What I told ABC24

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  1. Thank goodness you sat up straight this time.

    Don’t let Bolta make you lean in again on an angle; with that beard, you’ll look like Igor, trusty sidekick of well-known mad scientist Ludwig von Mises.

    ‘Flick the switch, Igor! The market! It’s alive! It’s aliiiive!’

  2. Token

    When I saw the facial hair I thought that was a Movember Bikey Mo.

    Pity, I think the Doomlord could pull this facial hair & bling off

  3. candy

    Very stylish moustache and beard, suits you very well, Prof D. The tie is nice, although I really think you could go for a brighter colour to balance the nice grey suit next time.

  4. But yes, you look very respectable and impressive, and probably SfB will go completely insane with jealousy and make a tame and unamusing shrine to you.

    I do think we need ‘Sinc on the Telly’ threads, though, so we can minutely discuss everything as it happens, and then poor hapless I – a mere 3 hours behind – can marvel at their wit, and watch it later myself and marvel some more.

  5. blogstrop

    The ABC is looking better!

  6. Gab

    Oh I’m glad you put this here, Sinclair, I missed what you said yesterday as I was busy being distracted with your bad boy look. Tie and whiskers pass inspection, btw. And now I’ll listen to what was said.

    Oh, hi SFB. *waves*

  7. Talleyrand

    Well said Sinc. Just one thing, as Julia has said in the past ; hyperbole is pronounced “hyperbowl”!

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    Yes I know. I have to concentrate these days not to say ‘hyperbowl’.

  9. Baldrick

    Nice tie Professor. Now, if I was twenty years younger … (and female) …

  10. Old School Conservative

    Bloody hell Prof…..a conservative who cares! You are making it tough for the rest of us cold hearted capitalists.

  11. Up The Workers!


    Standing at the arse-end of the dole queue pays about $ 200.00 per week, and if you’ve just turned 50, you’ve got about 15 more years (or 780 more weeks) of it to go.

  12. Steve D

    Perhaps we should have a new Post Category, Since: Cats in the Media.

  13. Up The Workers!

    “What I told ABC 24”?

    What you SHOULD have told the bludgers is best expressed in the sort of language commonly used on the Soccer Broadcasting Service’s “Houso’s” program which is aired for the ‘cultural enlightenment’ of knuckle-dragging Labor (sic) voters and members of the Brown Movement.

  14. Armadillo

    Must admit to being a little disappointed. I was expecting at the very least to see someone get smoted. There’s always next time I guess.

  15. boy on a bike

    Like me, you have a fabulous head for radio.

  16. Pickles

    Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Commancheros Motorcycle Enthusiasts Collective?

  17. Dan

    Any feedback from the lefties on twitter?

  18. Fisky

    Somebody nudge the semenblogger to give his response!

  19. Ingrid

    Great interview. Thanks for that. Very refreshing to see it on “their “ABC.
    Surely is not “ours ” anymore.

  20. Pete of perth

    The beard would be nicely complimented with a pony-tale no?

  21. Stateless, free and happy

    Well done Sinclair.

  22. Ellen of Tasmania

    The lefties will hate you even more now for being sensible, reasonable and understanding. How dare you??

  23. JohnA

    Everybody is making sartorial comments, but it’s the first time I have actually heard you speak, Sinc.

    I am guessing a Johannesburg accent: is thet right?


  24. blogstrop

    Fisky, no nudging please, unless it involves a lamp post.

  25. Louis Hissink

    Actually Sinc’s facial decoration reminds me of Dr. Fu Manchu.
    (sound of large oriental gong).

  26. Sinclair Davidson

    I am guessing a Johannesburg accent: is thet right?

    Close enough. I grew up in the Free State goldfields and moved to Johannesburg to go to uni (or ‘varsity’ as we called it).

  27. lem

    OK nice work Sinclair, you know you are doing ok when an economics blog starts attracting medicoes…the engineer spouse in the background listening to the interview said he rather likes your attitude..something about Hayek..as if he (the spouse) would know…anyway good work you are making economics sexy in a kind of Fu manchu way as Louis said…ps does the Jburg thing explain your open borders philosophy?

    It is important that we progress this…

  28. nic

    Sinc, you looked better without the beard

  29. Sinclair Davidson

    ps does the Jburg thing explain your open borders philosophy?

    Sort of – experience of illegals from Mozambique when I was growing up demonstrated that people were prepared to undergo great hardship to have a better life and work damn hard at it too.

  30. Tel

    When I saw the facial hair I thought that was a Movember Bikey Mo.

    They’ve outlawed Movember in Qld haven’t they?

  31. ooz

    How soon will we, the employers, be able to import politicians on a 451 (or whatever number) visa? Obviously there’s competent people who can do the job of doing our will cheaper than the locals.

  32. A H

    Nice one, Sinc. PsyOps behind enemy lines. Throwing in the Keating quote was genius.

  33. Motelier


    Thank you for that. The comment that state governments should reduce taxes and charges was music to my ears.

    To me it seems that we have a feedback loop in regard to government charges. For example, to provide “supprt for company/industry X”, we need to increase taxes. Those increasing raxes place pressure on other businesses. Those businesses that are now under new increased presssure require government support, requiring an increase in levels of taxes and charges. All of this is administered by the state, which conveniently hoovers off a percentage for “staff, general revenue and othe projects”.

    The businesses that scream for assistance the loudest seem to be the ones getting the most support.

    I am in small business and I am embarrassed to see my larger brethren pleading for government support to help them to survive.

  34. Porcelain Monkey

    Reason and empathy. Who would have thought that a cold-hearted Doomlord would be capable?

    Is the ABC softening by allowing alternate views? Will you now be their go-to guy?

    How does the open borders thing work if the people coming through don’t want to work, but are happy to bleed the taxpayer dry?

  35. lem

    Sinclair…Mozambique et al… okay…. I will leave it there.

  36. Yes I know. I have to concentrate these days not to say ‘hyperbowl’.

    I thought a hyperbowl was like an intergalactic superbowl. Or something.

  37. motherhubbard'sdog

    Pitch perfect to avoid frightening the doctors’ wives. Well done.

    On the new look, nothing a few months on the ‘roids and some heavy iron won’t fix. Oh, and leather.

  38. Louis Hissink

    Mozambique – hah, years ago I was offered a job there – knocked it back because of too many mines. This puzzled my then employer who thought it would be terrific to work in a mining operation there, but the penny dropped when I explained what type of mines I was talking about.

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