Catallaxy 2013 annual report

Click here for the 2013 annual report courtesy of Jetpack

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  1. Mike of Marion

    JC – Average 33 times a day!!!!!! Very active Cat

  2. Demosthenes

    Gab by name, gab by nature?

  3. Gab

    Clearly, Demosthenes. I demand a recount! Or maybe I should just give it all away.

  4. Cold-Hands

    The fifth ranked top referring site to the Cat was Opinion Dominion?!?? How much traffic is sfB sending here?

    The top referring sites in 2013 were:

  5. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Gees you talk a lot Gabrielle!

    I am disappointed they did not report how successful J.C.’s suicide line for lefties has been in 2013 – a body count would have been nice.

  6. Ellen of Tasmania

    Gees you talk a lot Gabrielle!

    Mick – it’s the gift of our Gab.

  7. Gab

    I must do, Mick, which proves the adage ’empty vessels make the most noise’.

    Anyway, I want to know what I’ve won?

  8. calli

    That’s a lot of talking, guys! I wonder if there are any stats on blocked ip’s and one-off commenters?

  9. Squirrel

    Wondering how those stats for the Asia-Pacific region compare with the (slightly better funded…..) Australia Network(?)

  10. jumpnmcar

    Anyone got 2012 stats to compare?
    Be good to see trends.

  11. Dan

    Disturbing that Dogshit Today is connected with this place

    Wow, 13 677 comments. That’s a lot of Bolt links

    Hey Yobbo, how many of those comments were libertarian in nature do you reckon?

  12. Token

    858 visits from Nigeria and not one a prince with money in a bank account to hide.

    How is this possible. The 21k visits from Indonesia is interesting too!

  13. Tintarella di Luna

    Gab you have the blue ribbon again, congratulations. You win the admiration of many and the opprobrium of some both of which are lovely badges that change with your gravatar.

  14. Gab

    No, Tinta, blue ribbon went to JC last year. I wonder what prize he received? And how long it took to get it?

  15. calli

    Another stat worth collecting…which threads contained the most references to an amazingly expensive (but no doubt useful) cooking appliance? And the most accusations of ‘Facebookism’? 😉

  16. stackja

    From the Cat map I do not see Cats in central Africa.

  17. Steve D

    I can only presume SfB comes here via his own blog.

    Every. Single. Time.

  18. Grigory M

    I don’t see any of These Cats mentioned.

  19. Baldrick

    57 visits from Mongolia … like WTF!

  20. Rabz

    The Cat is popular in Outer Mongolia?

    Who’da thunk it?!

  21. calli

    Thanks to Grigory, I now have earworm. Peoples, whatever you do, do not open Grigory’s link. You have been warned.

  22. Motelier

    I wonder what the “Funniest Post” would have been?

    There have been comments in open threads that have had tears of laughter running from my eyes.

    The most recent was the day of that rather unflattering photograph of Dolly Shorten.

  23. Dan

    Probably someone on FIFO mining in Mongolia.

  24. stackja

    #1182156, posted on February 8, 2014 at 3:02 pm
    Thanks to Grigory, I now have earworm. Peoples, whatever you do, do not open Grigory’s link. You have been warned.

    I prefer this hot cat at the piano.

  25. calli

    Pure evil, Stacks. For shame!

  26. stackja

    #1182173, posted on February 8, 2014 at 3:19 pm
    Pure evil, Stacks. For shame!

    Lieutenant Pigeon was a British musical group popular in the early 1970s. A spin-off from an experimental music band Stavely Makepeace, it was fronted by Rob Woodward and managed by David Whitehouse.
    The group’s sound was dominated by a heavy honky-tonk-style piano played by Woodward’s mother, Hilda.
    Hilda Woodward died, aged 85, on 22 February 1999. She was aged about 58 or 59 at the time of “Mouldy Old Dough” topping the charts, which made her the oldest female artist to feature on a UK number one single.

  27. Tom

    How embarrassment. I am a pixel hog. 2014 resolution: fewer comments, less opinion, more information.

  28. Brian of Moorabbin

    Someone should do a report on Stevie’s blog and see how many of his hits come from Catallaxians wandering over to see what bullshit he’s publishing on any given day….

