More ABC arrogance

There are 1.2 billion reasons why this Youtube clip belongs in the public domain.

(HT: Bolt)

Update: Here is the statement:
ABC - ripped off

Here is the lie:

ABC - ripped off 2

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66 Responses to More ABC arrogance

  1. Cold-Hands

    More ammunition that proves ABC bias.

  2. JC

    File in the “I had to” file.

    Shane Castleman [email protected] 4h

    YouTube has pulled the Vic govt. attack ad using ABC News material at the request of our lawyers – as we’d do with anyone who rips us off

    jc ?
    @ShaneCastleman Lol, Yea right, Liar liar pants well and truly on fire.
    You leftwing ABC fuckers are shameless

  3. Notafan

    and they let Getup use Bananas in Pyjamas
    How stupid do they think Australians are?

  4. Andrew

    Victorian Liberal Party has in the last hour resisted attempts from the ABC to censor such an ad. Very good ad tho.

  5. A Lurker

    Just when you think the ABC has dug a deep enough hole for itself, they throw away their trusty old shovel, buy a massive heavy-duty pneumatic drill, and keep digging!

  6. entropy

    In order to kill the “think of the children!+!!!” Meme, how about a dedicated children’s channel be put out to tender. Ad free would be considered depending on the tender applications.

  7. boy on a bike

    Rips who off? Wasn’t that content paid for by Australian taxpayers?

  8. Infidel Tiger

    Great work ABC!

    “The ad they didn’t want you to see…”

    I expect it will go viral than Craig Thomson’s credit card.

  9. entropy

    So this simon dude works at the ABC? Imagine how long any other public servant slagging off a government action would keep their job.

  10. blogstrop

    So Shane Castlemen thinks he and the ABC own the stuff they put to air on our dollar?
    Tell him he’s dreamin’.

  11. Fred Furkenburger

    Yes IT you have to love the extreme ignorance of the leftie type. “I expect it will go viral than Craig Thomson’s credit card.” How does one ensure that what you are trying to hide gets maximum exposure? TRY TO REMOVE IT!!!! Sadly (for them) they have found the absolute way to gain maximum exposure for that ad! A lot of people (too many I’m afraid) probably would have dismissed this ad “as just another political ad”. Now many more people will see this ad via the wonders of the internet and pay attention. Way to shoot yourself in the foot with nan elephant gun!

  12. Baldrick

    Protect the ABC from conservatives … or the kids get it!

  13. Talleyrand

    Fair use policy permits the reuse of copyright material , BTW does Castleman have copyright permission for the Heraldsun cartoon of Abbott (by Mark Knight) he posted?

  14. Leo G

    ABC bias blind spot in plain sight again.

  15. Armadillo

    Did the ABC stop anyone from using Tim Blair and the dog for whatever purpose they liked?

  16. And Another Thing

    Just in case anyone still believed the ABC was not outrageously biased, they make it even clearer. And by the way, that footage belongs to any taxpayer still wasting their money on keeping these baboons employed. They have had no hesitation in letting Labor go he’ll for leather with footage for its election ads.
    And further, what business is it of the ABC’s what the Liberal Party decides to put on You Tube. It’s the second ad in two days leftists have taken it upon themselves to have removed, the first being a statement from the Prime Minister.

  17. cohenite

    I’m starting to like this.

    The ABC has to hang itself soon, in the eyes of the coalition.

    The ABC could never do any wrong in the eyes of its supporters though. The issue is do any of the ABC’s supporters vote for the coalition and if so will they change their vote if Abbott grows some and shuts down this un-Australian organisation?

  18. Free Advice

    There seem to be a lot of people being pushed and falling over and grabbing hot pipes as they land. Or are they landing on the same hot pipe?

