The Bridge (Bron / Broen) series 2

This excellent Swedish / Danish television series continues to impress. What is most surprising, though, is that the face of evil is a group of eco-fascists who go around on a murderous rampage. Not bad coming from countries which seem usually to be at the centre of environmental orthodoxy. One of the villains is so confident of her superiority that she records a confession to various crimes saying that the murders were necessary to ensure that people took notice of climate change. That sounded very much like a rant from Clive Hamilton.

Clive James is also a fan.

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  1. cuckoo

    Funny how I’ve never heard that factoid in any other review of the show, least of all in the many paragraphs of adulation in various Fairfax outlets. The Danish show Borgen is notable for depicting conservative types, such as the head of the ‘far-right’, ‘anti-immigration’ party, as complex and occasionally sympathetic figures.

    A storyline at the end of season 2 had the centre-left lady PM, who is the hero of the show, seeking help for her depressed teenage daughter in an expensive, exclusive private clinic, at the very same time as she is fighting to pass an Obamacare-style law which would legislate such clinics out of existence. And worrying about how those nasties in the media will somehow paint her as a ‘hypocrite’.

  2. gabrianga

    Help! Which Channel is series 2 being shown on?

  3. stackja

    #1182113, posted on February 8, 2014 at 2:11 pm
    Help! Which Channel is series 2 being shown on?

    Only on DVD I assume.

  4. johanna

    Yeah, The Bridge is one of several great Scandinavian TV series, including Kurt Wallender and the one about the missing/murdered child (name escapes me just now).

    Part of the charm is the cinematography. Bleak, bleak, bleak. Who would choose to live in these places?

    It rather highlights how trapped by their birthplace most people are.

  5. lotocoti

    The only reason for holding on to SBS is Saganorenmalmöpolis.

  6. lotocoti

    Help! Which Channel is series 2 being shown on?

    If you can’t wait for SBS and have the bandwidth.

  7. johanna

    Inspector Montalbano, an Italian cop show based on the admirable novels of Andrea Camillieri ( a sort of Sicilian Reginald Hill) is also worth a look.

  8. stackja

    Google “mr wong”+ “” not PC but entertaining. Mr. Wong features starring Boris Karloff.

  9. Samuel J

    It’s on the BBC iview equivalent

  10. Cold-Hands

    Montalbano gives hope to all us tubby, balding men of middle years and older.

  11. Baldrick

    The Bridge -Die Brucke(1959) Full Movie German with English Subtitles, also good value.

  12. nerblnob

    I hear they are making a US version set in El Paso & Juarez, and a UK version set in the channel tunnel (_seriously).

    Can’t wait for the Australian version set in Albury-Wodonga.

  13. Yohan

    The Killing was just obsessively awesome, and so is The Bridge. Have heard that Borgen is fantastic.
    These Danish shows are just great, the cinematography is bleak and atmospheric as Johanna says.

  14. Anthony

    I love most of the Danish stuff but, Borgen – it’s more like Coronation Street for pseudo grownups – you know – Green-type people. I tried to watch it but gave up into the second soapy series.
    I live in Werribee, a town settled strongly by southern Italians from the 1920s onwards. Love Montalbano and see and hear him on Watton St daily.

  15. Clive Hamiltonian

    That sounded very much like a rant from Clive Hamilton.

    Screw you Pal.

    It’s not a story. It’s a vision of your future.

    Can’t wait for the day when you fascist denialists are confessing your crimes in the Climate Court before taking a short walk out to the firing range.

  16. Jim Rose

    I will watch out for it. Seen a few very good danish and norwegian films recently.

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