Q&A Forum: February 10, 2014

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  1. nilk, Iron Bogan

    I wish they’d just shut down the ALPBC. And SBS. I don’t have a digital tv, but I’ve got ye olde set top box, and it’s remarkable how many ALPBC and SBS channels aren’t available to me.

  2. calli

    Hughes just spoke in tongues…he’s really lost it.

  3. Captain Queeg

    Dave Hughes – a clown not a comedian

  4. Arnost

    German cars aren’t all made in Germany – point agreed. But that doesn’t mean that a Commodore or Falcon has to be fully made here… But my point is why can’t make cars that people want to buy INSTEAD of the Audi BM or Merc!

  5. duncanm

    Hughie needs to STFU. Malcolm has a bulletproof ignore filter going.

  6. Carpe Jugulum (don't call me sven) HenchCritter

    I think the ‘comedian’ hit the mini bar in the green room.

  7. Motelier

    Interesting that JA and MT are the bookends of the panel tonight.

  8. Grigory M

    Janet the thinking mans crumpet

    Rusty wants to have her babies.

  9. Arnost

    Has anyone noticed that Turnbull has the same hairdresser as Adolf H?

  10. Aaron

    Hughes looks mighty pissed. He finally got challenged tonight and was found sorely wanting. Bet he can’t wait to get back to the The Project and Pickering’s warm embrace.

  11. Captain Queeg

    Dave – a clown not a comedian

  12. nilk, Iron Bogan

    SnowCone wants to know if Malcolm has concluded that there is “waste” at the Bolshevik Collective. Heh.

    Malcolm weasels around that one. 🙂

  13. hzhousewife

    Snowcone must have got The Message : Malcom and Janet have had their fair share tonight,
    the discussion has been envigorating and the show has quite a different vibe to this
    time six m0nths ago

  14. Anne

    Oh…for a bloody Aussie accent!

  15. duncanm

    Arnost – I agree.. car manufacturers should have targeted cars (or parts) that work in the global market – but I think that boils down to the cost of retooling and local market size (to justify the location). Car manufacturers are global, and will choose the cheapest solution, which isn’t (often) Aus.

  16. nilk, Iron Bogan

    Interesting that JA and MT are the bookends of the panel tonight.

    I think that they were going for the ‘divide and conquer’. Fail.

    Yolanda disagrees with freedom of speech.

  17. duncanm

    Yolanda — TV stations shouldn’t give people what they want

  18. Leo G

    We need the ABC to deliver the truth!

  19. Docket62

    “Has anyone noticed that Turnbull has the same hairdresser as Adolf H?”

    No, but I have noticed that K Rudd has the same hair flicking habit, and perhaps the same politics as Stalin.

  20. Infidel Tiger

    If Yolanda and Hughesie had a baby would the world end?

    Fuck me, that is nuclear powered stupid.

  21. nilk, Iron Bogan

    Oh…for a bloody Aussie accent!

    Read my mind, Anne.

  22. calli

    Ah, Schapelle is now the bookend for this week’s Q & A.

  23. Pete of Perth

    I’ve been tp the vet so adoption is the only option with JA

  24. nilk, Iron Bogan

    I guess that makes us WAAAAAAYCIIIISTTTTT!!

  25. Paul C

    MT and JA…..thanks for a job well done!!!

  26. duncanm

    JA with the line of the night (paraphrased):

    “I don’t give a flying about Schapelle Corby”

  27. Mark McKillop

    Did Dave Hughes just click his ruby slippers and say “There is no place like the project, there is no place like the project!!!!”

  28. nilk, Iron Bogan

    According to Yolanda, for the last couple of centuries, freedom of speech has been all about ratings, and we need the ABC to give us that balance.

  29. Motelier

    Oh dear.

    That is over again.

    Was the start interesting?

  30. Captain Queeg

    Good old Yasmin’s back next week for a good ol bit of Anna Rose lalalalalalala

  31. egg_

    Hughsie – proof that drugs are baaaad, m’kay?

  32. Pete of Perth

    When are the Muzzies back on?

  33. Carpe Jugulum (don't call me sven) HenchCritter

    I should run a book on who will be the most annying douchenozzle ‘comedian’ for 2014.

  34. Andrew

    Abetz is going to cop 10 questions on WorkChoices next week

  35. Arnost

    Hughesie got pwned and he knows it. LOL. He got so wrapped in his leftism that be forgot that he was the paid comic relief – hmmm – but then again!

  36. 2dogs

    Hughes was more of a git than usual tonight, and that’s really saying something. Just sneering without even the remotest effort to be funny.

  37. Cold-Hands

    When are the Muzzies back on?

