimination.

    Oh and be sure to inform your local Member, the Premier, the Education Ministers both State and Federal and your Senators. That should commence a rather lively debate. Also feel free to advise your local CONSERVATIVE radio station.


    Uncle Bill
    (He who loathes stupid Agenda 21 issues and rules)

  9. Lysander

    You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get myself a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, hot pink, with whale skin hubcaps and all leather cow interior and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights. Yeah! And I’m gonna drive around in that baby at 115 miles an hour, getting 1 mile per gallon, sucking down quarter pounder cheeseburgers from McDonald’s in the old-fashioned non- biodegradable Styrofoam containers! And when I’m done suckin’ down those grease ball burgers I’m gonna wipe my mouth on the American flag and then toss the Styrofoam containers right out the side, and there ain’t a God-damned thing anybody can do about it. You know why? Because we got the bombs, that’s why!

  10. Fitter of East Melbourne

    Organising a Zero Waste Lunch day
    The following is a list of steps that can be followed to implement a Zero Waste Lunch day or program.

    8. Send note home with ideas = WASTE
    9. Arrange award system= WASTE
    10. Design posters to display around school = WASTE

    How about we have a Zero Hypocrisy Day?

  11. Megan

    It’s been great for the plastic lunchbox manufacturers – Target, Officeworks have these non-biodegradable plastic, unlike the bags they have banned from the shops, that have dinky little yoghurt, chips etc that fit into the specially designed, moulded lunchbox. Probably ten times the carbon footprint of a bit of waxed paper or gladwrap.

    Group insanity writ large.

  12. Megan

    …have these non-biodegradable…

    Too quick on the submit button!

  13. Aristogeiton

    #1150416, posted on January 14, 2014 at 2:49 pm
    Yay, they have a food poisoning day once a month. Are they allowed to use utensils?

    Did our “first peoples” have utensils? There’s your answer.

  14. boy on a bike

    Our school does this on a regular basis. A good outcome is that the grounds are spotless nearly all the time. Having lived near a public school that was a total rubbish tip, this is a good thing. I got well and truly sick of chip packets and other lunch time detritus blowing into my yard from the school down the road. You’d be astounded at the stuff that some parents pack for their kids each day – no wonder some of them are as fat as Green senators.

    As for yoghurt, we bought a screw top container for economy reasons for our kids. It holds about the same amount as a small tub, but we find it cheaper to buy yoghurt in 1kg tubs and then dole out a bit for the kids each day. The container is also made of tough plastic, so we no longer suffer exploded yoghurt tubs in the lunch box from rough handling. Monty could sit on it and it wouldn’t crack open.

    The school promotes the idea of sending the kids to school with less rubbish in their lunchbox, but it’s also clear that it is voluntary.

  15. sabrina

    Minimising the packaging is not a bad idea.

    But what the school apparently wanted out of these small kids is absurd. There may be more to it, or some sort of misinterpretation at either end. Why not ask the school to clarify the matter?

  16. Bruce

    Its a religious ritual. Nancy Pelosi did it in the Congressional canteen until the Dems lost their majority. One of the first things Boehner did, to great relief, was to bring back real food and cutlery which worked instead of dissolving.

    Stick a fork in it, we’re done

    Perfect window into the soul of the species.

  17. RyanStarr

    This is not new. Round bout 35 years ago when I was at primary as a 6 year old the class had some kind of healthy food promotion BS. It involved the teacher asking kids what healthy food they had eaten for play lunch.

    Kids ate whatever their parents had shoved in their lunch box, of course.

    Memory’s fuzzy but went something like this: On one day I received praise for having eaten an apple, which I found in my lunch box.

    And then on another day I had NOT eaten a healthy food, because my lunchbox didn’t have it. So in class when asked, I — a 6 year old confronted by the prospect of being publicly admonished for what someone else put in my lunch box — I LIED, saying I had eaten a healthy food (apple?).

