Australia Day ambush

Yet another political ambush for the Abbott government from the cultural left.

Adam Goodes has just been named Australian of the Year for 2014.

To be sure Goodes is one of the finest AFL footballers to ever play the game and has tremendous talent – yet it isn’t clear that this is why why he won the award. Rather:

The Australian of the Year 2014, Adam Goodes, was honoured for his leadership and advocacy in the fight against racism both on the sporting field and within society – a stance which has won him the admiration and respect of people around Australia.

That is one way to look at a rather nasty incident in May 2013 when Goodes had a teenage girl separated from her guardian and subsequently bullied, intimidated and interrogated by Victoria police for two hours.

A lot of people like to compare Adam Goodes’ gesture with Nicky Winmar’s ‘similar’ 1993 gesture. To my mind, however, there is a huge difference. Winmar pointed to himself with a ‘stuff you all, here I stand’ attitude. Goodes pointed to a 13-year old girl when he sent that same message.

Update I: On the bright side Goodes won’t be able to embarrass the government by campaigning against children being separated from their parents while being held in detention.

Update II: The 13-year old as described by Miranda Devine:

THE 13-year-old girl vilified for accidentally making a racist slur against indigenous footballer Adam Goodes is the daughter of a single mother on a disability pension, from one of the most underprivileged and powerless backgrounds possible.

Yet the elites of Australia’s sport and media have not stopped smashing her and her family as racist rednecks.

As one correspondent says, “Pick on a pubescent bogan, become Australian of the year.”

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  1. srr

    Footballers, poets, scientists…this name, “I will stay anonymous on this one – because I fear the Left and the power of Google searches”, and the very real reasons for it, is what needs to be discussed, injected into all other discussions, pursued up hill and down dale, cornered and investigated to death.

    Until the need for such names is dead, all other debate is lame at best, and worst, likely to be slaughtered and processed to become more food for the cur dogs that hound mans duty to freely reason, to death.

  2. .

    The idea you can be mediocre and get the gong by virtue of being from Lower Tillibilliallalararayalah is an insult to everyone from the country.

  3. Gab

    The Bong is a favourite of the luvvie left – I’m surprised toe-sucker Riley didn’t get a gong. Maybe next year.

    I’m tipping a muslim for next year if the current AOY board is still the same. They’ll pick Sheik Cat Meat or maybe Waleed Aly, although an Aboriginal Muslim would trump all; perhaps Anthony Mundine.

  4. Des Deskperson

    Channel 10 news is now gushing over Bonge’s award.

    Someone should point out that an AM is only a third prize, a ‘bronze’ .

  5. gabrianga

    Tony Abbott praised Adam Goodes today

    What did you expect dumbdumb?

    A public flogging and an order to deport within 24 hours?

  6. Leigh Lowe

    Australian of the Year now carries the gravitas and status of King of Moomba.

  7. gabrianga

    Channel 10 news is now gushing over Bonge’s award.

    Now there’s a surprise. Usually they are the backbone of Conservative politics with the Bonge and Riminton giving Labor a serve on a near daily basis.

    Just loved their “unbiased” cover of the burned fingers incident which was only one step away from slotting the whole of the RAN.

  8. Viva

    The fact that aborigines never advanced beyond the paleolithic is a fact and needs an explanation.

    Well for one thing they lived in small groups mostly isolated from the world and even each other (except for occasional contact with Muslim fishermen in the North). In Europe ideas, artefacts and innovations were spread by trade, invasions and people movements.

  9. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    Any left wing homosexual muslim Aborigines out there, Gab?

    Absolute shoo-in.

    For the children, of course.

  10. Leigh Lowe

    I nominate Terry Nullius for Australian of the Year 2015.

  11. Ripper

    An inspirational role model for the Australian community

    I cannot see how that one fits when the only inspiration he showed was that not matter how successful he had become or what he had achieved , it was still time to play the poor victim.

  12. Rabz

    Hey Muscat – Start checking the job classifieds!


  13. Rabz


    Wrong thread.

  14. gabrianga

    Seems the National Australia Day Council have been spending a bit of time (perhaps even money) on white man dreaming causes

    National Australia Day Council and Reconciliation

    While acknowledging there is much more to do, the NADC is proud of making a contribution to reconciliation.

    The NADC have developed, and are committed to a Reconciliation Action Plan, an initiative of Reconciliation Australia which enables organisations to turn good intentions into actions.

    NADC thanks the staff of Reconciliation Australia for helping us appreciate the importance of Reconciliation.

    With their support, we take pride in our leadership role and hope others will join us in making a contribution to the process.

    Interesting to note that on Board of National Reconciliation is none other than this year’s Senior Australian of the Year “Red” Fred Chaney in the company of “Wombat” Henry of Treasury fame.

  15. Des Deskperson

    Maybe we should now refer to the award of Member of the Order of Australia (AM) as a ‘Bonge’, as in “he got a ‘Bonge’ for his choreographic work with the Wiggles”.

    Doesn’t ‘Emingway’ Fitzsimons have a ‘Bonge’??

  16. gabrianga

    This can’t be right ?