  19. rafiki

    entropy at 8.47 nails the sheer arrogance of this tweet. It’s one thing to state that the Victorian Liberals have used ABC material without permission, it’s another to snarkily call it a rip-off. ‘Shane’ is speaking here in an official capacity, not as a private individual. He appears to transgress the fundamental precept of the APS Code of Conduct that “when acting in connection with APS employment, [the APS officer must] treat everyone with respect and courtesy”. (Yes, he works for the ABC, but the situation must be the same.) Another precept is that “APS employees, whether or not they are members of political parties, are expected to separate their personal views on policy issues from the performance of their official duties”.
    This tweet, and Scott’s continuing refusal to accept that by implication at least the early report insinuated that the Navy had mistreated the illegals, is behaviour that seems ‘beyond rationality’ (apologies to Malcolm Turnbull).

  20. candy

    The billboard gives the impression some company called GetUp owns the ABC, to the casual observer.

  21. JC

    I reckon a few of them are going to crack under pressure and call the JC leftie suicide hotline. We’ve been getting a few hang ups and caller ID suggests these calls came from their ABC studies in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. One call was from Hobart.

    The pressure on them is relentless and everything those leftwing sewer rats do at their ABC is being watched under a microscope. Incessant mocking is working a treat too, I think.

  22. bushbabe

    Shame the Bananas don’t split. What a pathetic advertising campaign to try and save the hemorrhaging ABC. Get Up…. the people that just don’t Get It.

  23. C.L.

    Well, Liberals?

    What TF more do you want?

    The ABC is laughing at you while hiding behind little girls and old coots addicted to Gardening Australia.

  24. And Another Thing

    The ABC has the sniff of victory for Labor at the next Victorian election. I guess it will do anything to run interference on the coalition. It certainly is spinning the speaker and rebel MP story Labor’s way at every turn.

  25. JC

    You’re right, CL. There’s no use whining about it. The Libs know eggsactly what to do. Nothing more needs to be said, except of course mocking and making fun at these lowlife bastards.

  26. Tal

    Labor women need a good hairdresser STAT

  27. Armadillo

    It appears Shane has been the head honcho in VIC for 2 years and 8 months. Will he make 9 months?

  28. Tal

    Steadman is unemployed…….

  29. cohenite

    I don’t know about blistered hands from this perpetually fucking hot pipe but I can think of another part of the anatomy it could be selectively applied to amongst the arseholes at the ABC.

  30. Armadillo

    Will he make 9 months?

    I really should give myself an upper cut for that stupid comment. He will get promoted for sure.

  31. H B Bear

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1?” “I think I am, B2!”

    “At least they got the Get Up’s “Protect Our ABC” correct.”

  32. Free Advice

    Now Fairfax are digging themselves their own hot pipe hole!

    The amazing thing about the ABC is that even though the story unravelled on the monday or so, they kept running with the story as a lead for the next 4 days getting more and more shrill even to the point that on the following saturday they were still headlining with the story, but no longer using the word “torture”!

  33. Matt

    Time to start naming names. Yes the ABC is biased, but people biased people ‘working’ in the ABC are able to hide behind the institution. Name the names of the biased people, personalise it, and demand action against these people. Keep beating the drums until something happens.

    The left does this all the time. Time to adopt their tactics.

  34. JC

    Time to start naming names.

    You mean like Shane Castleman? We have been. Check out his twitter page, the hypocritical bastard is getting belted around the ears from all comers.

  35. This sort of lowly propaganda just proves that they are truly gutter-dwelling filthy communists.

  36. Ed

    ABC lawyers have never heard of “fair use.”

  37. Gab

    Oh? And where were the ABC lawyers when the ABC aired that despicable poster of Chris Kenny and a dog?

  38. Ed

    The fair use provision of copyright absolutely allows the use of footage for political commentary.

  39. Disillusioned

    Perhaps it is time the ABC was treated like the saboteurs of democracy that they are. If you see something – say something on as many formats as you can. Give ’em a dose of their lefty own.

  40. Leo G

    GetUp are giving us all the two fingers sign on behalf of the ABC. Showing their hand.

  41. Steve D

    Is a federally-funded government corporation going to sue a state government? :-S

  42. Habib

    Yup the ABC is hip, their crap won’t load on a bloody iPad2. How much are we paying for this piss poor service?

  43. Blogstrop

    Speaking of hot pipes, Tim Blair has the story of Mark Scott ($805,000) taking a cheque for $40 from a little kid – to help the poor ABC!