    But, some other kid had seen what I really ate, and they spoke up and called me out. Oh shit, so there I am having my lies outed in front of all the class! You absolute C***S! I should sue you for PTSD!

  18. kae

    This and the teaching of AGW in lower grades in schools is child abuse.

    It’s al very well to teach children to clean up their rubbish, etc, but this is too much. Has anyone noticed how much Australia is beginning to resemble a tip as people just throw their rubbish anywhere? But every kid knows about AGW and how we’ll all cook!

  19. Wayneof perth

    Absolutely ridiculous. Parents should be able to challenge such policies. But where would they go? In an insane Kafkaesque world where do the sane find solace?

  20. pete m

    My kid went to a kindy which required all wrapping to be grease paper so they could use it in worm famrs, and banned plastic wrapping. We just used plastic boxes instead. I’m working hard on the kids building their shields in readiness for the sustainability crap they will be brainwashed with come the higher grades.

  21. Andrew

    It’s pretty simple. You get on with your life, leaving the kid to eat the healthy choice you made for her (yogurt). Recall that this is a grandmother dropping off the kid, which (being other than the nuclear family that leftists hate) is a Non-Traditional Family ™. Therefore, since the grandparent was unaware of the concept, any attempt to victimise the family constitutes Discrimination ™.

    I would be surprised if the victimisation went beyond a 10 second gentle reminder about the no-packaging day idiocy – “next time remember to tell your gran the day before” etc.

    If they ACTUALLY risked becoming a worldwide social meeja laughing stock by giving a 6yo detention for eating yogurt, then that too is fixed by having the father administer 3 sharp blows with a closed fist to the principal’s nose.

  22. RyanStarr

    Look at this, people talking about how to unpackage a packaged food so that the package doesn’t go to school.

    Yep fantastic green lesson being learnt by kids: how to shift a problem so you _appear_ to be making a difference.

  23. Talleyrand

    Time for a call in the Worksafe and OH&S representatives. It surely must be in breach of food safety requirements to demand no packaging.

    Alternatively, ask the school to turn off the air-conditioning in the Teacher offices, Principal’s Office etc as an offering to placate Gaia. Sustainability in the curriculum gets a workout in real time.

  24. kae


    So it’s too hard for the school to teach the children to put their rubbish in the bin?

    No wonder Australia looks like a tip.

  25. rebel with cause

    My parents wouldn’t have had the foggiest what my school’s lunch policy was. I’m pretty sure I made my school lunch every school day from the time I was six years old (yes a six year old can make a sandwich). Never did me any harm. Parents who don’t trust their kids enough to let them do things for themselves make a rod for their own backs.

  26. dianeh

    If this policy or whatever it is, causes anxiety to the children, then the parents should talk to the school. I have to ensure that no one at our school asks my son about the wrapping in his lunch box. He won’t eat an apple unless it is in its own little plastic bag. His cheese sandwich must be wrapped and put inside a little container. But there is no prepackaged food though. We do what we can to get him to eat. Any criticism of his lunch has the potential to put him off eating at school for months.

    I trulyhate these idiotic schemes that the schools come up with. It is nothjng but more work and a shit load of trouble for us.

  27. Ant

    My daughter’s small catholic primary school did the same thing last year.

    But its principal and many of the teachers are Labor stooges, all of whom run off on strike at every opportunity incoveniencing a few hundred parents every time – “for the kids”, you know.

    Needless to say, she starts a new school this year.

  28. Jim Rose

    Does not packaging affect freshness?

  29. RyanStarr

    Take a photo of all the packaging that didn’t make it to school and send a letter to the teacher:

    Dear Ms GreenTwat,

    It is with regret I inform you that my son Timmy’s adherence to your no-packaging policy has not been as thorough as you may have believed. You see many of the foods Timmy eats at school are in fact packaged foods which have simply had the packaging removed at home. Attached is a photo of the packaging Timmy has discarded in only 1 week of school. Can you please advise a suitable punishment for Timmy so he’ll better appreciate the importance of eating only foods which has been prised straight from the earth into his mouth.