    Right after the gay marriage question.

  38. Ant

    I recall Gillard went through a Der Fuhrer hairstyle for a period – albeit in red.

  39. Infidel Tiger

    Hughsie – proof that drugs are baaaad, m’kay?

    Hughesie is a teetotal.

    Proof that sobriety is very unfunny.

  40. CatAttack

    What is about comedians and actors on Q & A who have to prove they are superior to everyone else but just come across as being sad.and unfunny. My favourites on Q & A Director John Waters and Brendan O’Neill.

  41. Armadillo

    MT’s best performance on QandA I reckon. I could have sworn he was a Liberal a couple of times during the show. Perhaps it was the blue tie and lack of a leather jacket? Hughes should never be invited back. What an utter disgrace (sitting him next to MT is yet another ABC ‘own goal’). Good work ABC – sit a sneering drunk idiot leftie right next to the bloke who decides your future. Genius.

  42. Nic

    Hughes was more of a git than usual tonight, and that’s really saying something. Just sneering without even the remotest effort to be funny.

    I’m itching to give him a backhander

  43. Mindfree

    Hughes apparently does not drink however, after that performance (emphasized by the constant eye-rolling and droopy expression when he knew he was no match for MT and especially for JA ) speculation on whether he’s 25 screws short of a toolbox certainly comes into play

  44. Tracey

    I made a deliberate choice tonight to just watch QandA rather than participate in the forum. This was a mistake. If we’re going to be involuntarily forced to fund this crap we need to have some fun with it. I fair dinkum want to snot Dave Hughes.*


  45. Aldrydd

    Tracey, I’ll +1 you on the Hughes snotting exercise, it took all my inner strength not to throw something at the tv every time he huffed and puffed when MT spoke, just plain rude!

  46. Willmott Fribbish

    Hughes was out of his depth, and he knew it. It’s one thing to be all biting and edgy alongside dullards like Anderson and Grant, but quite another with adults present.

  47. Perpetual Motion

    I quite enjoyed it tonight.

    Malcolm sounded like a liberal most of the time, but waffled at the end of every contribution instead of making an incisive finish.

    “Hughesie” confirmed that he’ll be a homeless drunk within 3 years. Not funny, no idea.

    Janet Albrechtsen: good God, I love that woman!

  48. Squirrel

    I only switched on towards the end, when Turnbull was answering a question about the Australia Network. The reaction to what he had to say (what I heard sounded perfectly reasonable) suggests that the message might, just, be getting through that not everything the ABC does is untouchable and guaranteed of public funding in perpetuity. Interesting days ahead.

  49. incoherent rambler

    Janet Albrechtsen: good God, I love that woman!

    Stand in the queue.
    You can apply for a spot at the end of the queue in Port Hedland (where the queue ends).

  50. Ubique

    Thanks again Cats . I can’t bear to watch Q&A, for the leftoid bias is insufferable. But reading about it here is great.

  51. Oh come on

    Can we get Dave Hughes to come on every Q&A? He’s the most effective ally a non-leftist panelist could ask for.

  52. gabrianga

    Doofus ,our former Attorney General, doesn’t know whether Corby can have her income from a criminal act confiscated by the Australian Government

    Strange that the Government, others from the legal profession, all say she is liable to cough up at least part of the proceeds.

    Doofus ducking?

    Hughes is an annoying prat on the Project and “live” on stage Why change for Q&A?

  53. Oh come on

    Hughes is very very angry. No more Holden gold flowing his way!

  54. Blogstrop

    Some samples of Janet’s input, please.

  55. Robs

    The Tweeting – who is moderating these Tweets? Someone from GetUP?

    Having said that, I distinctly noticed a different air in the audience where it was unified and robust in response to the comments made about stopping the boats. Normally there’d be jeering and no clapping, but this time there was just a rapture of support. ABC is coming across as balanced? I think it has a long way to go, and it can start by not having the usual smutty progressive artists to belittle and ridicule comments made by the conservative guests. There’s something very intimidating about having your comments laughed at, which is a very old strategy to overwhelm and smother opinions that are not considered to be acceptable from certain sectors of society, which would include anything negative about Gays, Islamists, refugees, Blacks, etc., but also considers it to be open season on Catholics and paedophilia, anything western, and definitely anything Christian.

  56. Aaron

    Some samples of Janet’s input, please.

    One of my favourite lines from Janet was something along the lines of, ‘It’s all well and good to say, “I want to live in a country that makes things,” but you need to finish the sentence with, “that people want to buy.”‘ I think even some of the swampies in the audience understood the point she was making. Malcolm was good and certainly able to put his argument across but Janet tended to be a bit more incisive when it counted.

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