Guest Post: Currency Lad – Yeah, No

Abbott ’embarrassing’ at Davos: Shorten.

Kevin Rudd at the G20:

Julia Gillard at the G20:


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62 Responses to Guest Post: Currency Lad – Yeah, No

  1. entropy

    Defending a man who compared a woman’s body part to shellfish by instead accusing your political enemy of misogyny.

    That’s embarrassing.

  2. entropy

    Abusing a shopkeeper over a pie.

    That’s embarrassing.

  3. Aussiejohn

    Embarrassing? I’m embarrassed that Shorten is even a possibility to become our P.M.! Can you imagine this political canker (a pernicious and malign influence ) in such a position?

  4. pete m

    news dot com dot au was plugging this line hard all day yesterday. M Farr is a f’n joke.

  5. Jazza

    Seems neither Farr nor Shorten bothered to read the rest of the PM’s speech!

  6. Grover

    Is she playing with his balls?

  7. Dan

    Not knowing what the PM said but backing it fully and defending yourself over the stupidity of that statement.

    That’s embarrassing.

  8. gabrianga

    Shorten opening his mouth….now there’s an embarrassment .Just check his “campaigning” in Griffith this week.

    As for Fatty Farr…..who cares?

  9. Lem

    Being stabbed in the back by your own party. That’s embarrassing. Waiting for the Fraud Squad to knock on your door. That’s embarrassing.

  10. ralph

    The embarrassment that is Tony Abbott at Davos – goodies and baddies, or was it baddies and baddies – incisive analysis!

  11. entropy

    Acting like you personally pulled a couple of lads out of a collapsed mine for the purpose of personal political advancement.

    That’s embarrassing.

  12. Crossie

    Shorten, Fairfax, AP’s knee jerk anti- Abbott spoutings. Ho hum.

    Did we expect anything else? Could we expect anything else? I’m in holiday mode and they can all go jump.

  13. CatAttack

    Baddies versus baddies perfectly encapsulates the situation in Syria. Which is precisely why the West is standing back on the sidelines.

  14. Andrew

    Having a senior member of your party (precisely WHICH one has not been revealed directly by the police of course) the subject of a victim’s statement alleging the rape of an underage schoolgirl – now that’s embarrassing.

  15. Demosthenes

    Guest Post: Currency Lad

    Ah, will we get a return to the CL blog posts of yore, perhaps an extended essay peppered with pointed remarks? Or a shorter piece, crafted with care and sprinkled with baroque language?

    [a link, a video, an image]


  16. Notafan

    Syria is now baddies versus baddies versus baddies and you could probably add a couple more and still be right
    I’m still hoping for an outcome like this
    There once were two cats of Kilkenny
    Each thought there was one cat too many
    So they fought and they fit
    And they scratched and they bit
    Till (excepting their nails And the tips of their tails)
    Instead of two cats there weren’t any!

  17. Dan

    Being complicit in the cover up of a former lawyers fleecing of union dues and the draining of a Widows Fund, then putting that Female into the job of PM which begat the lowest ever recorded first preference vote. Then turfing that female out for the other turfed out bloke who lost the federal election anyway.

    That’s embarrassing.

  18. Gab

    The last six years of Labor in government. Now that’s embarrassing.

  19. candy

    A former National Labor Party President frauding a few million dollars. Now that’s embarrassing.

  20. Dan

    A forehead like a drive in movie theatre.


  21. Brett_McS

    Wait a minute, is BO wearing a BLUE TIE!?!?

  22. boy on a bike

    The embarrassment that is Tony Abbott at Davos – goodies and baddies, or was it baddies and baddies – incisive analysis!

    He had to dumb it down so that you’d get what he was talking about.

  23. Infidel Tiger

    Dumping your wife at a footy game and then knocking up the woman you cheated on her with while she is still married to another bloke… That’s embarrassing.

  24. Peredur

    Two Midwest Academy acolytes share an in-joke, a repeat routine by virtual strangers … sigh!

  25. Gab

    A PM (and former lawyer) mispronouncing

    hyperbole as ‘hyperbowl’

    taliban as ‘taliband’

    negotiate as ‘negociate’

    high dudgeon as ‘dungeon’

    central tenet as ‘tenant’

    Saying you’d rather be in a schoolroom than bothering with the heady intricacies of foreign affairs while on an overseas trip…


  26. entropy

    Once being shacked up with oberst-gruppen-nanny roxon?
    Now that’s embarrassing.

  27. Gab


    I haven’t seen (sic) what she said, but let me say I support what it is that she said.

    and then being mocked by the international press, now that’s embarrassing.

  28. Gab

    Having an argument with a female Asian pie shop server over there being no hot pies to buy…embarrassing.

  29. JC

    Great thread. Excellent comments.

    Having your office start a race riot and then send one of the instigators outta the country to avoid scrutiny, isn’t embarrassing, it’s fucking fraud.

  30. Dan

    taking your kid to footy practice and thinking a Meat Pie is appropriate sustenance.