    Timmy’s Father

  30. Andrew of Randwick

    Like most things it seems to comes from the USA – see EPA who then recommend Earth Day Network’s Teacher’s Corner.

    The Earth Day Network Teacher’s Corner provides interactive lesson plans and activities; local, national, and international news updates; and current information on the activities Earth Day Network is engaged in around the globe. It is geared toward teachers of any subject who want to incorporate environmental curricula into their classes.

    So their you have it – prepackaged “teacher’s resources” – you’d be a fool (or a heretic) not use them wouldn’t you.

  31. Dan

    You can buy compartmentalised lunch boxes that would separate the foods and keep them fresh. However as they start off in packages there is nothing to be gained.

    Solution is simple, just ignore them. My son would just laugh at them if they made a fuss.

  32. candy

    Washing out the lunchbox from yoghurt or whatever would waste more water, more detergent used and so on.

  33. Baldrick

    So does that mean on World No Tobacco Day the usual suspects won’t be lighting-up behind the dunnys?

  34. Gab

    “No Packaging Day”




    Socially exclusive.

    I wonder what would happen if all – or most – of the parents decided to ignore this ridiculous and self-indulgent useless Day and instead rebelled and sent the kids in with all packaged goodies for lunch and little lunch? Why are parents so meek and easily brow-beaten by these monsters from the cast of Animal Farm?

  35. JC

    Ignore the instruction. If they have a problem with it, go after them legally if necessary.

  36. Empire Strikes Back

    Is there no concern for the instrusiveness of this sort of dictate?

    Nope, this is the leftist agenda for indoctrinating children.

    Minimising the packaging is not a bad idea.

    Maybe Sabrina, but it’s none of the schools business. Their only legitimate concern is that kids place their used packaging in a bin. That’s it.

  37. Empire Strikes Back

    So it’s too hard for the school to teach the children to put their rubbish in the bin?

    No wonder Australia looks like a tip.

    Kae – in my day “yard duty” or “emu bopping” was the standard penalty for insubordination. We were a generally anti-authoritarian lot. The grounds were spotless.

  38. mizaris

    And this is more of the leftist agenda which they are so intent on denying exists in education.

    bleagh phooey!!!!

  39. ar

    On No-Packaging Day we’d tie an onion to our belt…

  40. Gab

    Minimising the packaging is not a bad idea.

    How exactly is the packaging minimised? Parents will still buy what they’ve always bought just transfer it into a container like Tupperware – eek! that’s supporting the Big Oil!!

    Anyway, the packaging industry is quite big in Australia for foodstuffs especially. Do these Gaia worshiping mini-dictators also want to see the demise of that manufacturing sector in Australia too? Have they learned nothing from Tasmania?

  41. Megan

    We were a generally anti-authoritarian lot

    This is being lost from the Australian psyche.

  42. Notafan

    My kid’s Catholic school got rid of rubbish bins altogether. Everything goes home in the lunchbox. All that uneaten food was causing the rat population to explode as they enjoyed the food court every evening. Our kinder committee ditched the recycle bin in 1994 for the same reason. The rats were at the bottom of the bin waiting for the crusts and uneaten fruit to be delivered.

  43. Toiling Mass


    After a steady drifting of schools away from Michelle Obama’s dietary rules it seems the USDA is going to officially relax the rules.

    The gall of that appalling woman and her pernicious influence! She has trouble with her weight so every kid in the country has to go on a starvation diet.

    No wonder Bambi is thin – he is afraid that if she sees him holding a donut or a Mars bar that he will be swept up unnoticed is the great suction of her apetite.

  44. Steve of Glasshouse

    Back in my day, the food scraps went into the pig bin at school. Woe betide you if you were within cooee of that bin when a nun strolled past and saw ” acceptable” food product. The closest student was often ” gifted” with food from the bin..