  44. iamok

    The moment we see Get Up are up in arms then we know we are on the side of good.

  45. JohnA

    Blogstrop #1180553, posted on February 7, 2014 at 6:15 am

    Speaking of hot pipes, Tim Blair has the story of Mark Scott ($805,000) taking a cheque for $40 from a little kid – to help the poor ABC!

    Indeed, blogstrop.

    I commented at both Bolt and Blair that there are questions to be raised.

    Since a 6yo can’t legally operate a cheque account:
    a) WHO wrote the cheque?
    b) WHO is aiding and abetting this 6yo in this PR stunt?

  46. Bruce of Newcastle

    The astonishing thing is the ABC is denying the Victorian Government right to use footage that the ABC previously broadcast.

    The ABC has therefore outrightly and outrageously defied a sitting Australian government. This is made worse by them hypocritically allowing a political organisation (GetUp!) a right to use copyrighted material which was not afforded to the State of Victoria.


    How can anyone claim the ABC is not partisan, biased, in breach of charter and completely out of control? Why should we have to pay for this abusive and disgusting behaviour through our taxes?

    They must be shut down for the good of the country before they do more damage.

  47. jupes

    Since a 6yo can’t legally operate a cheque account:
    a) WHO wrote the cheque?
    b) WHO is aiding and abetting this 6yo in this PR stunt?

    Maybe it’s Little Gracie who would be about 11 now.

  48. Mon

    So who owns Get Up? Are they in partnership with the ABC? If so when did this partnership take place? Does Malcolm Turnball know about this partnership? Maybe Get Up want to take over the ABC.

  49. Aussieute

    You mean like Shane Castleman? We have been. Check out his twitter page, the hypocritical bastard is getting belted around the ears from all comers.

    His account has mysteriously disappeared
    Gutless wonder

  50. Alfonso

    Their ABC is secure and comfy in the knowledge that our Tone, of Hero of PPL fame, will do absolutely nothing ….except give us a ‘p0werless at production level’ ombudsman.
    He’s already made that clear.

  51. CatAttack

    Hate to admit this but I joined Get Up briefly when it first started but then quickly realised that the only “causes” they persued ever were Green Left ones and promptly resigned. Oh the shame.

  52. Beertruk

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1?” “I think I am, B2!”

    “At least they got the Get Up’s “Protect Our ABC” correct.”

    Then Get Up should fund the ABC, not the Tax Payer.

  53. rafiki

    A bit of comedy on AB24. Tony Eastley has just said that he has dyed his hair grey ‘to give me more credibilty’ (indeed, yes,) (then, under a leading suggestion from the fellow, changed to ‘gravitas’).

    Of more consequence is Trioli’s interview (if that is not putting it too high) with the Fairfax journo who has spoken to a person who reports what he was told by illegals claiming sailors deliberately tortured them. (The journo claimed that he ‘almost’ got to speak to one of the tortured. Did he pause to ask why he didn’t?) This ended up with assertions that ‘an inquiry must be held’. This of course would be greatly damaging to the reputation of the navy and Australia’s interests. Such a process would take months to arrange and complete, and in the end the allegations would remain and taken as true by many in Australia ans in Indonesia. To propose such a process on what is known is highly irresponsible
    The ABC and Fairfax are clearly taking on the Government. They may figure that they have more to gain (albeit a slight chance) than to lose (which at present is pretty certain).

  54. JC


    Don’t overlook the pasta. The torture bulkshit is no longer a story and no one gives a shit. Calm down and stop thinking too hard.

  55. MarkJJ

    We all knew this would happen after the Romney-Big Bird thing.

  56. Armadillo

    Anyone know who the ABC ‘lawyers’ are that Shane refers to? From reading here, it was pretty damn crappy legal advice.

  57. rafiki

    JC – I’m looking at the larger picture of where the ABC stands in relation to the Abbott government – in a state of war. This call for an ‘inquiry’ ratchets it up a notch or two.
    As for calming down – I find that blowing off steam on the Cat helps a lot.