    It’d also be interesting to see how many visitors he actually gets….

  29. Rabz

    2014 resolution: fewer comments, less opinion, more information.

    Good luck with that, Squire!

  30. Leigh Lowe

    It feels like the volume of comments may have dropped since the election.
    Am I imagining that?

  31. Fleeced

    Aww, man – now you’re all gonna be competing for tom commentator position… I haven’t got a chance – I’m not around nearly often enough,

  32. JC

    Am I imagining that?

    They dropped off since Fatboy was permanently binned and Stepford went into exile out of the embarrassment the climate models are fucked and worried the Libs will remove his disability pension.

  33. Abu Chowdah

    Excellent! Well done, Gab and the other Catallympians!

  34. Grigory M

    Interesting reading back through those old Open Forums and seeing again the comments from a few people who are no longer around. Eg. Popular Front, Lucie, Septimus. I did enjoy Septic’s food, wine and music contributions and had more than a few chuckles at his parodies of JC and Yobbo’s stoushing and the attitudes of the “old folks”.

  35. Alfonso

    Re Griffiths: until Green voters are made to bear the economic consequences of their voting nothing will change. The wank continues because they don’t pay for it.

  36. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC


    Only two people came here from Greenland.

    This issue must be addressed. if you can’t make it in Greenland….

  37. james

    So gab, JC and CL are the top comment hogs.

    I. Never. Would. Have. Guessed.

    I wonder if you three ever find the time to do anything else!

  38. Yohan

    Gab and JC, what do you guys do all day? Are you sure you are not working for some government department somewhere, State or Federal?

  39. Cold-Hands

    For those who wish to compare, the 2012 Annual report is still available.

    There were NO visitors from Greenland in 2012, JC was top poster and Opinion Dominion was the fifth ranked top referring site…

  40. jumpnmcar

    Thanks Cold-Hands,
    I note Gab had way less comments in 2013 yet took top spot.
    Well done Steve Bradbury Gab 🙂

  41. Blogstrop

    It’s such a blessing that the volume has gone down with the despatch of the sementician and sundry others who seemed to spend most of their waking hours trying to look like a gadfly but coming off as lice.
    Just one left.

  42. Tom

    Thanks for the link to the 2012 report, Cold Hands. There’s the headline right there: the Cat had 40% traffic growth in 2013 compared with 2012, up from 4.9 million page views to 6.9 million. Wow! Judging by the number of new unique browsers (readers) I’ve noticed arriving daily so far this year, I’d be surprised if that traffic growth isn’t repeated in 2014. Congratulations, Sinc. If the Cat were a business, you’d be trousering a huge bonus.

  43. Docket62

    Hmmm… That’s more page views than ‘The age’ in melbourne I’d say. I think a takeover bid is in order. Now, where’s Gina’s number?

    And Gab: “Anyway, I want to know what I’ve won?” … Carpe usually has something
    lying around for just such purposes….

  44. Andrew

    Was there a troll section? The report should at least have a section for the expulsions.

  45. And Gab: “Anyway, I want to know what I’ve won?” … Carpe usually has something
    lying around for just such purposes….

    Armadillo had an alligator handbag going cheap at one point.

    He might also part with a blue floral dress and pair of Spanx (slightly used) for a small consideration.

    I’ll throw in the second-hand flock-lined vinyl tablecloths with the bowl-of-fruit motif for free.

  46. JC

    Gab and JC, what do you guys do all day? Are you sure you are not working for some government department somewhere, State or Federal?

    Yea, I work for the department of climate change.

    I think you have to halve my comment stats as 50% of them are typo corrections in the next comment.

    Ive actually been pretty busy the past year so I’m surprised I was up there.

  47. Oh come on

    22,000 is nothing compared to visitors in Vietnam – it’s just behind the UK!

  48. Token

    I suspect we know where the people who attack & brind down the blog are based.

    22k from Vietnam, 21k from Indonesia?

  49. Cold-Hands

    22k from Vietnam, 21k from Indonesia?

    1 from Toowoomba?

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