Rafe’s Roundup Feb 8

Breaking news. From the Demons.

Sport. What a pack of bums!

World News. A new low in the career of La Tingle. Not really world news, just the kind of thing that is happening all over the world.

Posts of the week. Grace the Face strikes again. Don’t miss her in The Australian, (used to be the AFR) why did this stuff take 36 years to come out? The 36 years is a reference to a comment on an SPC thread from someone who had been around manufacturing for 36 years and the SPC arrangements were just about standard for the sector. And spare a thought for Gerard the Ferret who blew the whistle on the Industrial Relations Club in 1983 in Quadrant magazine. Subscribe and get all the back numbers on line from 1956. Someone do us a favour and get the link up in the comments, I am too lazy busy to find it.

Mental Health. You couldn’t make it up! Nanny state puts penguins on anti-depressives for the winter. Take up music to improve your old age.

Culture . For Sydney book lovers – book swapping.

Humour. Get into the picture with a statue!

Around the town: IPA HEY. The Sydney Institute. Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Liberty on the Rocks, the notice board for the ATA: Quadrant on line, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies.

Around the town off shore. New Cato ebook. The Adam Smith Institute in London. The British Libertarian Alliance and Spiked.

Splendiferous images. Beach art.

How we live. The joy of not going to every meeting. Doing your own repairs when the dryer breaks down: labour and energy regulations are making us into do it yourselfers.

For nerds. Melvyn Bragg’s radio program. What are transaction costs?

Join the Friends of Jacques Barzun, an invisible college of people who recognize real scholarship, as demonstrated by Jacques Barzun. Read some of his books and circulate them.

Buy more ebooks.

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7 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Feb 8

  1. Rabz


    I’m presuming the depressed penguins were the ones recently exposed to those deluded drongos on the ship of fools?

  2. yackman

    The article on the 6th by Grace Collier was again very incisive.

  3. Tom

    By far the most foolish analysis, important only because it is representative, was written by Laura Tingle in The Australian Financial Review. She wrote that: “The Indonesian navy is now not patrolling looking for asylum-seeker boats but for the Australian navy.”

    Sheridan called her analysis almost deranged. He didn’t go far enough. The woman is completely barking fucking mad in the psychopathic frenzy that is such a disguishing feature of the 21st century left: if it takes a war with Indonesia to destroy Abbott, then bring it on, she shrieks.

    What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Michael Stutchbury? The left long ago destroyed the credibility of the AFR. Are you going to fix the credibility problem or have you chickened out?

  4. gabrianga

    Perhaps “Ego of the century” could be included following Rudd’s announcement of the National Apology Foundation, which he ,of course will Chair.


    Interesting Board with of course Father Brennan to the fore.

  5. Mr Rusty

    Sheridan on Tingle fixed;

    That a senior member of the Canberra press gallery could print such infantile nonsense, which could only emerge from a complete lack of knowledge about anything to do with Indonesia’s strategic culture, demonstrates how extremely ill-equipped many mainstream commentators are to deal with anything related to Indonesia at all.

    Are the left still seriously entertaining the idea that Indo would go to war over boaties? And now with China backing them up?
    Did they actually think the following scenario was ever likely to play out;

    Marty: Hey BamBam, those nasty Aussies won’t let Ahmed, Aziza and little Mohammed in. They’re from Iran and Iran starts with an ‘I’ just like Indonesia, we should declare war on that monster Abbott.
    SBY: OK, I’ll call Wen and Xi for some backup.
    Marty: And after we kick their redneck asses can I get to be head of the Australian Islamic Caliphate?
    SBY: Sure, you’re experience at ANU makes you very suited to the job, just stay off the dust.
    Tantowi Yahya: Hey, can I have Eddie Mcguire’s job?

    The psychosis of the left is boundless.

  6. Jim Rose

    Thanks Rafe,

    BTW, after reading Coase’s kindle book on China over the break, I discovered that by contemporary standards of evidence, Milton Friedman must have been a double secret communist agent.

    He must have been: in 1980, Friedman not only visited China and advised their leaders, he held a week long seminar on price theory for their top officials! J’accuse

    Imagine if Friedman had collaborated with Chile and Pinochet in 1975 in this way – a week long seminar for the top officials in Chile?

    What would the Socialist Left have made of this evidence of close collaboration with dictators?

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