    40% of National Australia Day Council comes from organisations representing less than 5% of all Australians ?

    Of course their choices aren’t political.

  17. gabrianga

    Sorry. National Day Council Board.

  18. Aristogeiton

    Here’s what the big man did:

    What a bloody hero.

    Another hero is the legislation which made the police feel empowered to detain the child:

    (Note that the DPP needs to give consent for a prosecution for “Offence of serious racial vilification” to proceed; I cannot readily find an instance where this has happened)

  19. Alfonso

    Our Tone might like to get a heads up on the white hot temperature amongst numerous Tradies filtering in so far :

    This multi millionaire professional victim Aboriginal fingered a pathetic desperately poor and socially disadvantaged 13 year old bogan girl child, who had to ask what racism is when questioned, as a result of which she was held and questioned by police for hours without a relative or a lawyer, resulting in her being ridiculed on national tv….with pictures.

    And now the scumbag is Aussie of the Year on the strength of it.

  20. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    I am ashamed of our Australian of the year. He has a sincere apology yet to make to a thIrteen year old girl whom he greatly distressed and humiliated over notbing very much at all. Goodes is no role model there.

  21. Aristogeiton

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.
    #1168310, posted on January 26, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    I was moved with compassion watching her video. She seems frightened, confused and vulnerable. What miserable bullies are all involved, and all who cheered the abomination on.

  22. mundi

    I wouldn’t be surprised if only celebrities win Australian of the Year from now on.

    The ‘guidelines’ for selection have slowly molded into basically saying that only celebrities are what matters. You have to famous in your field and be something that young people want to aspire to. Not surprising Goodes won on this count once you throw the race stuff on top, which according to selection guidelines is essentially worth bonus points.

  23. Notafan

    Abolish Australian of the Year awards, it with SBS, the Arts Council and numerous other lefty spongefests can go the way of the Climate Council.

  24. kae

    Candy, loyalty to whom?

    Gab, exactly.

  25. kae


    Many parents don’t watch their children, aren’t actively supervising them in a playground so that behaviour which is dangerous is nipped in the bud (and I mean dangerous behaviour for age, other children , etc.)

  26. Jessie

    Lizzie @10.31

    I also am ashamed. And ashamed of Australia as the true purpose of Australian of the Year has been over the years thwarted, becoming a racial debate in this Lucky Country.

    Watching the 16 minute press video where Adam Goodes explains the oval situation I wonder looking at him whether he was furious in the heat of the moment at hearing the word ‘ape‘, understood later his immediate reaction/outburst in a volatile finals situation and then found himself caught in the media hype of the luvvies seeking to consolidate their argument of racial hatred.

    If Adam Goodes the man, has any courage and as a mentor to thousands of children who would have seen the same video and he fits the true mould of Australian of the Year I look forward to a real explanation from him, about him to Australians.

  27. kae

    Tintarella di Luna commented on Australia Day Weekend Forum: January 25, 2014.


    It is racist to recognise aboriginal people in the constitution. And I suspect it will lead to hands out all over the place.

    As someone said here before, Australians should only be mentioned in the constitution. Any singling out of any group according to race is racist. Any aid should be given according to need, not race.

    It annoys me how minorities seem to have a greater say in how I live my life and how my country is governed and overseen.

  28. Demosthenes

    So your insult is calling him “Stalin’s worker, normally a boy, who climbed the stacked butts to check the stack dogging, and for leaks; or an apprentice gauger”? Yeah, that’s definitely not weird at all, nossir, and of course there’s absolutely no doubt that was your intended meaning.

  29. Demosthenes

    Cynics might suggest your meaning was in fact the current one, but I believe your denial 100%.

  30. Alfonso

    Spin it all you like Demo…..

    Goodes would get chucked out of / shunned by our U12s for his low rent posturing dog act on a powerless 13 yo girl .

  31. Brucey

    The typical outpourings from the hate filled right, their influences so easy to discern , they might be surprised that Goodsey one of theirs that’s right a Lib
    What a shameful but typical display of the ungrateful pieces of humanity that poison that side of politics

  32. George

    “The typical outpourings from the hate filled right, their influences so easy to discern , they might be surprised that Goodsey one of theirs that’s right a Lib
    What a shameful but typical display of the ungrateful pieces of humanity that poison that side of politics”

    Now this is a classic example of a post with an individual giving a perfect example of what “hate filled” commentary is like. Not surprisingly, this person doesn’t belongs to a side of politics that frequently use attacks and insult whilst supposedly defending a ‘noble cause’.

    Extreme Laborites excel at it, who could forget the snarls of “misogynist” repeatedly used until the masses rejected emphatically that particular ‘style’ of communication.

  33. Lindsay from ballarat

    Australian of the year , what a joke , many more people in line before goodes what about Shane Crawford if you are going to pick a sports star , Crawford a done more for australian people of all races , all goodes has done is had a cry about a 13 girl calling him a name , the way goodes acted on that night was a joke singling out a child for his own self satisfaction show you the real person goodes is , what a joke stop being a sook goodes , if you were proud of the colour of you skin this would not be a problem , what u did to that 13 year old was a disgrace

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