  58. The best way to keep everyone happy is to abolish the Australia Network, ABC News and current affairs, replace them with back to back re-runs of Bananas in Pajamas episodes.

    The government can then recycle the GetUp billboard featuring the bananas: “Prime Minister Abbott protects the ABC!”

  59. Matt

    The ABC is a very one sided reporting organisation, there is seldom any balanced reporting when it comes to topics relating to the Liberal party, there are obviously all Labor supporters. I am sure that this won’t be published, but it is worth a try

  60. Cold-Hands

    Aussieute, Shane Castleman’s twitter account is still live, although he hasn’t responded to the critical tweets he has been sent.

  61. gabrianga

    Why the fuss? Isn’t Get Up the PR Department of “our” ABC?

  62. HK_Brother

    gabrianga says…

    Why the fuss? Isn’t Get Up the PR Department of “our” ABC?

    GetUp is the Arts Dept of the ALP and unions. The point is to attempt to establish a grass-roots movement while still having “plausible deniability” that they are not associated with the ALP or their union backers. One of its original board members is Bill Shorten. (Yes, the current Opposition Leader!)

    Words from the original GetUp spokesman, Lachlan Harris: ‘if you are a supporter of, like, conservative governments, is not for you’.
    (Yes, it is THAT obvious! They outright tell you they are Left-wing losers!)

    In 2008, Lachlan Harris became Press Secretary to the now-Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    The way GetUp behaves (against the Nation’s people) already tells you who they really are.

    Maybe its time to do massive bill boards revealing who GetUp really is.

    ie: When you show the public messenger is not to be trusted, their message won’t be believed.

    (That’s how you destroy Left-wing activism. Show the public the true character of the messenger…Then watch them squirm and make up all sorts of nonsencial excuses!)

  63. Wind-spittle

    Truth! I love you, I honestly love you:

    #1180215, posted on February 6, 2014 at 8:36 pm
    Relax, everyone, relax. Just calm down.
    Here’s the answer… it’s for free, but I need your help.
    My proposal so far:
    The future funding of the ABC should be decided by those taxpayers who choose to “opt-in” on payment for its service. That is, there will be a box to tick on the standard tax return that will nominate whether the taxpayer wishes to contribute to funding the ABC.
    If he/she does, then it will be represented as a proportion of the taxable income – let’s say a thousand bucks or whatever. If not, it is included in the refund.
    This should be done on an honour system. Trust. If people are not using the service they should not have to pay. Or, they might choose to cough up even if they are not using it. Perhaps they might decide they only use a small part and so can adjust their contribution.
    The ABC, meanwhile, can offer an online media service in which viewers can elect to pay and so opt “out” of having advertisements by paying a small amount via credit card. Let’s say, a dollar a day, or 28 dollars a month. Or they can watch the ads. Happens everywhere else.
    Between the opt-ins and the ads they should do pretty well.
    The other thing is that donations to the individual units within the ABC should be made tax deductible with an initial offset of 130 percent for two years.
    This would mean that donors could choose where their money went.
    That’s my silly idea, so far.
    The ABC responds to markets, those who do not use the service get to spent their dough on a pay-TV subscription, or a new Blu-Ray, or a ticket to a Bruce Springsteen show, whatever.
    And the greatest pay-off? More than a billion big bucks a year back to the national pool, to assist a majority of real, working people who clearly do not give a flying fuck about the ABC. Or make movies, or build bridges, etc. you know the drill.
    Another thing is that only those people who were proved as being registered contributors could lodge any sort of complaint, or take positions on the board, community committees etc. The Government would scale down funding by 20 percent in the first year, then 10/10/10 and so on.
    The ABC Act would also require the Corporation does not hold real estate beyond 2015, with proceeds from sales paying out redundancy entitlements etc.
    Am I on to something here?
    Let’s all work this up and send it through to Peta Credlin by COB next Friday.
    Is it just me?

  64. 2 Bobs Worth

    Rip “us” off?
    Who’s “us”?
    Is that the same “we” are us- a la Gillard?
    They truly honestly think the left own the ABC-
    this proves it.

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