  45. Toiling Mass

    Is banana skin a packaging?

    They should at least make it plain packaging – etch the entire banana surface with pictures of people slipping on banana skins.

  46. boy on a bike


    So it’s too hard for the school to teach the children to put their rubbish in the bin?

    No wonder Australia looks like a tip.

    Comes back to culture. Drop a bit of rubbish at my kid’s school, you’re on detention picking up litter all lunchtime. Grounds are spotless.

    I’ve walked through other local schools where the crap is literally wrapping itself around your ankles. When I asked a teacher why kids were not being assigned to pick it up, I got an earful about how most of the teachers disliked confronting the kids and found it too stressful to tell them to clean up after themselves. Then again, the mums of those same kids hang around the school gates in their ugg boots and tracky daks at pick up time chain smoking and dropping their fag packets on the school grass.

    Shorter answer – requiring teachers to enforce rubbish pick up is an OH&S issue which will lead to claims of stress and bullying (against the Principal’s that attempt to enforce it).

  47. Leigh Lowe

    Throw some unpackaged peanut butter sandwiches over the fence.
    They’ll be so busy jabbing little blue-faced gurgling kiddies with epi-pens to be bothered with “no packaging day”.
    Might be a salutary lesson about the value of packaging and labelling.
    Granted, a couple of kids might buy the farm as a result but it would be a stark demonstration of the dangers of unpackaged foods.

  48. Gramyko

    This educative process is working a treat
    Lost count of the number of times I ‘ve picked up some rubbish dropped on the spot by a young person.When I call out “I’ ve got this ” I simply get a blank look.
    Comes with being an old fart I guess

  49. candy

    Is banana skin a packaging?
    They should at least make it plain packaging – etch the entire banana surface with pictures of people slipping on banana skins.

    That’s pretty funny, Toiling Mass

  50. nerblnob

    I reuse plastic yogurt tubs to microwave eggs. Perfect for the job.

  51. face ache

    every time I eat a banana I am being wasteful apparently. These loonies want me to eat the skin too. And eat bones and potato peels and orange peels. Of course we have wastage. ffs

  52. Craig Mc

    How about we have a Zero Hypocrisy Day?

    How about “Mind Your Own Fucking Lunch Day”?

  53. srr

    Why are parents so meek and easily brow-beaten by these monsters from the cast of Animal Farm?

    Because the teachers make sure the other parents know and along with the other kids, they all make your kid’s life hell…and start snooping around for other forms of ‘neglect’ you may be ‘guilty’ of.

    My youngest is over a quarter century old now, but we suffered such ‘concerns for our welfare’ from the first time I helped my eldest, in primary school, with a project about ‘endangered animals’.
    Teacher didn’t like his collection of actual facts.

  54. Cold-Hands

    Yay, they have a food poisoning day once a month

    My thought exactly. Write them a note advising them their package-free diktat is unhygienic and that if illness results the school and teacher will be sued for recovery of medical costs and damages. Should soon put an end to such overreach.

  55. Tel

    What about not packaging the kid in a car and walking to school.

    Seriously what a load of senseless crap.

    Tell the kiddie to run around in the park all day. After all, going insideca schoolroom would be dangerously similar to packaging. Anyhow, if you want to indulge in Gaia worship, don’t be half arsed about it. If the teacher bitches get the kiddie to give an answer in beat poetry.

  56. .

    This is simply backwards and illiberal crap.

    No religion or ethics system teaches this besides the deep green movement.

    They can go to hell.

