Tony Naughton Memorial PhD Scholarship

Tony Naughton

In July last year Tony Naughton, my Head of School, unexpectedly passed away. He was the most sensible university administrator I have ever encountered. To commemorate his life and contribution to RMIT University, a memorial PhD scholarship has been established.

In recognition of Professor Tony Naughton, Head of School Economics Finance and Marketing from 2003 to 2013, the School has established a PhD scholarship program for an outstanding candidate in one of the disciplines offered by the School.

Candidates are expected to hold a good first degree or Master’s degree in one of Economics, Finance or Marketing or a related field.

In order to be eligible for scholarship, you must have a first class honours or first class honours equivalent.

Location: City Campus

Scholarship Tenure: 3 years full time

Scholarship Value: $32,000 per annum full time rate (tax-free stipend; equivalent of current Australian Postgraduate Award rates + RMIT top-up). Prospective international students should note that the scholarship does not cover foreign student tuition fees. The student will further be provided with travel grants to present his/her work at international conferences and the opportunity to spend some time at an overseas university.

Applicants will be considered provided that they fulfil the criteria for PhD admission and scholarship of RMIT University and demonstrate excellent research capacity.

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5 Responses to Tony Naughton Memorial PhD Scholarship

  1. ChrisPer

    How great have known such a man. I wish you all the best finding outstanding people to benefit from the scholarship.

  2. .

    He was an accomplished man, definitely an example for scholars to follow.

    I suspect his good sense was dictated by being a businessman (accountant) first, then becoming an academic – and a good one at that.

  3. Julie Novak

    As a former student in the RMIT Economics, Finance and Marketing School, I can vouch for the excellent quality of education and support successful candidates for this scholarship will receive. A great initiative!

  4. Helen

    What a fabulous memorial and opportunity. Well done.

  5. James Hargrave

    ‘He was the most sensible university administrator I have ever encountered’.

    I have absolutely no wish to belittle him, but ‘sensible university administrator’ is a very small category indeed (from experience of five universities in two continents). I have known a few academics who have done it very well because they were determined that admin should not get in the way of their serious work, thus they despatched business with despatch. On the other hand, there is the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne and pretty well all who sail in her – a veritable Titanic – and the Human Resources ‘Chancellery’ there (delusions of grandeur) whose inmates, who must, alas, remain anonymous, seem to take their cue from those great figures, some quite close to the Chancellery of the Greater German Reich, who really invented ‘Human Resources Management’: take a bow the ghost of Fritz Sauckel.

    But good luck in recruiting.

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