  31. Dan

    Supporting a pig in drag that has never been on the tools as head of the AWU

    That’s just plain silly

  32. Dan

    Having a copy of the constitution for the Socialist Forum always ‘on hand’. Effing ridiculous

  33. tomix

    If having the MSM uncritically report black propaganda as fact makes someone a “baddie”, Abbott might be wearing a black hat himself not too far down the track.

  34. JC

    Saying you’d rather be in a schoolroom than bothering with the heady intricacies of foreign affairs while on an overseas trip…

    Oh yea, I recall that. She said she’d rather be in a school room as she was passionate about education. She also dragged Stedman around those conservative Asian countries like she was on bogan’s holiday in Kuta. That was seriously fucking embarrassing.

  35. C.L.

    Embarrassing leaders abroad:

  36. Notafan

    Getting sacked from a firm of ambulance chasers and having to surrender your practising certificate
    That’s embarrassing

  37. JC


    I’ve looked for but can’t find it. There’s a vid somewhere of the Lying slapper on that first overseas trip (kuta holiday) where she gave a press conference and kept repeating the same swill over and over again. I can’t find it though.
    Something like moivin ford over and over again.

  38. JC

    You know what’s embarrassing. Having this underemployed idiot on your side.

    Yea, Mike I-worked-for the-Marth’s Vinyard Gazette-Seccombe is embarrassing. Smug bald idiot he is.

  39. Dan

    Claiming your part of a minority because your a childless atheist.


  40. Makka

    TLS going fat arse up , planting her nose in the grass in India wasn’t embarrassing?

  41. Ivan Denisovich

    Julia Gillard is not the first Australian Prime Minister to come to office with no experience of or interest in international relations. Unlike most, however, she appears disturbingly reluctant to learn.

    Selling Australia Gillard-styleSelling Australia Gillard-style

    While there is nothing inherently wrong with a Prime Minister admitting that she has no particular passion for foreign affairs, limited interest doesn’t excuse a lack of competence.

    Sadly, Prime Minister Gillard’s performance to date has been marred by a series of embarrassing incidents, of which the obsequious performance before the United States Congress and her persistence with the refugee processing centre in Timor Leste against the manifest objections of Timor Leste’s government are just the most recent examples.

    That’s a reference to the tearing up over the moon walk in 1969 speech:

    Real Julia.

  42. Rabz

    Rooting “Whyalla Wipeout” Emerson.

    Now, that’s embarrassing.

  43. Dan

    Indeed Rabz,

    Rooting a bloke dumb enough to drink the liquid in which you store contact lenses.

  44. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “Senior Labor Identity” echoing through the joint – that’s embarrassing.

  45. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From entropy at 11:56 am:

    “Once being shacked up with oberst-gruppen-nanny roxon?
    Now that’s embarrassing.”


    From Rabz at 1:40 pm:

    “Rooting “Whyalla Wipeout” Emerson.

    Now, that’s embarrassing.”

    These examples, I am reliably informed by the younger subjects of my empire, are known as “Sympathy ph_cks”. It is difficult to distinguish in each case which one is the subject of the sympathy.

  46. Dan

    What’s the thought process behind getting in the sack with JG

    we’ll, I’m drinking red wine, may as we’ll root a red head

    Later that night

    Oh Emmo, my lady parts are on fire

    I’d surprised if they didn’t nickname her Mount Herob

  47. harrys on the boat

    Shitfers going to busy uploading all these comments on his cat twitter account.

  48. Tracey

    “Who is Michael Smith?”

    That’s gonna be really embarrassing pretty soon 🙂

  49. Armadillo

    An Australian Prime Minister eating his own snot on camera and tweeting a photo of him cutting himself shaving.

    That is just plain cringe worthy.

    Getting caught calling Australia’s biggest trading partner a bunch of ‘Rat Fuckers’ is just plain stupid.

  50. Dan

    Earwax Armadillo.

    Introducing punitive taxes that harm the people you suppose to represent.


    Stonewalling about raises to Veterans pensions.


  51. entropy

    Armadillo, that was earwax, not snot. He had standards you know.


    Eating your own earwax in the House of Representatives while on national television?
    Now that’s embarrassing.

  52. Armadillo

    Typing snot instead of earwax.

    Now that’s embarrassing.

  53. Dan

    Not nearly as embarrassing as Wayne Swan

  54. tomix

    camera and tweeting a photo of him cutting himself shaving.

    That is just plain cringe worthy.

    That was no shaving cut. His boyfriend keeps a razor strapped to his dick.

  55. disillusioned

    TLS was a 7 yo during the moon landing a would have been in grade 2. There is no way that she was sent home to watch the landing by her teachers unlike the version she espoused in the US Congress.

  56. tomix

    It happened in Qld. I spent the afternoon hunting lost golf balls.

    Couldn’t be done today. There’s no one home.

  57. Notafan

    I was 8 and spent one of the most boring afternoons of my young life at school watching grainy images on a very small black and white television.
    Nearly as bad as missing Dr Who because of the Harold Holt disappearance.

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