  57. Jazza

    Stupid school idea!
    If they wanted to use the concept that we use a lot of packaging, they would have been better off just getting the children in the class to unwrap their lunches together and list on the BB the different types of packages, then later use that to work on how and why.That way no grief could come of the idea, but this one most assuredly caused some not nice calls to the principal I bet!
    Worst thing to do is step on parents’ toes unnecessarily,by changing their routines and causing them to have to think outside their little home squares–besides some teachers are parents too and they’d know what I mean –you always end up in the proverbial!!
    I suspect it was some green behind the ears YOUNG save the world enthusiast teacher!
    (V–the ex school principal of Victoria, now retired in Qld and pondering tonight about the system for kids who don’t fit in the “normal” secondary school system, seems they can wet accepted into some laisse faire arrangement, get bussed to different locations, not have roll calls, get free food,miss and days they like and the staff still gets funded, I think Federally–anyone know more please, as I have a great grandie looks like at 14 will be accepted and I can see her just abusing the laxity of it to the maximum, as she is the GREATEST manipulator Ive ever seen–I worry what will become of her and I suspect that loose rules and bussing about to outdoor activities in lieu of much concentrated school work will not enable the changes she seems to need to make in the next few years.)

  58. Brian of Moorabbin

    Note that this public school is located in a very well-heeled part of Melbourne in which the parents make high incomes, many in the private sector.

    Just out of curiosity Judith, does the suburb start with the letter ‘H’ and located beside the bay?

    I ask because my son’s school has done the same thing once a year for the last two years, and the above description sounds much like the area the school is in.

  59. Jazza

    I agree with you about the abuse.
    Reminds me of ten years ago when my niece’s son was about seven. He became scared of clouds,and didn’t want to play outside if there was not clear sky and loads of sunlight. In West Vic, that was a hard ask,so came the day he wouldn’t go to school after nights f creeping into the parents’ bed and finally told his mother it was cos he was scared of storms and cloudy skies meant storms were on the way.
    We finally fixed this so well he turned into a child who argued with any teacher who tried to quote Al Gore, but not before the stages of his principal coming in her new car to personally drive him for week, gradually walking him sandwiched between at least two of the family,eg gran, Mum and Me or his Sister,, in the rain and talking to him all the time, explaining exactly why he was safe under cover and when he would not be etc, and my research on the internet and reading through with him about clouds, functions, composition, how they fit into NORMAL weather patterns etc. I recall telling my niece she would have been better off advising the school first up that we were not of the Gaia religion so any global warming matters,as her mother had jokingly suggested months earlier, he should just go to the library for the session like the non Christians opting out of RE can do
    All these cam believers have much to answer for as I’m surer many smaller children must be not only brainwashed but sometimes very scared, if it leads to more suicides, I’d like to see them prosecuted–Greens first–or at least put in the stocks which had a bit going for it as a deterrent I read!

  60. Mr Rusty

    You see this is a perfect opportunity for piss taking and humiliation.
    Simply send your kid to school with their lunch contained in their cupped hands – the messier the better; meatballs, rice and yoghurt should do the trick. Inform the teacher and Principal that you have complied with the “no packaging” edict but that if, for any reason, your kid drops their lunch or they go without, or they pee their pants (as they will be unable to go to the toilet) you will sue for child abuse. Have other parents and their kids join in, take along a video camera to capture the shenanigans and / or inform local news and post on You Tube. Voila, the school becomes a laughing stock globally and the parents and kids get the kudos for rebelling against authority.

  61. Leigh Lowe

    How about they have “Just Teach Fucking Maths Day” or “English Grammar Week”?
    How about them apples?
    (I appear to have just demonstrated the need).

  62. Mater

    At least our school came up with an original name for this nonsense, Nude Food Day.

  63. Tintarella di Luna

    In an insane Kafkaesque world where do the sane find solace?

    They go to The Castle Wayne, to The Castle and don’t come out till they’re all gorn

  64. Nilk

    This is normal these days. I just ignore it, as does young Miss Nilk. The heavy duty carbon-intensive lunch boxes do take a hiding, so I don’t have a problem there. We just have a collection of them in different shapes and sizes. I suspect that wasn’t the plan when the brains trust had their lightbulb moment.

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